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It's in full swing now, this lovely summer. The weather has been glorious, the nights long. The sun shines and the breeze blows. The flowers bloom and fade, and the plums are already starting to fall. The baby is learning to chew, and every day brings new foods to try. My lady loves the water, and taking her to the pool (we went three times last week) is like a dream. She is mellow and trusting and fearless, though quiet at first; she presses herself deeper into my arms as we walk onto the deck, and sits heavily, with her cheek pressed to mine, as I hold her up to see: This is the pool. It's zero-depth, so it's like a beach — you can sit in only a few inches of water if you want. I rub water on her arm, trickle it down her belly. Rub, rub, trickle, trickle: You know this water. And yeah, she does; within minutes she's sitting on my submerged lap, and in a few minutes more she's waving her foot, splashing. Soon, it's all hers: Hands slapping, feet slapping. Her toy boat squirts, her whale-shaped cup drains. Shoulders, arms, belly, legs, back, hair, everything's wet now, and it's good. The sun is white bright and the water shines. Big kids splash and chase and scream with delight, erupting past us. Her face drips; she ducks her head and blinks the water away but then looks right back up, eyelashes dark and glistening. She doesn't cry. She says, "Da da da da da da da da DA." She presses her forehead to mine, still talking, holding her boat. It's the best day of my life. The fountains shoot long arcs of giant droplets or gurgle up small towers of white froth, but all are met with the same quiet observation, and then, eventually, the determined reaching-toward: Give me. Is there anything better than watching someone reach for a column of water with her dimpled baby hands for the first time? Clutch the bars of her crib and try to stand? Open her tiny mouth for even more ricotta cheese? Stretch to touch a bobbing allium blossom, just beyond her fingers? Keep reaching, my dearest darling dear sweet lovey lovey love. Reach, and reach, and reach. I will help you.


She is a doll! I, too, was surprised by the unhappy face. She's always so sober, with just a hint of smile. She doesn't miss a thing, does she? It is so wonderful to see the bliss in Andy's face as he holds her or tosses her in the air. I wish sometimes we could see you with your angel. I check the blog EVERY day to see if there's a new post, I love you all so much. I miss having a baby around. Hug her for me.

xo Linda

April S. says: July 08, 2013 at 05:56 PM

So lovely to read your stories and bear witness to the love you have for your precious girl. Our family is expecting a new little one next year and I am inspired by the relationship you are sharing with us to pursue that kind of wonder and beauty through this experience. Thank you!

Touching....sent chills up my arms. Precious, precious, precious!

Can I just say I love how your man wears his trucker hat in the pool? For real.

She is too cute! What a lovely sentiment! I love the quilt tucked around the couch cushions, we used to do that too when we had cats. Made dealing with the shedding so much easier (and the couch so much cozier)!

Such beautiful, beautiful writing.

Amelia. . . such a blessing . . . there are no other words . . .

I love this. But when do we get to see YOU with your adorable little girl?

The post is the essence of summer. What a blessed summer babe!

This is beautiful. You have such a way. I absolutely adore the photo of her eating a green bean. You are making books out of all these tremendous photos aren't you?

So sweet Alicia! I wonder how much of the love of water is memory. Might be huge.
Love the pic of Clover under the table with Baby Girl!

You are such an incredible mother.

Ah! Beautiful, blissful emotions! That is exactly how it feels to be with your babies! So happy for you! And it looks like someone found her little tongue? Could she be any cuter?! :)
I just started a small blog to keep our friends and family updated on our move to Colorado, and I have added your blog to my favorites list. Thank you for such perfectly amazing inspiration, Alicia! -Lisa

So beautiful as always your descriptions of everyday but glorious life. But what? No mention of Wimbledon and Andy Murray-- yeah!!

Thank you for all your lovely postings and photographs. They are like balm at the end of the day.

Alicia and Andy- thank you so much for sharing your journey... I LOVE seeing pictures of Amelia. She is so darn cute. And, to be honest, I'm living a bit vicariously through your pictures and posts- the baby train went by my station and never stopped- it just makes my heart happy to see how happy you guys are.

Thank you so very much for sharing your lovely girl. What an amazing gift her birth parents gave her. . .to have chosen you to be her Mom and Dad!

Okay, I have another comment. What is the name of the quilt on your chaise? I've searched the blog and can't really come up with an answer. It's not the tied quilt, it's the quilted one with staggered rectangles. It may entice me to try quilting yet again.


Moonsnail says: July 08, 2013 at 06:34 PM

Thank you.

So joyful and so much love! Thanks for sharing such a beautiful slice of your life!

Just lovely! Summertime bliss with baby. So sweet. Thanks for sharing.

Marguerite says: July 08, 2013 at 06:53 PM

Loving every moment of our glorious summer through your eyes!! I am reminded of a sunny day when I took our daughter (now 26) into our local pool -- she was older than Amelia but not much -- I held her close and spun myself around in circles in waist/chest high water. She threw her arms out and laughed like I had never heard her before. We spun and spun in that floaty secure place in the pool! It was magical in its pure happiness. She knows this story (it is in her baby book)as it was truly one of the most special Mother moments of my life.
That looks like #51 at Pho Van! I order it almost every time (the green chopsticks were a helpful clue). Have you tried their crepe? That pinch of tumeric brightens the flavor -- messy, but so good!
Your lovely backyard -- don't you wish we had lightning bugs here in summer?

Such lovely words. Happy summer to you!

There is just nothing like a baby. Our son and his fiancé just blessed us with our seventh Grandchild, and I'm on cloud nine!

You just describe so beautifully every discovery that darling baby of yours is making.

Lorraine Frischkorn says: July 08, 2013 at 07:14 PM

All those new adventures for her and for all three of you together! Amelia's horizons are expanding, as she experiences the wonders of the world! My sons are in their 40's, so now I have Baby Adventures with dachshund Alice doxie will have her first birthday in a week. Thursday, we will get our 9 week old dachshund,Julia to complete our doggie family. Baby innocence (human or other) is beautiful! My two aged dachshunds were old, sweet and wise. They reached their final ages of 17 1/2 and almost 18 years that they arrived at so peacefully and innocently last year. Hopefully, all of us will be so fortunate to have long lives of wondrous beauty and love!

Lorraine...the one from north of Chicago!

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