Spring Gifts

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Cherry blossoms. We were walking up to get groceries and admiring a huge flowering tree when this guy came walking out with a pair of pruners and cut us these big branches. Then we found a stuffed hedgehog on the sidewalk. It was a good day. Only-spring gifts: A froth of petals. Goldeny sunshine. The smell of mud. A warm cloudy afternoon. I love pushing the stroller. Walking to get frozen yogurt. Walking to get books. Wandering in the spring evening. Watching the sun set before bedtime. Petals fluttering. Pink petals falling on a sleeping baby. Her lip pushed out. Her sleeping-sighs. Her eyelashes long. Her rose-cheek warm. My loves.

*We don't have chickens. Those are just some from the neighborhood. :) And our egg dyeing method is here.


Beautiful Spring. Beautiful baby. Beautiful life. Enjoy!! Celebrate!!

walking with the pram, buying baby clothes, getting home to get all cosy afterwards. Those are my favourite Baby Memories. Oh, such precious times.

Love getting to re~live them through you. Thank you.

What's it like to know that we, your friends in blogland, actually squeal when we see a new post here. ;). Have a lovely day. Now, I really must get back to your new pictures and read the post!

I absolutely adore the photo of Andy and Amelia in her window seat, Priceless!!!!

Catherine says: April 02, 2013 at 11:15 AM

Beautiful! So happy that you and Andy are happy! Love Amelia's sweet little pink sweater too!

So sweet, and such pretty pictures : ) Happy Spring to you!!!

And her darling expression in that lovely faux rabbit coat... Amelia might be the happiest baby alive xx Katie x


Enchanted April. So glad you're enjoying the Spring days with your beautiful girl. Hang on to them - the years fly by wicked fast.

I love visiting you blog, it brightens my day so much! Your Spring is way ahead of us here in Ireland, no blossoms yet! Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.

Really lovely photos as usual. We can see the love in all of them!

*sigh*, I always enjoy stepping into your loveliness and am happy each time I see a new post. I particularly loved this one, especially the idea of walking to so many spots on a bloom filled path.
The photo of Amelia and Andy is precious.

So pretty. I loved pushing the stroller too. I appreciate how you're cherishing these moments in Mimi's life because they will go by very quickly.

DO YOU HAVE CHICKENS??? Oh how I want chickens! But I've heard they attract rats, if they're close to your house. Is this true? How have you found the experience??

Germaine Hall says: April 02, 2013 at 11:51 AM

Beautiful! I so look forward to your posts!

Such cute pictures -- and that pink sweater is perfect for Amelia's pink cheeks! I still love pushing a stroller -- but I don't have any babies or grandbabies here to push! So, I just walk the dog which is fun too. Love those bleeding hearts and cherry blossoms and just everything spring -- glad you and Andy are having so much fun being parents!

We're still in the brown dredges of transition here, so I am living vicariously through your photos.

(Your new hedgehog looks like "Mr. PricklePants", a Method actor from Toy Story 3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvnufjUmU90)

Yay!! Spring is finally here! I always enjoy your posts! Love, Love the photo of Andy and Amelia in the window seat admiring all the Spring beauty outside the window!

Wonderful post and gorgeous photos. Did you dye your own eggs? How beautiful!

Troy Louise says: April 02, 2013 at 12:14 PM

Sweet, sweet, sweet! Such darling pictures. How fun to have someone give you the beautiful cherry blossoms. That little girl is so cute - I love the pics with her daddy. Hugs to all.

Beautiful! I love Amelia's polka dot blouse. And I spied the hedgehog, too cute. Thanks for another inspiring post.

you seriously make my day better...just like that. very yucky, chilly and snowy here :( xoxo love from muskoka

So beautiful! Just love the light,colors and textures you capture in your photos. So inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

Oh, that smile! She's marvelous.

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