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We did something cool today. We had breakfast at the Original Pancake House (bring cash, and bring lots of it, because this place is ridiculously good but also ridiculously expensive) and then went to the Scandinavian Heritage Foundation garage sale at Fogelbo, the home of Ross Fogelquist, in southwest Portland. I was walking around the garage sale and had bought my stuff and was about to leave when Ross asked me if I wanted to come inside and look at the house. I was so excited. Ross was the acting Swedish Consul for Oregon for several years. The home is filled with incredible Scandinavian (and other Europen and American) antiques. Ross's parents purchased the house, which is a Steiner log cabin, in 1952, and he grew up there from the age of thirteen. He said the neighborhood used to be all farmland. (Now it is totally suburban.) He was so friendly to us and let me take photos all over the house. It's very lived in and very well-loved. What a treat to get to go inside. I'd seen photos of it on the Internet but it was so cool to actually get to go in. You really feel like you're in a different world there.

At the garage sale I got the cutest apron, two little prints, and a candle holder. Andy got a completely disgusting fake-fur Viking hat that he keeps putting on his own head and trying to put on mine. Mimi was either so happy to be home or so tired that she laid her cheek right down on the dining room floor and it looked like she might take a nap. But it only lasted a second before she was off to the races. I realize that this is a very paneling-heavy post. But there's apples. Yay, it's almost fall!

(The first two pictures are from the pancake house, and the last four are from our house; the rest of them, including that exterior shot, are at Fogelbo.)


Fabulous! How authentic. We know Scandi style as something quite different now!

When I read the title of your post, I was sure you were going to tell us that "Fogelbo" is a word Amelia's made up! Who knew it was a such a real and beautiful place...


You must have been in heaven! How lucky you were for a personal tour!

That looks like a fascinating place to visit. You were so lucky to get the tour, it must have been really interesting.

There is nothing like the apple cinnamon pancake at the pancake house. We moved away from the one we used to go to and I miss it. They also had a fantastic chicken, broccoli and cheese omelet. Oh, how I miss that place!!!

Wow! What an awesome day it must have been!! I love the photos of Fogelbo. Your finds are just wonderful too.

What a fabulous place. And yes, lots of paneling, but it works in certain places.

That sounds amazing! I love the look of the Fogelbo house. That has to be the most cozy bedroom on EARTH!

Scrolling through the pics, I was thinking what a great B&B Fogelbo was, now I'm sad I won't be able to stay there. But what a great place thanks for the info. I love your finds also I love your dining room table! Oh and we didn't get to see Andy's hat.

I still think of him as Herr Fogelquist. He was my high school German teacher for a brief stint. Our dearest, dearest family friends are Swedish and their son came and lived with us for a year. Mr. Fogelquist was the advisor for the foreign exchange students and every year had a Christmas party at his home. It was a LONG time ago. I was probably about ten years old, so I am thinking '85? It was magical, like a fairy book cottage come to life. We sang Swedish Christmas carols and drank yummy warm drinks. A sweet, sweet, memory!

That's a very interesting house with so much to see. YOu were very lucky to be invited inside. So much beautiful wood but, goodness, imagine doing the dusting! You would just be finished and you'd have to start all over again!

I loved the Original Pancake house in Portland when I was there for quilt market. Went twice. I had sourdough pancakes like my mother used to make. The location there is charming, went to the one in Maple Grove MN and it was new and fancy. And not as good..but paneling and pink dresses would have helped.

As usual I love your photos! that sweet little baby is growing so fast!

Oh my gosh, I thought you all had fallen down a rabbit hole and ended up in a gingerbread house! Looks like a lot of fun. That photo of Mimi curled up on the floor is so cute, she looks like a little cuddly egg! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

One of these days I am going to run into you, I just know it! If you didn't order potato pancakes or the corned beef hash then you have to go right back again as they are truly stellar. Their Dutch babies are perfection. Avoid weekends, of course, since the wait can be tiresome with a little one. They close in the early afternoon each day and it is often a bulls-eye to arrive 45 minutes before closing for a late brunch. A new fave of ours, very different than the pancake house, is Uchu sushi. Have you been to Uchu yet? On N. Mississippi. Sushi is great, but it's their fish tanks!! Amelia will be completely captivated while you slurp your miso soup. Don't we live in a gastronomical heaven here?
Thanks as always for your loveliness.

What a wonderful house! I love it. A little dark, but I like that, it just looks so cozy! And I love the goodies you bought too. Also, I have to say again, that little daughter of yours is SO adorable! :)

The inside of that house looks like a Jan Brett picture book! And the outside looks like a music box I own, which I know you also own, because I've seen it in your photos. What a fun place to visit.

There is an Original Pancake House near my husband's great aunt, and that is where we take her to eat when we go visit her. Last time we were there my son ordered the apple cinnamon pancake. It was enormous! Even he with his 16-year-old appetite couldn't finish it.

Gorgeous! I actually have that same candle holder :: bought it in Copenhagen last year. I just love blue enamelware. As always your photographs and words inspire. I love it when there is a Posie post waiting for me. Thankyou. Have a lovely weekend!

Beautiful! I have been very curious about Fogelbo since I first read about it awhile back--love!
PS: Mmm--pancakes.

Wow, what a gorgeous house, Amelia is growing up fast now, she is beautiful!

Wow what an amazing place, loved the dala horse curtains! I love pancakes but hardly ever make them because I get bored standing over a roasting hot frying pan! A resaurant that serves pancakes all day sounds heaven.

Lovely post.

What an amazing house!

Lovely pictures - what a place! Fogelbo in Swedish is spelled Fågelbo and means "birdhouse"!

I've read and hugely enjoyed you blog for so long Alicia , but I don't think I've commented before...sorry about that.
I just loved a peek inside that amazing house and I always adore seeing Amelia , she is growing up so fast.
Of all the lovely things in this post I think it's the two little pictures you got that captured my imagination the most. They are perfect.
Thank you for sharing your days with us, your posts are just wonderful.
Jacquie x

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