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When our plum tree blooms, there's no mistaking: Spring! It's here. We cleaned up the yard. We went for walks past other peoples' yards. We got frozen yogurt. We bought daffodils. We scheduled the window-washer dude. He'll also de-mossify the roof. We turned off the heat during the day and forgot to turn it back on at night. We talked about weather to anyone and everyone. We went to the plant nursery. We closed the windows when it turned out it was actually still pretty cold. We heard birds. We saw birds. We bought ravioli. We bought milkshakes. We planned hikes. We got books. We walked some more. We thought about veggie starts (like, what goes in now?) We sat on the front stairs and sang songs about flowers and babies with honeygold hair and big blue eyes. We looked up into the tree. We waved to our friends across the street. And we watched the plum-petaled, spring-soaked world go by.


Such magical sweet moments. Can't wait till it warms up here to plant window boxes, sit out on our turret porch and watch the birds. Little Amelia is becoming such a poser for the camera ♥

Awwwww, what a grand time as life should be.

A beautiful week. Amelia is becoming so photogenic. What an adorable little face.

mlle patty says: March 15, 2013 at 03:01 PM

Lovely description of spring! Here it is tulip trees, lilac bushes in bloom at the nursery, and lots of fat robins bouncing around.

Fun, we were both putting up Spring-y posts at the same time! You're a little warmer in town than we are - so a bit ahead of us. I put photos of my 2 grandsons helping in the kitchen to cook scrambled eggs.. just think, it won't be that long until Amelia is standing on a chair, helping you break eggs. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

She's going to be he cutest kid on the spring block:)
I think she may have freckles one day:)
If she tires of her wardrobe..I volunteer:)

You are so far ahead of us Spring wise!
It snowed here today..


gorgeous pictures of everything....thank you Alicia, I got the bunny kit today....can't wait to start it...xx

Flurries here today, but the snowdrops are up. Your wee one is changing every day. I love the way you are savoring her. Such a blessing.

Amelia really does have beautiful eyes. Are they indigo?

Do you know what kind of flowers those are along the fence? The daisy-looking ones? I have those all over my backyard and just love them but people are always trying to tell me to take them out of my yard.

Laura Nelson says: March 15, 2013 at 03:24 PM

wow! Its pictures of her like the last one that make me want to paint her portrait-just like that. She is a darling lil plum pudding..

I love the changes that the new seasons bring. We are turning to Autumn here, planting bulbs, airing out quilts, watching the garden and the golden leaves fall.
Happy Spring Days to you and that Little Plum. Katie x
P.S I received my copy of Embroidery Companion. Could I be any happier? No! xxx

Donna Bell says: March 15, 2013 at 03:26 PM

Who ever said being at home is boring. I think it's magical.


Dear Alicia,
I keep meaning to write to you! I know you don't know me, but that's ok. I keep meaning to write and say that my boy is only a few weeks older than your Amelia and I just love your posts and updates about her. I love seeing what she is doing and reading how you talk about her. One of my favourites was when you described all of her different "baby" faces and the personality that she was at that time. It spoke so much to me. My boy is now almost crawling, so desperate to move around! He is rolling rolling rolling as well. He first rolled from his back to front (rightwards) on the 3rd of February and then a couple of weeks later rolled over leftwards. Now he only rolls to his left and in the last couple of days he has learnt to roll back onto his back again. There is no stopping him now! I turned to do something this morning only to hear a panic cry and he'd rolled under my chair and just his head was poking out. It's a big gap and it's just got a skirt cover so no harm done but it was very funny. he was fine! He likes to roll over and over and over in the bath now, he thinks that's the best thing ever.
I'm so glad you have your baby girl, your first post introducing her filled me with an overwhelming happiness.
Anyway. I just wanted to tell you.
Love, Heather xx

Oh my word, how I miss daffodils! We don't seem to have them in Texas. My first child was born on March 28, and I will always remember walking through a field of daffodils during he last days of my pregnancy, and thinking how springtime was the very best time to bring a baby into he world!

Hi Alicia. Stumbled upon your blog on one of my blog wanderings. You have beautiful photos, especially the blossoms. :)


Oh happy day!

lucy dodd says: March 15, 2013 at 04:03 PM


just love that darling Amelia-such a sweet little blossom. My spring baby turns 21 next month. Savour every single moment.

love,Lucy x


And baby girl...LOVE her smiley smile. Gosh.

My dogs have spring fever. Sooo happy.

We won't have Spring until almost April. Nothing is blooming here yet, so nice to see the beauty in someone else's yard. Give Amelia a hug for me. Such a darling baby.

karen on bainbridge island says: March 15, 2013 at 04:22 PM

Amelia and her smile....she's just a little flirt!

Happy Almost Spring!!!! xoxoxo

Aaawww to stinkin cute
I just love the way you live and describe everyday life.
Everyday is happy.
Now I want a trip to get a milkshake and a book.

Looks like perhaps you have the same "Jetfire" daffs that we have in our yard. And, of course, the sweetest bloom of all is Amelia.

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