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Amelia's Chicago cousins and grandma were here this weekend and we had a wonderful time! Oh, to be smothered in love like this girl is! After taking everyone to the airport Tuesday, she fell asleep before we were out of the airport parking garage, and conked out for the night at 5:30 p.m. Yesterday was much the same. Oh, my love. Happy girl and happy days.

I started a pink Lilla Koftan. It's funny how there can be so many variations of the same basic sweater and they all look (and fit) a little different. This one's worsted, very chunky. I'm using 7s. I can't find my size 8 needle tips. Second set I've lost. What project could they possibly be sitting on? Agh. Dumb things. I think this pink Lilla will have red buttons, and maybe a red outline, like this one. Pretty cute. The leaves are already drying up and falling off the trees. Autumn thoughts. Plums and seed pods. Knitting for size twelve months. As everyone says, the days go slow. But how fast the year is going! Oh, incredibly fast. Just incredibly fast. She was nine months old this past weekend.


Reneelynn says: July 18, 2013 at 09:06 AM

Things are drying up here in MI also. 4th day in the 90's .9Months already!! yes, time goes so fast. Enjoy!

Stephanie says: July 18, 2013 at 09:06 AM

Love these pictures! If you don't mind me asking, what are those lovely-looking yellow fruits you have on your table?

Oh the joy of cousins. It is always so great to see the children play together ages apart but so much love.
Red will be adorable on that pink, can't wait to see the finished one. Yes, this summer is passing quickly here too.
We have bit longer before cool nights will set in like NOVEMBER, ;( but at least the dog days will be passing soon.


ah, the autumn thoughts. I've had them for a few weeks now. Our stupid summer seems quite happy to hang around, but I'm hoping the beautiful breeze that's here today will just blow the sunshine away!

Lordy, 9 months! How quickly that has flown by.

Those Dr. Brown's bottles in every shot crack me up. Are they Amelia's cousins from her bio parent's side of the family? I ask this because they look a lot like your hubby! Happy 9 months to your girl.

She is just the cutest little thing, I cant wait for this one to be born, I hope he or she is half as adorable although I am sure I will be biased :)

Do I see dimples in Mimi's cheeks to match Andy's? Sweet!

Through the magic of perfection, she has Andy's smile!

Nine months. Wow! It does go too fast. How wonderful to have cousins and grandma to love all over you. Lucky girl. :)

My boys both wore amber beads while they were teething. Do they seem to be helping?

To this day (and I am nearly 60!) my cousins are some of my best friends. I love the life that we've shared. I am so happy for you that your Mimi is totally surrounded with love and loving people; what a wonderful foundation for a strong and successful life. I have not seen very many pictures of you, Dear Alicia, and far more of Dear Andy, and I just cannot believe how much she looks like him. That smile and those dimples... it's uncanny. What beautiful people you surround yourself with too!

I love the way the sweater looks with edging. So much more neat and tidy and finished looking. The cousins look so pleased to have a new baby to love on :)

She is just so adorable. That smile! enough to melt any heart!

9 months!!! I enjoy all of your photos, but Amelia and Clover together are always a favorite...9 months of so much unconditional Love and Joy...

I noticed some trees changing color already near where I live in New Mexico. Our apple tree's leaves are drying up and there will be few apples this year. Amelia's cousins look to be in love with her! I'm sure they'll all miss each other when they part.

Last night I wanted to linger outside and enjoy the weather so I cut herbs and made bundles of bouquet garni to dry then store for Fall and Winter soups. While I hate thinking of this gorgeous weather going away, I know it will happen. Summer is in my soul, and it flies by up here, but Oregon is gorgeous so I appreciate what it gives and enjoy its beauty.

Oh, your blog is so inspiring. I have just discovered it. Love seeing all of your beautiful photos. Your baby girl is adorable.

oh my goodness how she does love her daddy! she just gets better and better and better...what a muff!

The year does go so, so, so fast... and what's sad is, if you're like me, you won't remember anything you didn't take pictures of. Happily, you take a lot of pictures!

Auntie Allyn says: July 18, 2013 at 12:03 PM

It must be cooling down in your neck of the woods . . . how could you otherwise think about knitting sweaters!?!? But you're a very thoughtful and forward-thinking mother, so that would explain it. The red trim on the sweater will be fabulous!

Aw, such a cutie. The Lilla Koftan is going to be very sweet, esp. with the red edging.

I love the photo of your kitty (Bee?) in the backyard tent! Clever cat -- what a cozy space.

I keep thinking I could just eat her up!
Every time I see her..I know her cousins and nana must be head over heels:)
And she's always dressed like such a living doll too♥

Alicia, your photos are just magical and yet, so ... everyday. That's why I love them so. I just wish you'd put a few more pics of yourself up from time to time. Get Andy to take a picture of you holding that precious babe. She's such a love and a blessed little girl.

I'm so happy you said the leaves are dropping off and you have autumn thoughts. In my husband's mind, the July 4th holiday marks the beginning of summer; in my mind, July 4th means September is a second away!

Yay for cozy autumn, yay for golden September and back to school memories!

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