Sun Spots

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Spring sunshine. It's so nice. We had such a nice weekend! Short but very sweet. Amelia adores her grandparents who held and played with her non-stop for three days straight. So sweet. Andy made corned beef and cabbage for us. He's the most non-Irish Irish person I know. We listen to Irish music the entire month of March. There is a lot of Pogues and Flogging Molly playing. He makes corned beef and cabbage in my dad's old cast-iron pot every year. He buys us all shamrock swag. I love how much he loves things.

Remember the quilt I started for Amelia a few weeks back? I had it finished by BumbleBee Quilting and picked it up on Saturday morning. I absolutely love it! The way I did this was ridiculously easy. I bought many (I'd have to count how many, but maybe thirty or more?) 1/8 yard pieces of random fabrics from several different local fabric stores. I just picked stuff that I liked. I had no particular color scheme in mind, but I wanted it to feel sweet and subtle and mellow and pretty. My colors wound up being peaches, pinks, inky blues like her eyes, pale grays, vanilla creams, aquas, a few saffron yellows, a few nutmeg browns, an orchid. Most of the prints are tiny calicos, small polka dots, tiny ginghams, and a few baby animals mixed in. To make it, I trimmed the 1/8-yard strips to 4" wide, trimmed off the selvedges, and then cut the strips randomly into rectangles. The rectangle lengths weren't measured. Then I started sewing the short ends of the rectangles together until I had a pieced strip that was vaguely 54" long (I put two pieces of tape on my sewing table, which is just a bit longer than 54", and just laid the strip out between the tape pieces to measure it). I sewed the strips together until the quilt top was about 54" across, and then I trimmed the pieced edges until they were all even. It was so fast. Only half the measuring. I am definitely going to make another one for her bed with the leftoever fabric (this one is more of a throw). Rectangles go so much faster than squares. I don't have much time to do stuff like this anymore, so fast is key! And I also think the rectangles let the fabric print show better, which I've always wanted in my quilts. There are so many beautiful fabrics out there. If the pieces are too small you just can't see the fabric prints, you know? I love looking at the individual patches in quilts, picking out favorites. I love how dated the patches get, timestamping the quilt even without a label.

My darling peachy-pink girl! I love how she loves everything, too. She just loves everything. She inspires me. Every moment. She's teaching me.


Minneapolismama says: March 15, 2013 at 10:09 AM

I love, love, love the quilt! I have a whole bunch of flannels I have been trying to figure out what to do with, and you've given me the perfect idea! Thanks!

Your sweet girl is so beautiful! I am so happy for you!

Mae Fleming says: March 15, 2013 at 08:03 PM

What is the name of the board book that grandma is reading to your sweet baby?

Beautiful, beautiful quilt, I am in awe. Also: Amelia's reading Barnyard Dance! We love that book in our house too!

Gorgeous photos. Grab every precious moment with your beautiful daughter ... It goes by so fast. Love looking at your signs of spring - we had snow drifts five foot deep last week so pictures of spring are most welcome. Emma

so so very wonderful. the embroidered message almost made me cry... I don't know why. :( *sniff*

Love the quilt. Did you pre-wash any of these fabrics? I am thinking about making my second quilt ever (first for baby!) before her first birthday next month so this looks like the perfect, quick project. I just ordered a bunch of 1/4 cuts from Pearl SoHo but now worried about prewashing all those tiny pieces and having lots of frayed edges. Please let me know! Many, many thanks.


love this quilt! It has inspired me to start quilting as i have been too daunted by getting squares accurate, but rectangles mismatched seems to be in my realm! i have been admiring this quilt in your posts for some time. thanks for the loveliness!

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