It's Pie Time

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The weather here has been so glorious: rainy mornings, sunny afternoons, cool breezes, an occasional thunderstorm to nap through (or, if you're the dog, to tremble through :( poor thing). We made our most beloved sour cream apple pie with only two and a half apples instead of five — it was raining, and we didn't feel like walking up to the store. Still so good. That pie. It's such a great pie. IT IS A GREAT PIE.

I'm in a rush today so I'm talking fast and loud. We are having our mudroom turned into a an honest-to-goodness pantry, with shelves and cabinets and drawers and doors and those kinds of things. I'm so thrilled. There will even be room to hang coats. EXCITING. Storage. It makes me so happy. Today Andy is going to clear out the room as it is right now, filled to bursting with an enormous rack of metal shelves, canned goods, dustbuster, paper towels, dog food, turkey-cooking pan, popcorn maker, cake decorating tackle box, bags of pasta, various Tupperware that doesn't belong to us, oh ugh. Just, disorganized stuff that will now, hopefully, have a nicer home. The cabinets will be white MDF with Shaker doors like our nicer built-ins but not as nice (and not as expensive). We need to repaint the room to match the kitchen, I guess (and by the way the name of the paint color in there is Terrazo Gray), even though they are not physically connected. This is my inspiration photo.

My little bird has so many pretty little teeth now. Four, with a fifth, and a whole bunch of others just poised for erruption. This girl. Oh my sparkling stars how she lights my world. I just love her so much. She now gives kisses, which are kind of like face smooshes, to everything — us, her animals, her books, her toys, her blanket, her pillow. It's all I can do not to sob every single time.

P.S. I got Clover to smile for you, too :) Sweet darlings.


Charming Clover Meadow...beautiful Amelia...the elusive Bee...and's almost too much for me. But nothing gets my heart racing like a good pantry; it will be a lovely addition to your home.

Your home looks so lovely and ready for Fall!! I adore it so much. Going to make that apple pie very soon.
Missoula is just now getting Fall like weather, apples, pumpkins, leaves slowly favorite time of year.

Just LOVE that Clover~~thanks!

Your pictures, I just love, love, love them so much! My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE blog, hands down. I feel like you wrap me up in a quilt when I stop by for a visit and hand me a cup of tea ;)

Your apple slicer/peeler clearly works much better than mine. Wonder if it is a Norpro? Mine leaves half the peel behind!

Oh, I'm DYING for one, just one, of those kisses!!!!

Your home looks so warm, cozy and inviting. I love your photos.

That Mimi takes my breath away. A true darling, that one.

Did you get a new bed comforter? I love the colors! Perfect for fall. Please, please share some of that weather with your friends down here in the south. :-)

I can almost smell that pie! Mmmmmm!

I shall have to try that pie - my girlie adores cooked apple in any form - yesterday we had grated apple pikelets with melted butter and maple syrup - tomorrow, definitely your sour cream apple pie. A pantry is my dream room. Others may long for exotic bathrooms and media rooms etc. etc. - I want a room lined with beautiful cupboards - broad wooden worktops, a fabulously deep belfast sink and a black and white linoleum floor. Sigh! One day :-) Hope yours is created quickly, beautiful and with as little fuss as possible. And hope that tomato tasted as marvellous as it looks!

Love that Miss Clover!

Okay, she is a sweet beautiful precious baby girl, but Miss Clover Meadow stopped me in my tracks. I had to scroll back up and stare. Darling darling home filled with so much love and tenderness. Thank you for sharing your blessings and the delicious pie. It IS really really good.


Oh that girl of yours, such a peach!

Pie looks scrumptious, will try it this week-end, with cold rainy weather - perfect! Love the Corgi smile. Our Tilly (a red and white Pem)has a bit of a derpy smile that I love. Happy girl in the sun - priceless.

thank you for miss clover. it's been a while. the pantry will be so much fun to organize. it will be a treat to walk in and take what you need. amelia is so grown up...almost one year old.

It's all just so peaceful and lovely. Good on you :)

your blog is the happiest place in the world. I just love it! can't wait to make that pie. can't wait to see your pantry!! you must show it off when it's done! :)

Oh, Clover's smile! I'm sitting here all alone in my office, chuckling away!

I would so love a pantry like my mum had when I was little.

Changing subject - I received the most gorgeous knitting book from Amazon yesterday and thought of you and your beautiful baby - it is called Lullaby Knits by Vibe Ulrik Sondergaard published by Collins & Brown. The patterns are delightful and I am going to knit as many as I can for my one year old niece before she gets too big for them :) You may already have it but if not you should get it xxxx

I just love your blog and have been reading it for years now. Your photography is stunning and so inspirational. I wonder if you would consider blogging about what equipment you use to capture such beautiful photographs......

Diane Taylor says: September 19, 2013 at 03:54 AM

YUM - folks if you have NOT made this pie, go RIGHT NOW to the market, get your ingredients, and make it. SO GOOD. And I don't even like pie! Neither does my other half! But somehow, when I make this magically disappears. If I can do it, anyone can do it!

Your sweet girl is just adorbs :) And Mimi is cute too!!!

Oh good grief! I want the pie, the kitchen, the dog! I have my own baby girl, almost one, currently decorating the living room with a whole packet of baby wipes! I've never thought of sour cream with apple pie, here in the UK we generally just like apples, pastry and custard, not necessarily in that order! Think I'm gonna give that pie a go tonight, would it be rude to serve it as the main course and dessert?!!?!

My heart continues to burst for you. I love that you share this with me (and all readers). Your writing and photos are simply inspired.

Your home looks lovely and peaceful. It belongs in a magazine! It has been such a joy to watch Amelia grow. And that pose by Clover should be framed! It is a pleasure to read your blog, it actually calms my mind.

Beautiful Baby, beautiful pie, beautiful pictures!

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