Midsummer Magic

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Oh, in the midst of summer! What a lovely weekend it was: glorious weather, great fathers and grandfathers, a festival, lazy mornings, good company, good food, tiny lights, sun spots, a picnic on the hill, cool breezes through the pine trees, ukelele songs, a wedding in the distance, baby singing, bright nights, rose mallow blooming, a sleepy kitty in my spot on the chaise, a baby bunad, a band playing. Birds singing. A blue jay that visits us in the back yard lately, making me feel like little Mary Lennox. I was buzzed by a hummingbird. Oh, June. You've been so good to us, June.

***I will definitely tell you about the dress and the lights when I have a minute more to write. And to make the daisy chain you just pick a bunch of little daisies that grow in the grass at the park, keeping their stems as long as you can. Braid the stems tightly together (with the flowers at the top), adding new daisies in when you have about an inch or so of stem left on the previous daisy. The stems are flexible so just tie the end of the chain gently to the beginning flowers when the crown is big enough. Place on baby and kiss one thousand times.


Watching you with Amelia, makes me wish you were MY mother! It is a beautiful thing....

I have been enjoying your blog a great deal. Your photos are lovely, but more importantly, I love the rhythm of your life as you show it. It is Midwinter here in Australia and very cold (as we know cold). Compared to Europe and the USA, we are probably only experiencing cooler weather. Enjoy the wonderful sun!

The photo of Amelia smiling at her hands...it will stay in my memory as a very precious moment! Love to all ! Happy June!

Your blog make me happy. Tank you.

Place on baby and kiss one thousand times is just about the most charming sentence ever.

Oh! That dress! Who is getting Amelia's hand-me-downs?!

I absolutely love the beautiful bunad you've made for your gorgeous baby daughter! I really hope you'll post more details about how you've made it. Did you design it yourself? Where did you find the pattern for the embroidery please? Would love to make similar ones for my two daughters. I have my own bunad (East Telemark), but would love for them to have one too. Love your blog!

Nice to see pictures from Oregonian midsummer celebrations...
Here are some snapshots of midsummer celebrations in Dalarna, Sweden: sofiawise.wordpress.com



Great to see the Oregonian midsummer festivities!

I celebrated midsummer in Dalarna, Sweden. I put up some pictures on my blog...

Half of the day was sunwashed and half rainy, but that's Swedish summer. You just have to be ready for the good times whenever they manifest.

My mother also used to make us cotton skirts and dresses in pastel colours.. We would wear wreaths on our heads and dance around the maypole. I think my grandmother oftentimes wore her traditional dress from the north, now in a box among my stored possessions...

It sure looks like you had a truly magical midsummer celebration. And since I'm Norwegian, I have to say: LOVE the baby bunad :)

what an absolutely charming post! I must have an embroidered dress. Must.

I've been reading your blog for quite a while now and I don't know if I've ever commented before. I really just wanted to say how much I love your blog, your stories, your photos and that precious little girl of yours. She is growing up in such a magical place it seems. Your home is darling and every time I click on your blog and start reading, it feels like home, so cozy! Thank you for welcoming me in every time. Hugs from Texas!

Linda Blum says: July 09, 2013 at 10:03 AM

Sure miss seeing your sweet corgi.

9th picture - there's Estonian national costumes, striped skirts and embroidered blouses. it was such an awsome moment to me, and it felt like You've been here :)
Happy summer to you, and take lots of pictures every day, because your beautiful baby-Amelia is growing so fast! wish You all the best!

Michaelanne says: June 09, 2015 at 02:57 AM

I had to revisit this after seeing your new dress! She was SO tiny! I have loved ...REALLY and TRULY LOVED...watching her grow..its like watching a flower turn from the tiniest, most perfect bud..into a beautiful bloom...I hope you never stop writing or taking pictures..Every post is a gift:)

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