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I really can't say enough about spring in Oregon. It's a fairyland. The first time I ever came to Oregon, I came in the spring. Almost twenty years ago now. I took the train from Whitefish, Montana, to Eugene to visit my sister and brother-in-law, who was in grad school (for sculpture) at the time. It was the first week in April. Montana was, simply, brown. As the train rolled further and further west, through Idaho, eastern Washington, the Columbia Gorge, things got greener and greener. In Eugene, things were gorgeous. The University of Oregon campus is absolutely gorgeous. We bought pansies at the grocery store and I put a row of them on the window sill next to where I slept for a few days. I thought, "My, spring sure is coming on quickly this year! I'm thrilled! I'm overjoyed! I love spring! What a great year! " Etc., etc. I had the best time. I took one of the pansies with me when I left at the end of the week. The train rolled north a bit, and then east. Out the window . . . things . . . things were getting . . . oh no. Things were getting . . . less greenish. Oh nooooooooooo. What is happening.

Back in Montana, it was absolutely FREEEEEEEZING. And still, utterly, brown.

I get it. Spring comes early — blissfully, gorgeously, wonderfully, beautifully early — in Portland, Oregon. Poor pansy. I only lasted three years in Montana. I will always love Montana. But spring is my favorite season. And it lasts for months in this part of Oregon. The winters pretty much stink (in my opinion. They'll never be how I want winter to be. Which is SNOWY). But spring — sometimes it seems like it lasts all the way through June! I hate hot weather with the white-hot passion of a thousand suns. Have you ever taken this quiz? (Should have warned you that you have to create an account at the end to get the results so you might not want to take it. And it's only for U.S. locations, though an international quiz would be really cool, if anyone knows of one?) Apparently, I would like to be living in Anchorage, Alaska!

Most of these photos were taken at a lovely garden in Portland called Elk Rock Garden of the Bishop's Close.


I love the way you capture the world.

Just look at you three, being a family. DeLovely.


Aaaw now I am longing even more for spring here in Denmark. Your pictures are just amazing. It's like you really can feel the spring-sun shining through the computer :-)

oh alicia, i find myself checking your blog everyday, like so many others, to find a beautiful outlook on the world and connect with like-minded admirers. you have such an eye for beauty and you touch our souls. thank you for being you, just where you are at this very moment in time. x

i only have little green pointy things coming up from under the new snow...thank you for sharing. always the prettiest place to come for a visit. it warms me. xoxo

It is very pretty here, but often cold! June-uary makes me long for my beloved Midwest Junes with flowers & warm temperatures. Love the baby photos, keep them coming!

I had the same feeling when I first witnessed spring Eugene. We only lived there less than a year, but spring came after a farely gray winter and it was the year that actually snowed in town there. We were California grown, so the weather was a terrific change of pace…. I suddenly understood all the stories and poety and excitement that revolves around spring… It is so incredible. We would go to Hendricks park and I would wait to see if I might glance up at just the right moment and see little red riding hood or the three bears trotting along… It was so fairytale-esk….

Anyway, I still love spring, fining all the new blooms, but I agree, spring in Oregon is almost impossible to match: )

The photos are gorgeous!!! have to survive the months and months and months of gloom and gloom to get there...give me sun bouncing off the snow!

Spring is late this year in my parts of Sweden, but the sun has at least been shining steadily for the last week - so maybe soon we´ll have some flowers..! :-)

You totally rocked the photo with your cat vanishing into wings. Three cats rule our house. Gotta love them. Let us see more of Clover Meadow. Baby Love shines!

Should have proof read my note! ...the wings.

It is so interesting to experience the changes in climate depending on where and when one lives! I have only been in Oregon for nearly seven years now, but I love living near the base of Mt. Hood!! I love to be able to easily visit snow but not have to shovel it :) And Spring here is lovely and long.... I posted pictures of our Camelia bush the other day. It has a stellar crop of blossoms this year...and then there is the Forsythia, a fountain of gold. [Oh, and I posted some pictures of Miss Maggie Rabbit-Saylor, too, by some of the Daffodils my grands brought in from the yard. Thank you for the pattern, Alicia]

That top photo made me giggle! What a darling, sweet thing Amelia is. Yes, spring! Beautiful and life giving spring!

Pictures that make you want to whisper and cry. Fairy land is right.

every time i see a photo of that sweet baby i shout (in my head of course!), "BEST BABY!"

i would love to move to montana but i know i can't hack it. i wouldn't make it! there's a reason my family all eventually moved away! unfortunately, my dad moved to southern california and every summer i curse the sun!

I lived in Montana before moving to Portland as well. This time of year is magnificent!

Ahhh... finally someone else who loathes the heat as much as I do. I finally escaped Florida two years ago to Washington state. My skin is still trying to cool down after the 25 years of Florida heat and humidity. Love your pictures! We are going to Portland in a couple of weeks and would love to do this walk!I absolutely love how your posts are so thoughtful and pleasant. They really make my day! =)

I enjoy reading your blog!
One thing you may have been told before but I thought I'd mention...I see your daughter in a "Bumbo" (I think that's what they're called.) At one point they were recalled for safety reasons. You might want to google them and make sure yours is okay!

You lived in Whitefish? My brother lived there and we just traveled to Montana in February to visit him in Missoula, and then to Whitefish to ski. I was told that locals call it "Grayfish". I love that little Peter Rabbit blouse, that Amelia is wearing. I wanted one for my daughter, but they ran out of her size. :) Such a wonderful blog!

Happy, happy spring! I'm looking forward to Portland next week and lots of sunshine. Please let there be sunshine. We had our first lake weekend with 70F last weekend. It's raining and cooler now but I'm still at the lake! Beautiful pictures as always! :/)

It snowed here today..just a little..but a little too much..
What pretty scenes of things to come here..
Mimi will be sporting French braids soon..her hair is growing so quickly..
I will enjoy watching her grow up..not too fast..:)
I remember my daughters Bumbos for their
Love the color of those doors~

I've never been to Montana, but I'd love to go. It seems romantic. In north Georgia, we're having a late spring. Last year for our April 8th Easter everything was in full bloom. Our woodland trees are still bare, for the most part. I don't mind because I love the anticipation. Spring is the best!
I just put my initials and date on my Winterwoods sampler, and the supplies are on their way to me for the black sampler. I'm excited for a new project. I'll sit outside for this one and love every minute of it. Ahhh, spring.

I live in Anchorage and there are just the tiniest hints of spring here. I thought I might have seen the smallest patch of green grass peeking out from the foot of snow still on the ground but can't be sure. Predicting snow this weekend, in fact. I've been living vicariously through your posts for weeks now! Thank you for sharing your life with us!

I tried to take the quiz till I got to the page where they wanted too much private information.

Your pictures of the lovely garden reminded me of a garden here in the UK,10 minutes drive from my home called Harlow Carr Garden, especially the fourth one.

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