From Sweaters to Scorching Hot

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Wow. It's July. And supposedly will be 97 degrees today. [SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM.] Ugh. The heat takes every — any — the single — ounce of energy I have and vaporizes it. Poof. There it goes. That one ounce. Up in a puffball of steam.

Previous to reaching this shameful state, I was managing quite nicely. It was cold and lovely. I finished this sweater. I started this one. I made this (which is a great recipe but if you make it, do NOT add 4 teaspoons of salt to the marinade and 3 teaspoons to the sauce — those have got to be typos; add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon kosher at the most). I made that quinoa salad. I worked, I watered. My lady love and I had breakfast here. We walked in the woods and looked at people's gardens. We saw a goat in someone's back yard. Everything was so green and cool and lush and fresh. Then, the temperature rose: Oh no, oh no. I turned on the AC. It kept going up. I waved my arms hysterically, from inside the house, at people walking down the sidewalk: OMG! What are you doing? Be careful! It's too hot to go out!!! I saw a woman running on the track. That was when I was in the air-conditioned car for a minute. I was just agog.

I am nuts.

Pooooooooooool. I need the pool. Going today. Can't wait. Baby's first swimming pool!


ick. poor you. I am not a fan of hot weather. We've had a bit of sunshine in the UK lately, and I'm very much 'ok, is that summer over now? can leaves start to fall, and air get cooler?'. Mean of me I know, but I can't help it!

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous photos!

stay cool!

Auntie Allyn says: July 01, 2013 at 10:05 AM

Chicken tikka masala . . . nom nom nom, I've been meaning to make this for ages!!! You may have given me just the push to do so Love the new rainbow sweater. Stay cool!

I hate the heat. I'm already excited for summer to be over, actually. But it's been hot here for a couple of months already. Hope you're able to stay cool!

How is it possible that your little one gets more adorable with each post?! She's fabulous. Heat? Not so fabulous. Enjoy the pool.

Oh my! I feel exactly the same way today! It is supposed to be 112 degrees here today and for a few more days and I already feel that I am melting! Ahhh! Can I live in the refrigerator?

So beautiful pictures u have there and your princess is getting beautiful every day:) May u all find love in a July Morning

Ohhh, we suffered also from the heat over here in Europe!!! But then there was a week full of rain again *grmpf* I adore the cute dress you made for Amelia!! So cute!! I have so many projects on my to do list for my little girl. But what should I tell you - I am lacking of time where I can do that ;-)

I so rarely "meet" people (if blogland counts as meeting) who are like me: loathe the heat and simply wilt in it, and really, really love cool, damp (somewhat dreary?) weather. By the middle of June each year I'm so very eager for October. My heart sighs for October. And I love every single minute of winter. How in the world I'm supposed to survive July and August this year, I do not know. Sigh. I'm trying to remember where you live ... I'm on the very coastline of North Carolina in the US. It's mighty hot, but at least we always have an ocean breeze! I came to your blog via a friend who says she reads your blog simply to remember what really beautiful photography looks like. But I think I fell in love with your precious little girl :) Thanks so much for the delightful post.

Beautiful pictures. And I love her stuffed rat :D

She is beautiful. You are beautiful. I visit your blog, and I feel bathed in all that is good and beautiful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for that :)

I do not do heat well at all. If I wasn't so in love with where I live, I would move far up north. As it stands - I live in the Southeast. Heat? Oh yeah, and then some. it October yet?!?! I love the patterns you choose for sweaters. I've been adding them to my list of things to make for my littles. :)

Really nice sweater you´re making for her, love the colors!

I'm with you. I hate this heat we are having. My roses are loving it but I wilt at the very thought. Even with the AC on I just with to sit quietly and not work up any sweat. I grew up in Arizona but everyone had a pool so we spent most of our time playing in the water. It is the only thing that makes the heat bearable. I remember my Mom doing yard work in her bathing suit so when she got hot she just jumped in.

So not a fan of hot weather either! LOVE the blue skies; hate the high temps that make it too miserable to enjoy those blue skies:(
Have a great time with your little one--I SO enjoy seeing her cute photos!

this weather kills a little bit of me every day. fortunately it doesnt last long and by the time ive almost given up on the will to live, Fall is here. im ready for you October!

If ever you need a babysitter:-)
Or an arranged marriage with one of my 4 grandsons for Mimi..:-)
Let me know.
She is such a pleasure to watch scroll on my screen:-)

Hi Alicia. I have enjoyed your blog for years but never more than I do now with the addition of Amelia. She is a treasure. Thanks for making the world look lovely. P.S. What is that funky-looking restaurant pictured? We are in L.A. but it looks like it would be a fun place to visit.

I'm with you about heat...and I'm a native Floridian, go figure. I did move to NC as soon as I could so I do experience the heat all year, just in summer, as it should be! The Chicken tikka masala looks wonderful. We've made it with a different recipe and it didn't have that much salt in it...definitely must be a typo!

Yes feeling your pain here in Connecticut! It's been in the 90's and humid all last week. It's like we are literally stuck in a cloud. The moisture just sits on your skin - YUCK!
Amelia in her 1st baby pool, she looks amazingly refreshed.

My husband asks me why do I need the air conditioning AND the fan?

I agree, I'm tired of the heat and it's not even July 4th yet! Fall come on!! That rainbow sweater is ADORABLE!!! And I was noticing the toys you have, they look sweetly old fashioned, I love it!! I'm jealous of that cup of coffee, it looks delish!! Stay cool!!

My favorite holiday is July 4 because it means -- for me -- summer is almost over. I can't take the heat, the mosquitos, the screaming cicadas, the neighborhood beer parties, yuk yuk yuk.

However, on a much more pleasant note: I love love love that new sweater you're making your girl. It reminds me of those candies that were bar shaped and had coconut in them? I love them because they were so pretty!

We've made that recipe before, minus the mounds of salt ~ everyone in the comments agrees! It was incredible.

You are O-SO-NOT-NUTS... I am screaming along with you, at least when I'm not whining. That adorable Mimi has red hair! I adore red hair! She can have Anne of Green Gables as her favorite book! Lucky!

you are hilarious and i am so with you. i have felt for some time now that heat should be outlawed....truly. but the pool calls so go and let that precious muff float and know the pleasure that cool water can bring!

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