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My big, beautiful, bouncing, brilliant baby girl turned one whole year old yesterday. The three of us strolled through the neighborhood for hours, stopping for lunch and to get groceries to make lasagna and a chocolate cake. We talked and talked about everything, and crunched through the streets while the red leaves swirled overhead. It's hard to find words to describe my joy that she is in the world.

This morning she sleeps with her head on my lap; I type this one letter at a time with my left index finger while my right hand holds her little foot. It was a big weekend, with a big birthday party, and lots and lots of people, and grandparents visiting, and an apple festival, and a fancy lunch downtown, and lots of beautiful new things to play with. Today we're laying low; maybe a walk later to go get some rosemary-mint shampoo, and to take a ride on the swings. It's a gorgeous day here, with squirrels romping, and the smell of woodsmoke lingering, and this rosy, gorgeous, glowing October light filling the windows, which seems like the perfect present for my darling's first ever day of being one.


Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

I actually got goosebumps, just now, I've been wishing for so long, so hard, so fiercely, for just this very thing to happen. Rather, had been wishing. Wish granted. Wonder of wonders.

Happy, happy birthday to one sweet little, wildly loved, most wonderful girl.


I can't believe she's already one! Congrats and happy birthday (not so) little one :)

Oh my goodness! How time flies! She was just a wee baby a short time ago! Happy birthday sweet Amelia ! You are so loved!

Hope to see some pics, I'm sure everything was beautiful. Enjoy the beautiful Fall day with your new one yr. old, I'm hoping for a long wonderful Fall myself. Also I wanted to thank you for the Chi Tea recipe, still waiting for my frother. And all the other recipes that you post, I think I will be without a kitchen for a while the way this renovation is going.It does help when you post things that you love and work I don't have time or money for failures in this temp kit, so thanks again!

Happy Birthday sweet Amelia!!

It's a beautiful world!!

Happy Birthday sweet baby girl, angel girl.

Much love!!

Happy birthday Amelia and happy 1 year of being parents...quite an accomplishment especially bc you celebrate and appreciate the role in such lovely ways! Glad the weather will be a gift all week!

Happiest of birthdays to the lovely lady- so pleased you all have each other, and here's to many, many more years xx

Happy Birthday to Amelia. It has been so great to read your blog and follow her first year. So happy for all of you. What a special life. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday sweet Amelia! You are a much loved little girl. So happy to hear you had a fun and memorable birthday weekend! So much wonder and discovery awaiting you this coming year with your Mommy and Daddy! Hugs, Heather

Best blessings and birthday wishes!
May this new year be as bright and wonder filled
as her first~

Happy birthday!How beautifully poetically you write!AriadnefromGreece!

Thea Ellis says: October 15, 2013 at 11:32 AM

Birthday wishes to Amelia, sounds like you all had a wonderful time
Bless you all
Thea xx

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! Love this photo of Amelia! It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and a wonderful day yesterday. I hope to see more birthday photos! And your porch looks so welcoming and beautiful!

Happy birthday to a beautiful little girl who has made her family very happy, and by extension, brought smiles to the many readers of her mom's blog. :)

Happy Birthday Amelia x

I LOVE this time of year! I love the colors, the coolness, and all the cooking and baking that makes this soul warm. Enjoy!

Aw, I have been following the growth of this little blessing since you brought her home! Happy sweet birthday wishes to Amelia!

Happy birthday, little A; it's been such a privilege and joy to see a peek at your first year!

Happy Birthday Amelia. You and I have the same taste in balloon colors.

Happy Birthday Amelia!!!! I felt the day must be approaching. It has been a joy to watch Amelia grow via the blog. She brings joy to so many thousands!!!! Have a special day!

That little girl has brought so much joy for so many! Happy birthday to sweet photogenic Amelia!

again, to see her using and wearing the things you made before she was a being is one of the miracles of life and the internet and never giving up. love to all.

It seems fitting that my first-ever comment here should be to wish Amelia a very happy first birthday! Thank you for the glimpses of her sweet little face and her charming personality!

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