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Andy has been on vacation for the past week and it is pretty darn awesome in every possible way. Time, time. Time to do things together that we don't always get to do for days in a row. Our schedule is pretty great during the rest of the year — at least, it works for us. He works three twelve-hour days, with about an hour or so on the bus on each end of the day. So my days at home without him are loooooong, from about 5 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. But then we get him home for four entire days of every week (and that's when I try to work). He used to work four twelves, before Amelia was born, but now he just does three. And this is pretty awesome. We've been living with this non-Monday-through-Friday schedule for so long — ten years — and we are so used to it. We rarely do any errands or shopping or chores or things like that on the weekend, when everyone else is out, and the rare times that I have had to go grocery shopping on Saturday, say, along with the rest of the world, I am totally freaked out by how much more crowded it the streets and the stores are, how much longer it takes to do anything, how hectic and an intense the energy is (to get finished, so the relaxing can begin). I love going out on the weekend just to hang out, though. I love leisurely brunches at French bakeries. Walks in the woods. Playing at the fountain. Being downtown. Shopping for silly things (not necessary things). Buying flowers. Three o'clock lunches on the sidewalk at Piazza Italia. Strolling along the city streets without a schedule. Nowhere we have to be. Nothing we have to do. Aren't those days just the best??? Wander wander. Meander, stop. I think so.


That little girl looks darling :)

Vintage Inspired Girls

These photos are amazing. You can practically hear the water cascading down the stream. And it's hard to put into words just how moving those photos of A & A are.His big strong arms holding such a precious bundle of love. Sigh. It absolutely made my day! Thank you!

Courtney LaFollette says: August 27, 2013 at 03:58 AM

Love all the photos, I really love the acorns. I have an acorn problem, must pick up every one I see.

christina says: August 27, 2013 at 02:23 PM

just have to say how much your baby looks like your husband! i too am an adoptive mom and its just amazing how God brings the right babies to our homes and blesses us extra special by having them resemble us in some way! she is precious!! xoxox

"Nowhere we have to be. Nothing we have to do."
My absolute favorite.

Yes, Alicia, those are the best kind of shopping days! Beautiful beautiful posts I have been missing here. We have been busy with grandkids and Creek wading and burger grilling,& s'mores making, at the Creek. So much fun! I am So looking forward to the FALL season though and a little bit of cooler temps here.
Looking through your posts that I have missed reminds me of how fast time is flying. Our grandson, Kai, is one month younger than your little girl. It is so fun for me to see your Amelia growing like him. So very sweet! You take so many amazing photos of her and of your family time together. Amelia will be so pleased to see them when she grows older. I took tons of photos back when our family was younger. We recently went through all of our old photo albums for a family reunion we went to this month. What sweet memories were documented in them. Amelia's eyes are just amazingly beautiful. Your photographs capture that!
I love the photos you captured of her hands and the hands of the man. They say so much, don't they! :)Thanks for sharing with all of your readers.
Blessings for a beautiful week to you and your sweet family!

What a delight to see your photos. It's been a bit since I visited, and Amelia is SO growing up fast! :-)

Where is that fountain? I live in Seattle but my sister just moved to Portland and I would love to check that out sometime when I visit with my daughter. We were just there this weekend and went to the Salmon Street fountain which was fun, but this looks more interesting, imho.

Hi, I'm Cristina, I read your blog from over an year now and I love your photos and the way you see life :)! I work, so I do all the "hard" things from Monday to Thursday/Friday (like shopping, cleaning, other duties) and on the weekend I simply don't know where the city is, we have a country house and I prefer to stay there and enjoy the nature, to travel and do all the beautiful things that can be done :)

Staycations ate fun too. Less stress than travel. Why wouldn't you stay when it is so beautiful!

My husband works 3 12's one week and 4 12's the following week. We wouldn't change it for the world. We ski,hike, shop and do everything during the week and we hang close to home on SA. It's awesome. Portland is one of my favorite cities and can't waitbto come back later this month!

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