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Andy has been on vacation for the past week and it is pretty darn awesome in every possible way. Time, time. Time to do things together that we don't always get to do for days in a row. Our schedule is pretty great during the rest of the year — at least, it works for us. He works three twelve-hour days, with about an hour or so on the bus on each end of the day. So my days at home without him are loooooong, from about 5 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. But then we get him home for four entire days of every week (and that's when I try to work). He used to work four twelves, before Amelia was born, but now he just does three. And this is pretty awesome. We've been living with this non-Monday-through-Friday schedule for so long — ten years — and we are so used to it. We rarely do any errands or shopping or chores or things like that on the weekend, when everyone else is out, and the rare times that I have had to go grocery shopping on Saturday, say, along with the rest of the world, I am totally freaked out by how much more crowded it the streets and the stores are, how much longer it takes to do anything, how hectic and an intense the energy is (to get finished, so the relaxing can begin). I love going out on the weekend just to hang out, though. I love leisurely brunches at French bakeries. Walks in the woods. Playing at the fountain. Being downtown. Shopping for silly things (not necessary things). Buying flowers. Three o'clock lunches on the sidewalk at Piazza Italia. Strolling along the city streets without a schedule. Nowhere we have to be. Nothing we have to do. Aren't those days just the best??? Wander wander. Meander, stop. I think so.


Loved this post . . . Such joy in discovery and 'firsts!'

How fortunate you are for your husband to be able to work a 36 hour week. Amelia's happy face reflects all the love you both give her and the time you spend with her.
I can't wait to see what your next lovely designs will be!
Have a great weekend!!

Wow, standing up now! And she looks more like a redhead? Babies grow up so fast.
My sister is a nurse who switched to an office practice with 9 to 5 hours...she always complains about running errands on weekends now. :p

Sounds like my husbands schedule. He has worked seven 12 hour shifts in a row once! It was horrible. I related to everything you said. I love going out with him to run errands and go to lunch during the week. It's so nice.

My husband is a nurse too. He alternated 3 and 4 shift weeks while our children were growing up (mostly the night shifts) and it was a truly wonderful lifestyle for our family, as it is for yours. (Those days are long gone for us now, and I miss them!)

Always, it is a gift to see how dear Amelia is growing!

Laurie Carvell says: August 24, 2013 at 06:52 AM

pure sweetness...love is beautiful!

Portland is the best place to meander and think. I love strolling on the weekends. But Fred Meyer? No Thanks!

I agree that a staycation is a wonderful way to have a holiday ~ plus the fact that there are such wonderful things to do here in Portland!
Amelia is such a beautiful little girl and so happy!

Oh my! I see two little teeth! Sweet girl! Love the photos! Oh nice that you take her everywhere, she is so lucky to have you both! Andy is such a sweet guy and a super daddy! Oh, I'm not leaving you out ! Wish we could see more of you! Thanks for sharing, you are my favorite blog!

Oregon is so pretty! Your little wonder bug sure loves her papa!
It sounds like you have a nice schedule worked out with space and time for good life.

wonderful days you spend with your family
love Amelia's smile

I love to follow your family life, it souds so peaceful and perfect. I know it may not be that in every single day, but most of them is enough. I have five daugters and now,when i get older I spend my days off with little girls outside, watching them playing and i´m knitting at the same time. Years go so fast when they are small! Keep on going the same way.

I just entered the world of nursing, and although we are still adjusting, I love my 3 twelves and think that they will work so well for my family. Love the photos as always!

when we live in the pacific north west (north vancouver for us) why would we go anywhere else? its perfection here!

2 little teeth. so sweet. enjoy your days. i completely understand what you are saying. stay away from stores and errands on the weekend. it leaves more time and space for others who only have those days to run errands.

I agree, simple life it THE BEST! I always crack up when I see pictures of your little girl. It is amazing how much she actually looks like your husband. I've watched over the years, as you've waited for her, hoped with you to be blessed with her, and it's amazing how much you got blessed! Have a beautiful late summer and autumn season!!! Karen

Wrennette says: August 25, 2013 at 04:56 PM

The second I saw the picture with Amelia's new front teeth I got excited.....it is like one day they weren't there and the next.......boing there they are. Wonderful. For my daughter's 21st birthday I gave her a little limoge vessel that says "milk teeth" in French in the bottom...and I put all of her baby teeth that I had saved over the years into the limoge...I thought for sure she'd think I was a bit silly...but NO she loved it and is hanging onto my grandson's teeth! So, teeth are special...yes they are!

karen on bainbridge island says: August 25, 2013 at 08:10 PM

Why can't I ever find any acorns like that? Fantastic.

Looks like you are having such a great time with your little family.

Looks like that sweet little one is having a great staycation! :)

Diane Taylor says: August 26, 2013 at 03:51 AM

Hi Alicia - this post totally hit home for me. I have had one of the busiest summers I can remember - both my husband and I have worked way too many hours and missed most of the summer fun :( We bought a place last year at the beach (after my son died - so very sad/devastating but that is another story) and this summer I wa so looking forward to going. Enter the project from hell - for both of us!! So this past weekend we actually escaped to the beach and on Saturday we were sitting at our favorite beachside pizza joint - at 3pm in the afternoon! Eating pizza! Nowhere we had to be. It. was. awesome. Glad you and Andy get to have some of this down time with your sweet girl - she gets more beautiful with every photo you take of her.

xxxooo - Diane (from Baltimore MD)

Your photos always make me feel a pull to Portland. You capture it at its best. Wishing you a wonderful staycation!

I recognized so many familiar places in my neighborhood in your photos! They all make me happy too! I love to see the kids enjoying the fountain/pool at Tanner Springs Park in the Pearl. Have you guys visited Blue Bird Cookie Bakers on NW Thurman yet? Just up the block from St. Honore. So Adorable and tasty!

Carolyn A. says: August 26, 2013 at 03:39 PM

I saw those two sweet perfect little teeth, and my first thought was when? Who found them? Did you know the first person to find the first tooth growing in must buy a girl child her first diamond? xxoo

Amelia is so cute!

Aren't a Daddy's big hands around a baby's midsection the most precious of things? Melts me every time.

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