The Clackamas County Fair 2013

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It's our favorite day of the summer. Oh, I just love it there so much. Everyone is so nice. I took a lot of pictures of people this time, including the hands of an veteran cowboy who told us stories while we ate our frozen custard at the end of the day. A master gardener. He was born when his father was fifty-six years old, and referred to his father, every time he mentioned him (which was a lot), as Daddy. What a cool guy, with hands that have seen a lot of hard work. Been going to the fair since 1948. I wish I had a picture of the look on his face when I asked him if I could take a picture of his hands. He definitely thought he'd heard me wrong. I liked that moment. I wish I'd gotten his email address so I could've sent him the photo.

Amelia's first fair! She loved it. She looks all around, takes everything in, watches everyone and everything, and every animal. She is up for everything, all of it. No matter where we go or what we do, she is game. She reminds me of Andy in this. It is just so easy and fun to be with these two.

Favorite photo of the day, taken by Andy with his phone:


The moccasin-making man at the pioneer village. Andy gets a new pair every year. He brought one of his old moccasins, to see if he could repair a hole in the sole. "Pshaw, boy, that ain't no hole. You got a loooooong way to go before you need to worry about that." Hands them back.

What a great day. :) Next year, pony ride!!!


These pics are so great I can practically smell the fair! And the stories! Oh, the stories! Thank you for bringing us with you there!

What a wonderful day you had. We don't have a county fair any longer so it was nice to stroll with you thru yours. Hands are amazing, aren't they? They can certainly tell a story without words. Y'all sure do have some bony cows out there in Oregon!! Oh my. Looks like they need to be turned out to pasture! But that picture of Amelia with the moccasin man is priceless. Looks like she's just soaking it all up! Thanks for the trip.

tempus fugit. it seems i was just looking at last year's photos. i love the shot of the tepee and andy's moccasins. then i read that he buys them there. you'd have a field day snapping photos of moccasins at pow wows. lovely lovely photos. thank you. what a joy to share it with your family. three times as nice this year.

Kristy Lawrensen says: August 20, 2013 at 02:27 PM

I was waiting for this post!!! I love it when you go to the fair. It looks like one of the most fun summertime activities you can do. I love all the photos, especially the cowboy boots where it looks like a couple of people are napping.:)

i love the photo in the tepee and andy's moccasins. then i saw that he buys them there. you'd have a field day photographing moccasins at pow wows. lovely lovely photos. three times as much fun this year with your ten-month old mimi. the weathered hands are beautiful. so much life.

oops. sorry about posting twice. first one did not show up. i enjoyed the post twice as much.

I love these photos! It doesn't seem much different to our country fairs in Australia- lots of cows, craft and cowgirls! I love Amelia's expression as she looks at the moccasin man. :)

Great photos! Really enjoyed them. It's wonderful that Amelia is up for everything, like Andy -- she is so, so cute. Love that she didn't cry when she saw the mountain man but gave a smile (I think I might've cried - no, just kidding - he's awesome).

You take the best photos. I could almost smell the hay!

Hi Alicia.. darn, we missed going to the fair there, as we just got home from our annual camping trip to Waldo Lake on Saturday and were unloading the trailer on Sunday. I do want to make it there someday. Do you go to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival there? You'd FLIP over all the wools and things. I hope you take a moment to visit my blog and see the photos of the lake.. I found an amazing wildflower that I'd never seen or heard of before. LOVE the photo of Mims and the old man. She is checking him out for sure! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Thank you for every word, every photo! You can't imagine how grateful I am for precious peeks at all of you! Especially lovely, thoughtful glimpse of the Fair and the people there- especially that sweetie in the rosy-red-orangy dress!

Great photos but I have to agree - the last one is my favourite! That will probably be a classic in Amelia's baby album!

Too cute! Looks like she just discovered Santa in the off-season. :-)

Love these photos and your stories of the fair. Such a fun day out. We try and visit our family who live north of Calgary every other year and it's great to find places like this to visit.

Always loved the county fair. Yours looks absolutely wonderful!! Enjoyed all the photos and loved the last one of Amelia in the cowhide chair!!

I love that picture of Amelia with the moccasin man! It is so cute!

I love hands in general and the hand picture is really interesting. As a chiled, I was mesmerized by my grandfather's hands. He had been a machinist for ever and worked hard all his life so he had HUGE hands. I wish I had a picture of those. One of my last memories of my Grandpa before he died was a very sweet moment where I was putting on hand lotion and had too much so I grabbed his hands to "share" the lotion. He giggled. I don't think I had ever heard him giggle before but something about that impulse of mine, and his surprise, tickled him. It was lovely.

That last photo is the most adorable picture I've seen. Looks like she's carrying on a conversation with the gentleman, just precious!

What a wonderful time. Amelia has definitely made a friend in the moccasin man.

What a great-looking fair. The county fairs around here are BORING - same old same old, pre-fab food, mass produced and mass marketed trinkets. The cows are nice.

That last photo..(apart from many others..) is outstandingly prize winning Alicia.
Almost looks like Hudson's Bay blanket there:)

Just love these, and especially the photo of Amelia with "Santa." I love hearing how easygoing she (and Andy) are. I once heard an old wives tale that however a child's personality is as a toddler speaks to how they will be as a teenager.....lucky you!! Our fair starts this Saturday. Now I'm even more looking forward to it. Yay.

Amelia looks a little amused by the moccasin man. I love that the hole in Andy's moccasin wasn't big enough (yet) for a fix! Great photos - it felt like I was there.

I was hoping you would post your photos of the fair. So interesting as to what I see and what you see.
I remembered to enter items this year and won $18 in premiums. So exciting! I am so glad to live near the best old-fashioned county fair in Oregon.
My friend from Japan was visiting and came too. Her sister lives in Hermiston and they went to the Umatilla county fair -- only one row of rabbits-- can you imagine?

Moccasins.... I bought a pair in Canada while on vacation wore them completely out! Most comfortable shoes ever! Wish I had thought to have our son buy me a pair... maybe next year.
So glad your little one enjoyed it. Nothing like a fair to feel like your part of this wonderful country we live in.

Oh my, I wish we had country fairs like that near us! I think I should be a farmer - the delights of natural wonders. That last photo is magic - and did I see men wearing floral shirts? Sublime! xx

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