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Spring sunshine. It's so nice. We had such a nice weekend! Short but very sweet. Amelia adores her grandparents who held and played with her non-stop for three days straight. So sweet. Andy made corned beef and cabbage for us. He's the most non-Irish Irish person I know. We listen to Irish music the entire month of March. There is a lot of Pogues and Flogging Molly playing. He makes corned beef and cabbage in my dad's old cast-iron pot every year. He buys us all shamrock swag. I love how much he loves things.

Remember the quilt I started for Amelia a few weeks back? I had it finished by BumbleBee Quilting and picked it up on Saturday morning. I absolutely love it! The way I did this was ridiculously easy. I bought many (I'd have to count how many, but maybe thirty or more?) 1/8 yard pieces of random fabrics from several different local fabric stores. I just picked stuff that I liked. I had no particular color scheme in mind, but I wanted it to feel sweet and subtle and mellow and pretty. My colors wound up being peaches, pinks, inky blues like her eyes, pale grays, vanilla creams, aquas, a few saffron yellows, a few nutmeg browns, an orchid. Most of the prints are tiny calicos, small polka dots, tiny ginghams, and a few baby animals mixed in. To make it, I trimmed the 1/8-yard strips to 4" wide, trimmed off the selvedges, and then cut the strips randomly into rectangles. The rectangle lengths weren't measured. Then I started sewing the short ends of the rectangles together until I had a pieced strip that was vaguely 54" long (I put two pieces of tape on my sewing table, which is just a bit longer than 54", and just laid the strip out between the tape pieces to measure it). I sewed the strips together until the quilt top was about 54" across, and then I trimmed the pieced edges until they were all even. It was so fast. Only half the measuring. I am definitely going to make another one for her bed with the leftoever fabric (this one is more of a throw). Rectangles go so much faster than squares. I don't have much time to do stuff like this anymore, so fast is key! And I also think the rectangles let the fabric print show better, which I've always wanted in my quilts. There are so many beautiful fabrics out there. If the pieces are too small you just can't see the fabric prints, you know? I love looking at the individual patches in quilts, picking out favorites. I love how dated the patches get, timestamping the quilt even without a label.

My darling peachy-pink girl! I love how she loves everything, too. She just loves everything. She inspires me. Every moment. She's teaching me.


How does that little girl get more adorable every time you post a photo? :)

Love the quilt! Your baby girl is soooo adorable! I have one of my own and one on the way.... :)

First, I received my bunny kits and am inspired to get them done before Easter. So far all I've done is cut out the pattern. Better get ON it. :O) (Maybe I will take them on spring break to San Diego and hand stitch at night?) Anyhoo, second, Amelia's quilt is amazing. I love your idea to pick a bunch of fabrics you liked and the simplicity of it and how someone else quilted it for you. I aspire to do the same for my daughters one day. Third, I loved your daphne shot from a post or two ago. Sniff it for me, for I know it is probably really out and fragrant right now. Fourth, did anyone recommend The Orchardist to you yet? It's wonderful and I hope you read it. Fifth, Amelia's pictures are so completely endearing. It's been fun to watch the progression of her growth. And I love how much you guys love her, you and your village. Take care!

I totally agree about rectangles! I am currently making a simple quilt from Japanese fabrics, using 4" by 12" rectangles to showcase the fabric. The effect is just what I was after - simple, unfussy and the strong designs do the talking.

You have to follow the animals to find the best warm spots, don't you! They always seem to know just where to go!

ciao alicia bellissima Amelia sopra la tua bellissima trapunta
mi piacerebbe imparare a trapuntare, ma sono all'inizio e ho solo fatto piccole cose dove potrei prendere spunto per imparare la tecnica del trapunto?
un grande abbraccio

What a beaitiful quilt. I love the colour combinations you use for you projects...

I have never been able to put your "style" into words, but you did yourself today: "sweet and subtle and mellow and pretty"

I admire your ability to combine colours and patterns the way you do.

Your beautiful quilt reminds me of a story my mother would tell me about prayer time in their Quebec farmhouse in the 1920's. She and her sisters would kneel at their beds and giggle and point at the pieces of quilts where they would each recognise remnants of their dresses... Thank you for infusing our daily lives with beauty, we all need more of it.

Sometimes even when I know it's not time for a new post I just stop in to see your beautiful baby. My last baby is 6! and in school all day. Thank you for sharing her adorableness. That's all.

Quite timely as we are planning our garden for a big remodel and now I will quite simply have to have a spring blossoming tree that I can see in the garden from inside the house!!

I find it difficult to make anything much bigger than child size these days also!! But I love that quilt. I made a similar one for a dear friend when she had her third baby, using varying lengths of rectangles. Am interested to know what batting you use - it looks a slightly higher loft than I get - yours looks nice when quilted ;-)

Best wishes xxx

Amelia is a most delicious baby! And her quilt suits her very well.

I love the quilt! I made a rectangle quilt in strips for my first son - it was the first quilt that I ever made and the rectangles made it so easy! I'm having a second son in May, so I'm thinking about the colors for the second quilt ... it's much harder to find time to craft with a toddler around! :)

I love those pink trees out your window! Your quilt sounds so easy. I think I could totally make one of those for my daughter. I am going to start collecting fabric to make one for her big girl bed when she is ready to move out of her crib. That will give me some time! Thanks for inspriring me!

More darling rosy-cheeked photos of that precious girl.

I've never made a quilt but I've been thinking about giving it a whirl. I think the rectangles sound easier and like you, I love how they show the fabric off a bit more.

awww, her hair is getting so long and her belly so perfectly chubby. how lovely to have time with the grandparents.
continued blessings to you, alicia.

The quilt is beautiful! Love all the pics. Amelia is so cute!

Everything about this post speaks love. Aren't daughters grand?

I think Clover looks more relaxed too. I take it to be because she knows how happy you are. Please give her much best regards from Bernard, Doodle, and Oscar who are big fans. And best regards from me to you, as I am a big fan and so happy for your pleasure!

Beautiful photos and love your quilt label and what it says. Your going to have your first Mother's Day soon. How awesome. Blessings to you and your family.

Oh! The lucky Grandparents! I bet they are home just reeling with tends to last quite awhile from babies. Every time you mention Andy I start laughing over the Nurse joke about Timmy. I'm reading your archives and I have gotten lots of mileage out of that joke! Got any more? LOL!
He's Irish? Well, no wonder you love him so stepfather was Italian but my roots are Irish! Back in the day my Irish Protestant Mother who was "divorced" mind you married my Italian Catholic stepfather....whoa Nellie did that raise the family eyebrows on both sides! LOL! But to know my Mother was to love her and she never let others opinions stop her from loving them all regardless. She would just laugh everything off and that was the greatest gift she gave me. Her Irish eyes were always smiling!
The quilt is amaze me with your color sense and how it all goes together so seamlessly (pardon the pun) and looks perfect for Miss Amelia! I'm going to try that technique as I think I try to "match and coordinate" too much which takes the fun out of it. From now on I am going to go by the color of her eyes and her complexion etc. It makes it more meaningful and is truly a gift of love. Good job Mommy!!!!
I already had my corned beef and cabbage too....I can never seem to wait for St. Patrick's Day...once I see it coming I have to have it! So, I will probably make colcannon (sp?) for the big day now.
So glad you had such a great time together! I haven't done too much with Maggie as all of a sudden I've been possessed with a cleaning and clearing frenzy which doesn't happen often enough around here so I'm going with it! But I'll get back to Maggie soon as I can't wait to have her in my home. Thanks again for all the inspiration and pictures of that sweet, sweet, girl! TTYL!

more storybook loveliness...those darling cheeks in photo 5, you must just kiss them all the time...and what a pretty quilt...

Grandparents are the best! Lucky Amelia!

I downloaded your bunny pattern and have finished two so far. One is a boy! Only two more to go before Easter. The boy is seen on my blog here-

And here's the girl-

Thanks for the inspiration!

Those baby toes. And baby cheeks. And that quilt. Your home in general.

Too much cuteness and beauty, thanks for that!

Sonya Ellen says: March 15, 2013 at 08:50 AM

Happy St. Patricks day from us here in County Meath, Ireland. So nice to hear of you celebrating so far away from us. I love your blog, the photos are just fantastic - a feast for the eyes. In this digital world of istagram and silly camera phone pictures the richness of your beautiful world is captured so vividly that it reminds me every day to take out the 'good camera' and document life! Sending you lots of love from Ireland xx

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