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Andy has been on vacation for the past week and it is pretty darn awesome in every possible way. Time, time. Time to do things together that we don't always get to do for days in a row. Our schedule is pretty great during the rest of the year — at least, it works for us. He works three twelve-hour days, with about an hour or so on the bus on each end of the day. So my days at home without him are loooooong, from about 5 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. But then we get him home for four entire days of every week (and that's when I try to work). He used to work four twelves, before Amelia was born, but now he just does three. And this is pretty awesome. We've been living with this non-Monday-through-Friday schedule for so long — ten years — and we are so used to it. We rarely do any errands or shopping or chores or things like that on the weekend, when everyone else is out, and the rare times that I have had to go grocery shopping on Saturday, say, along with the rest of the world, I am totally freaked out by how much more crowded it the streets and the stores are, how much longer it takes to do anything, how hectic and an intense the energy is (to get finished, so the relaxing can begin). I love going out on the weekend just to hang out, though. I love leisurely brunches at French bakeries. Walks in the woods. Playing at the fountain. Being downtown. Shopping for silly things (not necessary things). Buying flowers. Three o'clock lunches on the sidewalk at Piazza Italia. Strolling along the city streets without a schedule. Nowhere we have to be. Nothing we have to do. Aren't those days just the best??? Wander wander. Meander, stop. I think so.


mlle patty says: August 23, 2013 at 12:30 PM

Yummy looking food there, and this last bit of summer into fall is so lovely. Also, people must tell Andy all the time how much the baby looks like him!

Life is meant to be enjoyed. Sadly, so many of us forget that in our rush to get things done. I have been wanting to say this for awhile, so here goes. I know that dear, sweet, precious, adorable baby girl of your is adopted, but man, is she looking like the two of you or what? This time next year you will be posting photos of Amelia blurs....as she runs from here to there. LOL
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing her sweetness with us all.
blessings, jill

The toofs! I don't think we've seen them before, have we?

Also, what is that amazing looking dish in the first picture? I'm in the Portland area so I can go to the restaurant but I must know what it is!

Staycations are the best. My Mom was also a nurse and she loved the schedule. For the rest of us, I wish we could work four 10 hour days and have three day weekends. 10 hours isn't much longer than 8 and having that 3rd day off would be HUGE for me!

My husband used to do 4 ten hour days, and though it was hard to adjust at first, we grew to love it. Now his schedule is pretty "normal", and that has its benefits too. Next week is HIS stay-cation and we are so excited! The girls and I get to hang out and go to parks and linger at the library, but to be able to do it with Daddy makes it that much better :)

How wonderful that Andy has four days with you both every week. That is something that is worth so much, it really is. The pictures from your walk are beautiful. Lovely to see how Amelia is seeing everything, taking it all in, being entranced. Hope you all have a really good weekend.

Jan Duston says: August 23, 2013 at 01:32 PM

Yes! Yes! I was a nurse all my working life and it served us well- I agree that it can be
unnerving when a Saturday errand is necessary and there are huge crowds!

I see choppers! Gosh she is such a happy girl, it's so nice to see her smile and her enjoyment of life.

Yes, yes! Those days ARE the best! I love the pic of you holding Amelia. Out of focus in just the right places. What a beautiful vacation. :)

You have the best photos of your life in Portland. I'm third generation Portlander and I love reading your blog. Congrats on the baby!

Your Staycation sounds wonderful! I just took a Staycation last week and it was heavenly - it is the perfect way to rest, relax and regroup.

Jennifer B says: August 23, 2013 at 03:05 PM

I recognized that display case from St. Honore as soon as I saw the pictures. We don't live in Portland, but we make a point to visit St. Honore whenever we go into town.

Last time my husband chose a hotel right around the corner so we could have breakfast there each morning. What a treat!

Amelia is the cutest! I love to see her just enjoy stuff! How fun for you guys. I love doing nothing, and I have plenty to do, but doing not much of anything is my favorite thing ever. :)

It looks idyllic, and so wonderfully sunny, a perfect way to spend the summer.

oh those little teeth! she is so precious and she is getting to be such a lady! yep, days off are the best. i never go out on the weekend...weekdays are better for going out, weekends for staying put. that precious little muff.

A couple years ago Andy was my mom's nurse. And I have to tell you as you already know he was the best....
Your baby girl is perfect.
all the best

She is growing up so quick! What a little beauty. This life you lead is my dream. :) Thank you for sharing!

We have an unconventional schedule as well. We both work from home for ourselves, so we tend to do grocery shopping and such mid-week. I hate venturing into stores on the weekends.
She is precious!

I agree. Shopping on the weekend is no fun for anyone.

May I take a moment to express my adoration of Amelia's teeth? Gorgeous! I felt sad when my girl's top teeth started to come out, because her two little bottom teeth were so sweet and cute, but I quickly fell in love with them and all her subsequent teeth, too. Chomp, chomp, chomp!

Please tell me what that glorious food is in the first picture!

Love that one pic on the stump with Amelia looking off to the left
(wonder what she's thinking?)

And oh my...what is that in the first picture?

Staycations are so much easier than vacation with a baby. We just took a week long trip with our 12.5 month old and he's getting 3 new teeth so he (and we) barely got any sleep. The days were great, but so busy and tiring on such little sleep. I now need a vacation after the vacation! We both work from home so we never do errands or shopping on the weekends, and whenever we need to I am similarly horrified. Don't you notice that the people that work at stores are so nice during the week? There's time for a 'hello' and a chat, whereas during the weekend everyone is frazzled and they (workers and shoppers) don't have time for friendliness. Amelia is looking even more adorable, time goes by so quickly!

I am a nurse, and work the weekends so that my babes can be with a parent at all times. Recently I went to target on a Saturday and had my mind blown by all the people, the rushing and the lines!

Oh, sweet, sweet Amelia!

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