Big Bubble Pants

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I made some big bubble pants yesterday. I thought they came out pretty cute. I used this pattern but added 3" to the top and 4" (total; 2" to the edge of the pattern piece that goes on the fold) to the width. The cutest thing about them was that the minute I put them on her (she'd had tights on all day and I'd just taken them off) she started kicking her legs and clapping her feet. It was so adorable. She was happy. I was THRILLED. I have trouble figuring out how tight to make the elastic on things. I have made so many things that are gathered on 1/4" elastic and unless the pattern tells me exactly how long to cut the elastic for a neck or a cuff or around a leg I can't seem to get it right. That's my goal today (my goals are very simple): figure this out exactly for her right now, and write it down. A lot of her purchased baby pants seem too small around the waist, and the elastic seems tight and uncomfortable. She's pretty big for her age. (Her little birdy-deer blouse is from H&M, by the way — I got it [along with a lot of her clothes] at the resale shop.)

I took photos for my friend Prescott's new restaurant, Township and Range. Isn't it pretty in there? I had the fried chicken and mashed potatoes and they were awesome.

I got to go fabric shopping by myself the other day and it was pretty wonderful. A lot of people like massage, or manicures, or . . . I don't know . . . yoga . . . stuff like that . . . when they want to relax. Not me. I go to Goodwill or the fabric store. Goodwill is a lot cheaper. But I realized that most of my fabric stash is made up of smallish pieces. Quarter-yards, half-yards. So I needed some new fabrics for some spring clothes for Amelia. Win-win. I think I can make a dress or blouse and bubbles for 1 1/2 yards. Half-yards for the bubbles. I made a nightgown for Maddie (we have two bunnies — Maggie, and Maddie). It's made of this fabric. Just a longer version of the peasant dress her pattern comes with, tied with some silk ribbon. Thinking I might go back and get more and make a nightgown for myself. . . .

Oh, by the way, thank you for the pattern recommendations the other day! I've got some good ones now. Now that my time is much more limited, I have completely different requirements for patterns. It's kinda funny. Things I wouldn't have thought twice about in the past (buttons, continuous placket — basically anything finicky) — if I don't have to do it to get the general look, I won't. The length, the fullness, the angles — the cut of the thing matters more. And the easier it is to make and get on the babe, the better.

But I do care about the cut.

Also, fabrics. At the fabric store, everything's very bright. Bright aquas, bright limes, hot pinks. No. Those aren't mine. I don't like those colors. I like the colors of old books. Paris apartments. Ice cream and convents. Pansies and plum blossoms. Blushy pinks and mustards with a touch of gray, and French gray, and inky blue, and robin's egg, and violet, and apricot, and palest of yellows. Wildflowers more than tropical flowers. Weeds more than roses. Unless they're teeny weeny roses. Small flowers rather than big, loopy flowers. Dots and stripes rather than fat ruffles. I like feminine things, but I don't really like frilly things. Though I'm more gathers than pleats.

You know?

If you roast some broccolini and some asparagus with olive oil and salt and pepper, and some shrimp with olive oil and salt and pepper, and then you toss it with a half-container of mascarpone and some peas and a pound of thin spaghetti (and some parmesan), I don't think you'll be sorry. I was ecstatic that I was eating something that wasn't previously frozen, to be honest. But even given that, it was really good. And now I have dinner for tonight, too. Yippee yay.

*Thank you to everyone who has sent me photos of their Maggies!!! They are so awesome. I couldn't be happier to see how adorable they are turning out — thank you!


karen on bainbridge island says: March 22, 2013 at 10:44 AM

I wish I were as cute as Amelia so I could wear Bubble Pants...they look so utterly comfy. The little petal scallop around the neck of that blouse she is wearing in the first photo frames her face like a little flower. This child has THE cutest clothes ever.

I just love, love, love your blog so much it is ridiculous. It is my happy place. When things start to feel hectic and I start to get cranky, I come back and look at your photos for a second or third time. And you are in my very own Portland...SIGH. THANK YOU!

Funny... my kids were just telling me that their bunnies needed pajamas! I guess I will be making some soon. Oh, and how did you make the bunny hoodie sweater? My kids say the bunnies are cold ;)

Ditto to Heather's post. Your blog is a happy place for me - especially in the midst of a boring work day in a dreary office. Thank you.

Maureen S. says: March 22, 2013 at 10:55 AM

You are absolutely killing me with cuteness in these posts. I could just smoosh those cute cheeks of hers. I assumed you made the bunny/deer blouse, it looks totaly like you until I read further. I would love a dress for myself in that material, how great is it.

Happy Spring to you, still cold here in Chicago.

Oh my goodness that photo of Amelia looking straight in the camera has got to be the cutest I've ever seen, she is just so darn cute. Love the rabbit and deer top, wish I had one for me.

Oh Alicia I so agree.
Everyone tells me to go relax and get a massage or some beauty treatment. That just makes me more tense and board
I could spend hours in a quilt shop and all my troubles fade away.
Her pants came out so adorable. I set out to make all my sons pants for the same reason to tight or too short. But again the patterns didn't ever come out right in the elastic either. :( have a great day figuring it all out.

oops that should say bored not makes me a board lol :)

If Mimi gets any cuter I am sure I will perish! Her bubble pants took me over the edge! I made the balloon knitted pants that I saw her in on ravelry, and I thought that THEY were the epitome of cuteness until today. Your inspiration knows no limits!
Ditto on the brights - how much prettier the pinks, the mustards, the blues and greens.
I just need to go home and sew!

Oh my, Amelia is so adorable!! She is such a happy little girl! Love her bubble pants, too! The view out your window is lovely...pure Spring! And thanks for sharing the recipe. It looks delicious and I will definitely be making it soon! Happy weekend!

Your fabric choices delight. Mimi entrances and tickles me with her big bright eyes. Thanks for sharing your Peace with us.

Oh, I want to hug her so bad.. she's so adorable!! I love the way you make sure she's comfortable in her clothes. I will have to try your friends restaurant! Have you ever dined at Tad's Chicken n' Dumplins on the Sandy River? You really need to. I got a Featherlight sewing machine (pix on blog) and now I can work on my bunny! Enjoy the day.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Oh my, I agree with the commenters about your blog being a happy place. I don't know how many times I have just looked at the pictures of your home and dreamed over how lovely it is. I love the glimpse we got of the built-ins and that quilt. Heaven on earth!

oh her trews are just adorable! Adorable! I'm not surprised she was so delighted with them.

mmmm. asparagus is one of my super-favourite things in the world, even more so when paired with hollandaise, or parmesan, poached egg, or pasta. It just goes with so many things!

I buy MS Living and found a fab recipe in the Feb issue, for Cacio e pepe with lemon, without doubt the best (and easiest) pasta dish I've ever tried. So speedy, which is useful when you have a little person to look after.

have a wonderful weekend. We are braced for yet more snow!!!!

would love to send you some of my Tilly (or Walnut Hill Farm) fabric if anything appeals to you. would thrill me to no end to see your darling Mimi in some of that!
maybe the yellow daisy meadow print ....

I have been looking at your blog for a while now, and I just wanted to tell you how much I love it. Thanks for giving us a peek into your world:)
As for elastic, I always used this formula so not to be too tight - measure around her waist or wherever it's going and add for your overlap or however you join it.) If you try to make it smaller than the measurement, it can be too tight. This way it may be loose for a bit, but they grow! (Or get smaller in the wash.)

Troy Louise says: March 22, 2013 at 11:38 AM

Oh my is she just the sweetest! Love those new pants - I'd clap my feet for a pair too. The bunny in her little bed is precious. I agree about the prints & colors of fabric. I just don't go for neon colors. And, yes, the fabric store is a soothing place to roam. Happy Weekend!

I cannot believe I have all those ingredients in my house at this moment - I know what's for dinner now. Although, I have 8 boys and 1 girl, so the amounts are slightly enhanced *smile*.
I love her bubble pants, so cute!

As Cindy wrote - thank you for your blog!

As for patterns, I´ve seen you have used a Citronille pattern before. There´s a book from that company available, which has the cutest clothing patterns, and they are not overly complicated to sew. Just chose alter the patterns to one size tighter, and one longer, and you will have a good fit. You might also like Sophie de Luzan´s "Mes modeles de couture" when Mimi is two years. The patterns are bit more sophisticated, but promised, you´ll have more time for sewing by then!
Best, Hanna in Hamburg

Lovely gorgeous photos!!
I just wanted to say that I am LOVING making Maggie!! I look forward every night to sitting down with her after putting the little ones to bed. This is my first real foray into hand stitching and it is so relaxing and easy. I'm relieved! I didn't know if it would either be too difficult, or conversely, too easy and thus boring. It is neither - it is perfect. :)
I can't wait for the bunny clothes/sweaters to come. I want to make bunnies forever!

Madeleine says: March 22, 2013 at 11:48 AM

Oh I do like bright colours, pretty, happy and spirit raising. Orange and pink and turquoise are wonderful ice lolly happy colours. Sunshiny bright, summertime joy. But I also like peachy soft colours, chalky and dusty and smooth and soothing, soft pinks and mint greens and egg shell blues. Also muted greens and earth colours. Neon colours, or dark colors generally. No.

Pretty trousers for pretty baby.

I love your blog, you just capture everything so incredibly beautiful. And love the fact that you get me to see my life through that camera lens that makes everything pretty too. Thank you!

Regarding fabrics....I totally get it. lol!

michelle smith says: March 22, 2013 at 11:53 AM

amelia is growing into such a beautiful little girl,and always looks lovely in her homemade clothes x

LOL. I laughed out loud when I read your title today. Such cute pants! I made my daughter many, many, things and I knew she loved it when she did the twirl. Little Amelia is doing her version of that! So sweet.

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