Maggie Rabbit's Back!

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Remember Mags? Yep, she's back! You can find her in kit form right HERE!

She has one previously available dress fabric and four new ones. There's Betsy:


And Danjo (interesting name, but no, I didn't make it up — Liberty made up all of these :). The yarn looks darker here than it does in real life. It's more of a pale, warm maroon:


Emilia's Flowers, for my dear Amelia:


And Margaret Annie (appropriately!):


And last but not least, sweet Meadow for my Clover Meadow:


Just choose the dress fabric and yarn combo you would like from the drop-down menu (sorry, there are no substitutions!).

I also have some new clothes patterns! There are some Little Pants and a Shirt for Rabbits. You can make them for a boy bunny or a girl bunny. Just change the fabric and place the buttons on whichever side you'd like!


There is a precious Little Knitted Dress for Rabbits (done from the top down, and mostly in the round [after you do the increases for the skirt]):


And a Little Raglan Sweater for Rabbits, also for boys or girls (the directions will help you place the buttonholes on the left or right side, depending on which one you're making):


And a Little Hooded Coat for Rabbits, all done in garter stitch, with holes in the hood for ears (of course!):


I also have some Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport Weight yarn for you to make all of these knitted things, in eighteen different colors (not all pictured here, but they are on the product page):


And there are also Weensy Little Buttons in nine colors for your sweaters and shirts:


And if you had trouble threading the elastic to go around the neck and cuffs of your bunny peasant dress, I have some size #18 needles with big eyes which will make it easier:


Now. For the knitty (sp?) gritty:

  • I've fixed the shopping-cart issue that we had last time, so the specific name of the fabric, or the color of yarn, or the color of the buttons you've placed in your cart will show up, and not just the name of the general item. I'm really sorry I didn't realize this wasn't working until the end of the day of the last kit sale, and by then it was too late — my bad!!! But I think it's working nicely now, so this is good.
  • Please — and this is where I beg! — take your time while shopping and make sure you are putting everything you need into your cart before you check out. Unfortunately, I cannot add anything extra to an existing order once it's been placed. The best I can do is 1) cancel the original order for you and have you place a new order with everything you'd like included, or 2) just have you place another order for the new items, and if they are physical items that need to be shipped (i.e.: not a digitally downloaded pattern), you will have to pay shipping twice. Due to the volume of orders that we receive in a very short period of time, I have to rely completely on my system, and the system only lets me cancel, not tinker, so just take a moment to make sure you are getting everything you want in your cart before you check out.
  • Please also make sure you have the correct shipping address entered for your order.
  • All that said, if you do have a problem and need to email me, don't hesitate!
  • All patterns are available as digitally downloaded PDFs. (If you've ordered a kit, a hard copy of the pattern is included.) Once you've purchased it, a link to download your digital PDF pattern will be made immediately available to you upon completion of payment, even if you have purchased physical items at the same time. A link to download the patterns will also be emailed to you separately. Again, this system is completely automatic, so please make sure you are watching for the link at the end of your transaction, and have the correct email address attached to your order. If you have any problem receiving your pattern, let me know.
  • I do ship internationally. Please read my FAQ page for details on shipping to Canada and overseas (about halfway down the page) and info about customs charges, etc. (You may be charged duties or taxes or customs charges by your importing country, which unfortunately I can't control; this doesn't happen often but it does occasionally happen, so please be aware.) To see how much the general shipping cost (minus these potential charges) is to your location, please complete the checkout process to Step 2 (which is after you enter your address, so the system knows how much to charge you; shipping charges are different depending on location). You will see the shipping charge to your location and can decide if you would like to complete the transaction.

We have made a lot of kits this time, and hope to get everything shipped in the next several weeks or so (but please be patient, because it is only Greta and I working on this but we're doing our best; we have half othe kits already assembled but if we sell over that we will need some time to put more together). IF the kits do completely sell out again, please don't worry because we will make more. It's takes us some time, but we will make more! Kind of like Doritos.

Thank you very much!!! I'm really excited about this new stuff!

***Ooops! A couple of things I forgot to mention:

  • Thank you to everyone who submitted photos for the Pinterest gallery! Aren't these buns just adorable??? I LOVE seeing what people do to make their bunnies special and unique. Oh, they are just all so darn sweet. Thank you, guys. I love them all! (For info on submitting a photo for inclusion, see the second paragraph of this previous post. I am slow to upload these, so please don't worry if I don't get to yours right away. I get there eventually.)
  • The knitting patterns are brand new, so if you run into ANY trouble with them, email right away and I will figure it out. If there is any errata and I need to update a pattern, the service I use allows me to send you a notification that there is a new, corrected pattern to download. I will also get these patterns on Ravelry soon. Please check the web shop product page for any errata. I will post corrections there.
  • If any of the yarn runs out, we will reorder right away. This is my first time carrying yarn so I'm not sure what quantities to carry, but the manufacturer ships quickly so this can be turned around without losing too much time at all.

Thank you again, and thank you for being patient with me! I really appreciate it!


Just loving your rabbits....

Alicia, I admire your style so much! Thank you for helping us to create handmade heirlooms for our families. Already ordered my kit (yes, I was stalking your store) and my husband has already requested a boy rabbit (Brer Rabbit, anyone?) Thanks again, many happy returns to you and your lovely family.

Karen P. says: May 16, 2013 at 01:46 PM

Oh dear! So excited to see them back in stock. I ordered one of each pattern and the Maggie Rabbit kit in Margaret Annie! Now, all I have to do is learn to knit! Yikes! xo

Crossing my fingers that there is a kit of any variety left tomorrow(payday!) So excited!

I'm so excited to have been able to buy a Maggie this time! And with the dress fabric I've been wanting too. :) Thanks for issuing another bunch of bunnies!! Can't wait for it to arrive. samm

Colleen says: May 16, 2013 at 02:56 PM

OMG! The little boy clothes! OH OH OH OH.

These are so lusciously adorable!


Love, love, LOVE her! I've already made four...three big ones and one little (I reduced the pattern by 50%). I should send you a photo of that one. Not sure how to post on pinterest.

I already ordered...but I kind of want some of the other clothing options as well.

Now to find someone who will knit me the little dress. i don't know how to knit in the round.

Erin :)

OMG THE CLOTHES!!!!!!!!!!!??!?!?! I CAN'T TAKE THE CUTENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Never mind the rabbit - I want outfits in all those combos!

Suzannah says: May 16, 2013 at 05:27 PM

I'm SOOO excited! I missed out last time, so this time I was on it fast! Got two kits to make bunnies for my little girl for christmas (it'll take me that long!!!)
Thank you Alicia :)

Yay! finally got mine! I can't wait to have it in hands and bring our Miss Maggie Rabbit to life :)I love the new clothes too!

Hooray! I've just ordered my kit! Forget my daughters - this one is for ME! *grin!*

CAN YOU TELL I'M EXCITED!?!?!?! I got Maggie in the first go 'round in Claire Aude and blue caplet but since the new knitting patterns came out, I've felt she needs something in yellow... how delightful. A golden bunny hoodie. Yes... and bloomers. Hmm...

Clare open says: May 17, 2013 at 12:21 AM

One Dear Bunny is travelling a long way to see me! Cannot wait for her to arrive .Jock and Growler the bears will have to move over and make some room on the bed for this little lady.x


i have placed my order of your lovelies. i can't thank you enough for taking the time to share your work with us.

Brilliant hoodie! And I love the shirt and trousers combo, she looks like a very efficient secretary.

Oh, goodness, your bunnies are adorable!!!! I love the little Liberty dresses, the sweaters...simply darling! I need to find some time to go shopping today! :)

QUESTION: how do you wash maggie?

i don't know why it didn't occur to me sooner. with all that wool, i'm guessing gentle hand wash in cold water and air dry.



Woo Hoo, I've ordered a kit this time, last time I couldn't decide on the fabric and by the time I'd decided(overnight) they'd gone - not this time - yipee!! Never mind, I've enjoyed watching the Pinterest board.
Those little jackets with the ear holes are so sweet, I've ordered one of those too, I can't wait to begin the bunnies for the children.

I'd love to order but I have to wait! I'm glad you plan on making more, I think Maggie Rabbit is just the sweetest.

I think I don't have enough sewing skill to make those, but I wish I did. The cuteness of the hoodie just killed me !

Squeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited!!!!! Just placed my order. I can't WAIT to start! I think I'm going to have more fun with this than my 10-year-old daughter. (We're going to have to share Maggie. My head is spinning with wardrobe ideas after seeing that Pinterest page. I may have to join Pinterest just to keep my eye on Miss Maggie's friends and relatives there!)

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