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Oh my stars how I love her. Beyond words.

This morning our walk to the bakery was glorious: chilly, gray, and threatening rain. The perfect summer day!!! (Not kidding.)

I got some cute little binders from Target, along with some page protectors and half-size notebook paper for my vintage patterns that I ordered. I was so satisfied with this project that once I had stuffed all the patterns in (some of the edges had to be folded, but most of them fit) I didn't feel the need to do anything else for the rest of the day. Which was kind of awesome in about forty thousand different ways.

Our dryer broke, but then it got fixed. I'm glad I took that picture of pretty laundry on the line, because the next round was boxer shorts, sweatpants, and black socks. Not quite as pretty.

Remember this picture of Martha? Guess what she was working on there, thirty years ago: The quilt that would become Amelia's baby quilt! I had no idea. She finished it just for Mimi and and gave it to her in person when she was here last month. Adorable and amazing. So special and dear. I absolutely love it and so does Mimi. Xoxo

Does anybody know if there's a pattern on Ravelry for a baby/toddler sweater with a big round collar like this that is in English (that one's in French)? Maybe with even more fullness in the collar, like a true bias ruffle? I wasn't sure how to search for that. I put in "collared sweater," I think, but I just got a lot of things with shawl collars and then ran out of time to keep looking. Just thought I'd ask, in case you knew. I'm kind of into the short-sleeved sweaters now. Cute over long sleeved vintage peasant dresses, and whatnot.


Her face, omgoodness so so cute all scrunched up.
What an amazing thing for your friend to do. That is simply the best thing ever!
Oh your day sound like days I dream of and long to wake to.
I can't wait for fall/winter here. It is still so so far away.

seriously cute faces. air-dried laundry is so nice. too bad some subdivisions have rules against hanging out your clothes. uptight. i still have a lot of old knitting patterns. i shall keep my eyes open for you.

that sweet little face. oh my. i love love love that you got a binder for your patts. sometimes i think the best part of a project is gathering all the supplies in fun containers!

She is so sweet. I think her hair might be turning reddish? What a pretty little peach she is. That would be my perfect summer day too, by the way.

I love that binder idea! (hope you don't mind if I take it for later use ^_^)

As for a larger sweater like that perhaps try searching for peter pan collar and see if that will get you anything similar? I hope you find something. I have my first socks as homework interrupting my sweater right now. :)

I seriously love your idea of a perfect summer day.
Ours has been nothing but lovely and comfortable... in other words: not hot!
The promise of a summer storm would be divine!
(My comments post, and then *poof* they disappear... so sad, but I try anyway.)
It certainly is a joy to see the love you have for your Mimi... it's so evident, it rises off the screen and makes me smile.

how about the exact pattern you linked to -
a cute sweater for a cutie!

oh no. maybe you meant a big-girl-like-you pattern.

You know, there are times when I'm under so much stress, my brain is buzzing. All I have to do is pop over to your blog and a wave of calmness drops over me like dew. It never fails. I can feel like my hair is standing on end, be it from work, family, or just my own self, and I come here to find my zen.

So, yeah. Just in case you didn't realize how much you impact people!


I love her little expressions. That quilt from Martha, such a treasure.

Her hair is terrific.

Kendra Lydick says: August 09, 2013 at 06:12 PM

Oh my, she is growing so quickly. She is so sweet and just beautiful!! A true little blessing!

Oh-gosh... my comments evaporate.
This is disheartening.

Oh my goodness, she is changing so fast!!! LOVE the photo of Clover on the t-shirt and the back of her head!

I've really been enjoying the colors and light with your photos lately, beautiful!

Mimi cracks me up! I have the same little owl finger puppet, it's my lucky talisman and hangs out in my car. Mine is named Ruetigger.

Oh she just makes the most perfect faces!!! Such a beautiful girl.

I'm in love with that little sweater and will be keeping an eye on your Ravelry activity (if I actually remember to do it of course) in case you come across a similar pattern. My little one would love a big, floppy collar like that. Or her mama would anyway. ;)

what a beautiful quilt! my kids great aunt makes a quilt for every child in the family and my baby boy just got his in the mail. such things are real treasure. your little miss looks such a character x

her expressions are just too cute. So happy for you and always love reading your posts and seeing the sweet pictures of Mimi.

catherine says: August 09, 2013 at 07:44 PM

I have to let you know of a great australian etsy store " allthepreciousthings". There is a lovely coat with a sausage dog applique I could see you liking.

Search for sweater/toddler and "ruffle" under Design Elements. There are some cute choices. I like "Spice Girl" by Erika Flory.

PRINCESS SCRUNCHYFACE!!!!! she's divine!

I love organising things into nice little folders too, it's very satisfying! Beautiful photos as always, I love the laundry pics, such lovely light and sweet hair. The flowers are saying late summer to me. I can feel a subtle shift of season in the air.

haha I love your idea of the perfect summer day...because it is exactly the same as mine! Everyone seems to get so down when it is randomly cool and (maybe) rainy during the summer. I can't hold back my excitement when that is the case! Cooler weather just brings me back to life- summer makes this flower wilt away to nothing! I love your space here, it is just so serene.

xo Brenna

Oh she just gets more and more adorable!

As for the sweater, try looking for a cardigan where you like the body and then add a collar by leaving off whatever neckband ribbing etc is in the pattern, knitting 0.5" then increasing aggressively then knit for 1" and increase again - just repeat until you get the look you want. I think Debbie Bliss does some really lovely collared cardies - also her Baby Knits book has the cutest ever knitted smocked sheep dress - I made one in green way back in about 2006 but I think I need to find the pattern for my Elma for the winter.

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