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Andy's birthday, and our favorite place for sweet birthday lunches, this time made so much sweeter because there were three. Go to Multnomah Falls on the old Columbia River Highway and be enveloped in green. If it's raining, so much the better. Green grass, green mist, grey rocks wet with rain, rocks everywhere, green trees. Everything smells of mud and rock and water and green things. Wildflowers and weeds that flower. The falls are high, and there's vertigo. I've been up on the bridge one time, long ago, and I didn't like it. It's as high up and close to the water and as disorienting as it looks, and I was scared. The shingled peaks of the roof of the lodge, however, just please me so much. Our lunch was delicious. The view from Crown Point: Oh, Oregon: This must be one of your best. (Years ago I splurged on this crewel kit. I was so charmed by it, and every time I go to Crown Point I remember that I never started it, and I mean to. Now it'll be for Amelia's room.) We ended the day with a candlelight bath (oh how she loves the bath!), and I started a sweater for her like the lodge rooftops, and the green forest, and the far-off hills, warm like her dad's arms, soft like his big, soft, sweet heart. Happy, happy birthday, my dearest, darling love. Xoxoxoxo


Dreamy. All of it.

Isabella says: June 03, 2013 at 06:07 PM

Sweet photos as always! I want to see of photo of YOU with Amelia too!

Beautiful! Happy birthday Andy! I love the pic where you can just see her baby hands on the table!

Happy Birthday Andy! I recognized this place from previous posts! Your sentiments touched my heart. x

Love Multnomah Falls! I made kiddo climb it with me when she was only 2. I kept a leash on her as there are no rails to keep busy feet from going off the edge. We had a blast.
Amelia is clearly in love with her daddy- as it should be!

Happy Birthday to Andy!!!

I recognized Multnomah Falls immediately. It is a magical place and I am a little scared too~I'm not a hiker but it must be beautiful on a green, wet misty day.
Andy and Amelia are gorgeous together. I have really been enjoying the pictures of her growing up!

Happy birthday, Andy. Gorgeous photo of you and Amelia! Today is my daughter's birthday, too ;)

Oh what a sweet birthday trip:-)
She is priceless with her expressions..that crewel work will be so nice..I have never seen one like that.
You live in a beautiful part of the world..I have a dear pen pal that lives in Oregon:-)
Well more than a pen pal..

Happy Birthday to Andy. All beautiful Amelia's fist pump. "rock on"

Claudia Martins Dietrich says: June 03, 2013 at 06:54 PM

Happy birthday! Such gorgeous views!

Looks like a very special birthday indeed! Happy Birthday to one cool cat of a guy!

I know what you mean about vertigo and bridges! The worst ever that I remember was in Vancouver in Stanley Park!! Terrifying, because it sways O.O

Multnomah Falls is one of my very favorite places. Every spring break my dad would drive us kids down to Salem to go to The Enchanted Forest. And visiting the Falls was always a must. Just seeing pictures of it makes me miss home.

Alicia, your writing is just like honey! I soak it in, your photos and your writing work in perfect harmony together and I hope to have that for my blog someday!

Happy Birthday Andy!
Gosh you live in such a gorgeous place.
I must visit one day. It is such the opposite here it makes my head spin on how your place is SOOOO gorgeous and ours is soooo not.
Thanks for sharing such wonderful images.

Happy Birthday Mr. Paulson! what a great place to celebrate.

But you didn't tell us what the luscious food was....

Oh how wonderful. Happy Birthday to your Andy, it must be said that both he and Amelia are just so cute :-) What a lovely family time.

What can I say? I love Andy.
And that little girl of yours...?
She is BLESSED to have you two.

Beautiful pictures. And what a cute little lady! I have an 11 month old....they grow so fast...

Aww, we went here on our honeymoon. Great photos! Beautiful little lady.

happy birthday andy.

Happy birthday Andy! Many, many more! I just love your little family! Photos so beautiful! I've been checking all day for a new post! Just about to hit the sack and I thought I'd check one more time! I'm glad I did! Now I can end this day on a happy note!

Beautiful pictures, beautiful family, a wonderful life. I am so happy for you all.

I read your comments on the sweater pattern on Ravelry---can you take it to an office supply store or Kinko's-type place and have it enlarged? I like to knit Dale of Norway sweaters, and I have to have all of the charts blown up to almost poster size. (Your sweater is gorgeous, by the way---I would like to knit that in my size.)

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