Sweet Sixteen

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In the heart of summer lies our wedding anniversary. I remember the year of our engagement vividly. We lived in Montana. We drove down through the majestic Bitterroot Valley to a wedding-dress store in Hamilton. I was ridiculously excited, imagining. I couldn't wait. When we got there we laughed. There were garters and polyester satin and unity candles, but no paper flowers, handmade invitations, or eyelet-tied boutonieres. (I had been imagining those.) I made my dress myself, all through that year, trying it on alone in our tiny apartment while Andy was at work. I hated my job then but I had a lot of work friends who indulged me like crazy. I was the youngest in the group by far and everyone took care of me. I went to Nancy's friend's house so that she and her sewing friend could help me do the final alterations on the dress. The enormous windows looked out over a huge golden field backed by a snow-capped mountain range. I stood on a chair in the great room in the big white dress, surrounded by taxidermy, and the ladies circling, smiling at me.

Every year has been filled with more love than I've ever deserved. This one has been the best, far beyond words.


Oh my goodness, there's pretty you! This all reminds me very much of Little House on the Prairie, which I am re-reading right now.

Happy anniversary to you and Andy! You have a beautiful family and a wonderful life together. It's nice to see a photo of your pretty face. :)

Isabella says: July 22, 2013 at 08:58 AM

Oh, there you are, pretty mama and her little girl. Oh, sweet wedding memories. We were 18 and 20 in June, 1970. I I wore a simple dress I sewed and had daisies in my hair. I hope you travel just as many happy years together!

Congratulations... you have imagined so much that is truly beautiful. I think what I most enjoy about your blog, and what you share of your marriage, family, and table settings is that you make it all what you imagine... not settling for whatever is at the wedding-dress store, or sold in a box. Original and genuine, lovely. Wishing you a another year, and more, of ~best, far beyond words~

Happy day! Such sweet memories and a wonderful celebration :)

beautiful wedding memories.

Love the pic of you & your girl. Adorable.

Happy Anniversary Alicia and Andy! Pretty baby, pretty Mama!

Happiest of wishes for so many more years to come.
It is lovely to see your face with the baby, so rare and so darling, mama.
Have a wonderful week of celebrations.

Yay, a picture of Mommy & Me!!! Such adorable girls...you are positively glowing with Mama Happiness! Happy anniversary to you and Andy! Happy life to your lovely little family!

Happy Anniversary! The photos in the field look amazing, mind sharing where that is?

A radiant picture of mother and baby! Happy anniversary and I wish you a beautiful, crazy, life forever filled with blooms and a sweet, sweet child.

You absolutely do deserve that love!

How lovely to be embraced by community like that, especially at that time. I think joys are multiplied by sharing them.

Happy Anniversary! May your love and your blessings always exceed your wildest dreams!

My stars, Amelia looks like you. Further proof that she was meant for you. Happy anniversary!

Finding your soulmate and having love every day are best things in life. Congratulations to you both. ♥

Oh, happy day to you and Andy! What a lovely life you have made for yourselves, and such warm memories to have of love and friendship. Blessings to you!

Happy Anniversary! All of the these photos are so beautiful. My husband will be in Hamilton, MT next week. Small world!

Happy Anniversary to you both, may the years just get better and better.

Happy, happy Anniversary! It really must be a sweet 16 with your lovely little princess of the fields and mossy places....

Happy Anniversary!

It really fills my heart with joy when you speak of your love for Andy. We celebrate our 20th later this week (how does 20 years go by so quickly?)and I too feel loved beyond what I deserve. I sometimes think the best of marriages feel it that way. Perhaps because it speaks of gratitude for the other person's best qualities.

What a lovely way to spend an anniversary, all good wishes to you both.

Happy Anniversary Alicia and Andy! Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos and your wonderful stories. Your baby girl is getting so big - just love those cheeks!

Happy, happy anniversary!

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