Slow Summer Days

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Wishing you a very glorious summer weekend, my dear friends. Thank you for being here, and for all of your generous words. You are so good to me. Thank you. Xoxoxoxoxo


Lisa Jo Halfmann says: July 12, 2013 at 05:31 PM

Oh...Thank You! For the inspiring beautiful blog and oh so lovely pictures. I share them with my family. We smile so big at that sweet baby girl! Really loved the one with her holding on to and eating the bean. so so cute! Bless you and your family! have a great evening, Lisa Jo

And to you three, Alicia! And to you three.

You have a beautiful daughter/family/home. I enjoy reading your blogs and all that you share. Have a wonderful weekend!

Still love your family. I had to look at your bio to make sure you lived in Portland. I noticed it lacked any mention of your beautiful little one. But the reason I was checking is because I need a recommendation for a good value (read not cheapest but one that earns what it charges) hotel in Portland.

Oh please post a little video when she starts taking her first steps! Love her!

what is it about bare little baby feet?! so kissable and chubby and sweet. long days, a little cooler here in vancouver bc. all the fresh fruit ripening. thanks for sharing your life with us.

Oh I envy your backyard! You've created such a lovely haven. I'm gobsmacked that you can do it in our wet climate. Can everything get wet? Do you drag it in at a certain point in the year? Ever left things out when we got a shower over night? I'm jealous jealous jealous! I'm determined to get at least one nook done in my backyard this summer.

Can I just say how much I love her to go basket with kittens.
I wanna carry a basket full of plushie kittens where ever I go. I mean that is the only way to leave the house.
Have a great summer weekend!

Your photos are so lovely... they always make me smile. Thank you for sharing.

oh, alicia, do you realize how much you do for us? there are so many incentives in your posts. thank YOU. i sense you will be hearing little feetsies padding around the house soon. sooo cute. (don't you love silpats? easier cleanup.) please have a wonderful weekend.

I visit every time you post and love your photography and your projects, cooking, gardening and especially the sweet knitting and outfits for your darling wee one. Looks like she is thinking of walking - a whole new life experience.

I chuckled out loud at the bed-headed baby! Such a you ever tire of hearing that....I bet not. I wish I lived in Portland. So beautiful and green. I'm in San Diego, but Portland has us beat, I fear.

Kiss mimi for me!


Look at that beautiful babe standing up already! Oh my goodness, she is growing much too quickly. It looks like your days have been filled with delicious food, beautiful plants, and savory moments with Amelia. xoxo

Another beautiful post! Your little girl has so much hair and it's nice that she doesn't mind barrettes. :)

why yes, thank you, i believe i will have a cookie....and then i think, a nap on your quilt.

eeee the one with her crazy gorgeous hair in her face is priceless! thanks for making my night :-)

Having just moved from Portland OR to Knoxville TN your photo's bring a smile to my face. I miss Oregon and all that Portland has to offer. Visiting your blog is a big part of my week. I so look forward to your posts and the happy baby face, cookery, and trips around the neighborhood.
Thank you from the bottom & top of my heart.

What a beautiful summer you're having. I want some of Amelia's clothes for myself, they look so cool and light.

My girls hair was all in their little faces too:-)
Oh she is so edible:-)
What a cute women's restroom:-)
The the pre-baked shape.
Do they stay like that?
You have a green thumb outside:-)
I thought you once mentioned plants were hard for you...No!

Oh her hair! I just love it so much! Hope your summer weekend is full of magical moments and meadows full of wildflowers :)

Oh such lovely, summer days! And... thank you for being here! I just adore your blog!

Kathy Blue says: July 12, 2013 at 07:37 PM

I am always charmed with your posts - - and I always sit and smile at that darling child, I can see you are enjoying every minute - - these are golden days. So happy for you all.

You are so full of heart, I love it. Thanks for your glorious pictures and words, they make me feel so peaceful.

What wonderful pictures, they have me reliving my own babies' firsts. Life is going to change soon now that she's going vertical! Enjoy every moment, thank you for sharing them.

Luanne Graham says: July 12, 2013 at 08:04 PM

Your blog is often a highlight in my day. Thank you, Alicia, for sharing your life with us. :)

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