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Andy has been on vacation for the past week and it is pretty darn awesome in every possible way. Time, time. Time to do things together that we don't always get to do for days in a row. Our schedule is pretty great during the rest of the year — at least, it works for us. He works three twelve-hour days, with about an hour or so on the bus on each end of the day. So my days at home without him are loooooong, from about 5 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. But then we get him home for four entire days of every week (and that's when I try to work). He used to work four twelves, before Amelia was born, but now he just does three. And this is pretty awesome. We've been living with this non-Monday-through-Friday schedule for so long — ten years — and we are so used to it. We rarely do any errands or shopping or chores or things like that on the weekend, when everyone else is out, and the rare times that I have had to go grocery shopping on Saturday, say, along with the rest of the world, I am totally freaked out by how much more crowded it the streets and the stores are, how much longer it takes to do anything, how hectic and an intense the energy is (to get finished, so the relaxing can begin). I love going out on the weekend just to hang out, though. I love leisurely brunches at French bakeries. Walks in the woods. Playing at the fountain. Being downtown. Shopping for silly things (not necessary things). Buying flowers. Three o'clock lunches on the sidewalk at Piazza Italia. Strolling along the city streets without a schedule. Nowhere we have to be. Nothing we have to do. Aren't those days just the best??? Wander wander. Meander, stop. I think so.


I think I need to take a page from your book and try to slow down and enjoy things more. Its funny because I am lucky enough to be a stay at home mom, but I am the busiest person I know. It just doesn't seem right! More time on the porch with the bucket of water for my daughter to play with and a nice cup of coffee and knitting. Thats what I would like.

How very lovely!

Oh if I had a bakery like that near me...

That is the life. When things are nice & slow, there seems to be more joy.

it is so obvious in these pictures that your daughter is the best-loved baby.

My husband enrolled in OHSU's accelerated nursing program last June. We're hoping for a similar schedule to what you guys have, ultimately. I'm still in Pittsburgh, trying to sell our house so my 9 month old and I can join my husband in Portland. It's a big change! I'm nervous, but it'll really be worth it if we end up with a schedule like yours that has so much together time.

Oh how happy you make me each time you post :)))) You are a wonderful and amazing family! Just love Amelia's smile!!

I see Amelia has two teeth! She is growing fast. How lovely that Andy has some days off and you are all able to enjoy the extra time. Wonderful.

Amelia looks so happy and easy. Andy must be Superman. I used to work as a nurse, and those 12-hour shifts killed me so much, I was useless the next day! Glad it works for your family.

I love your posts. The beautiful scenes, fabulous photos just make me sigh with contentment. Your girl just gets cuter with every passing post. Thank you for sharing your lives with us, and God bless.

I'm not sure what that is in that first picture, but I sure would love to have some of it. Amelia is growing up way too soon and is definitely a daddy's girl. I love her expressions. Glad you had such a great time on your staycation.

I'm so envious of you in so many ways! My hubby travels a lot for work so we don't get to see him nearly as often as we'd like. The time we do spend often feels hectic. I'm sure though that, even if you're used to the schedule, there are days when the time feels like it crawls by until he gets home. :) Those pastries look divine. I wish we had a bakery here like that. We have a great general bakery but they don't make anything fancy and delicate like the concoctions you have photographed. Looks so yummy! You have a beautiful life. <3

Having a schedule totally different from everyone else is the absolute best. So much more time for family time I think. :) I'm not a crowd person and I love being at home on the weekends taking it easy or going on day trips when everyone else is running around doing errands.

I am amazed that you get anything done at all with your little sugar plum on the premises. I love those pictures where she is studying something. She seems so happy--a happiness that will be a foundation for her all of her life.

Sounds marvelous.
Our schedules around work and school have been unconventional, too, but if they can at least be predictably unconventional... well, then it's quite nice to carve out our own time and space to enjoy those hours outside of the regimen. My comment on your visit to the fair evaporated, so I thought I would say, again: It's awfully sweet to share your discovery and pleasure, especially with your wee partner alongside you. What fun!

Joy Abbott says: August 23, 2013 at 10:57 AM

My husbands work does factory shut down, so when he breaks up for two weeks its precious time.He works hard like your hubby.Enjoy your quality time x

Oh my goodness, a smile with two teeth!! So cute. Sounds like an amazing schedule for a family. Enjoy!

I love your staycation pictures! So restful and sweet. And, I don't know if I've commented about this before or only just thought about it (and I hope this is an okay thing to say), but I am knocked out by how much Mimi resembles Andy. It's like she was meant to be his little girl.

i tend to be a big planner ... but so many times the days that are unplanned and just happen can be so wonderful ... it is apparent you both work very hard, but you know how to balance it with fun and wonder ... lovely!

Baby Mimi, you grew some toofs! Good job, kid, that is hard work.

it is a lovely way to spend the days. doing whatever, whenever. Love that.

I spy teethies. I hope they didn't cause too much grief as they came through.

Someone has TEETH...:-)


Two TEETH! I think the bottom two teeth times are the cutest EVER! I can just see her becoming more excited about her surroundings with each passing week. She's a very lucky girl to have you two as parents. Love the acorn shot. Our oak tree's limbs are too high for me to get to. Enjoy this fallish summertime. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Sounds wonderful!!! we've been up visiting friends and I have been enjoying the days on end of just enjoying everything together!!! Glad you had a nice vacation!!
~ Marica

P-town is amazing in summer.
We live about two hours away, and this weekend we are going over the mountain to go to "Trek in the Park" and have brunch at Veritable Quandary for a lil anniversary whoopdedoo. A side stop at Container Store will make my day as well.

That baby! Beyond adorable. Beyond.

Heartsdesire says: August 23, 2013 at 12:24 PM

OMG, I saw teeth, two sweet little ones. How she is growing. Love the photos of the river and trees, seems so relaxing. And it really is lovely to be able to go downtown on weekends without anything specific in mind. Just enjoyment. Shopping on Mondays is always great, quieter and not so rushed.

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