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Thank you for all of your sweet birthday wishes for Amelia. Oh, but it has been a brilliant sort of blur around here the past few weeks! A lovely blur, sort of like watching a merry-go-round whiz by. Our party was so, so nice. Everyone came, all of our friends, and neighbors, and Andy's parents came from Chicago, and Amelia's birthparents and birthgrandparents were here, and my family, and lots of kids of all ages. We had gorgeous weather, and there were crabcakes (and cupcakes), and hot cider, and wall-to-wall partiers all through the afternoon, and Amelia had a blast. We did, too. I hardly took any pictures because there was just so much going on, and there wasn't room, somehow. Balloons, flowers, children, presents, people: To watch her eyes light up the way they do at all of it, for everything and everyone, is just pure magic. Oh, dear, dear girl. You love, and are so very loved.

Right now the child is crawl-herding the corgi, and that's pretty much how it goes. Around and around in circles, always the corgi fleeing, always the baby giggling. She's just beginning to walk around the furniture on her own, and many, many (many) times a day we practice marching, with me holding her hands, and her giggling, both of us marching back and forth, back and forth across the house. It's pretty awesome, this whole learning-to-walk thing. I watch her standing with her hands balanced on the sofa cushions, then letting go with one hand, then both hands, wobbling and sitting down hard. Looking over at me to see if she should cry. Aw, naw. You're doing great. Try again!

The day after Amelia's birthday felt much more like New Year's Day than January 1st ever has, to me. I was surprised at how it felt. I'm so looking forward to this next year!!! Less working. More cooking. More sewing. More playing. More outings. One is pretty cool so far!


good golly miss molly! where did that year go?!!!
happy happy belated birthday Amelia! you rock girl!

How perfectly wonderful! A magical childhood for a dear sweet child. Katie xx

Wow - so wonderful. ~Kelly

Looks like a spectacular party!
I would love to see a photo of YOU and her....I know you are the photog but it would be so lovely to see Amelia and Mommy!! Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

Beautiful! In that photo of her with the sippy cup, she's starting to look like a little girl rather than a baby. What a cutie!

What a beautiful party! So glad it was such a success for such a darling girl.

A lovely way to celebrate that with which we have been blessed and with those we love helping. Magnificent. Brilliant. Stunning decorations and color scheme. You are an incredible mama to that bit of light and joy. And Andy's contributions cannot be minimized either-you are a super team and she shows it in every frame.

Happy New Year to the Paulson family in all its radiant glory.

For not taking a lot of photos, you sure captured the wonder of her very first birthday! So lovely, as always! P.S. Where could I find a pattern to make that darling lamb?

Beautiful. So much love between you all.

Blessings on you all, including the fur babies x

Oh my, amelia"s party look beautiful, will you do one for me? Hee Hee! You must share what all the food was in detail. .. I'm so glad you all had a wonderful day xxBrenda

It looks like a fabulous time indeed. I don't think I can ever host another party again after seeing the darling setup you had on your table. ;) We all sure do appreciate you sharing these beautiful milestones and celebrations with the rest of us!!

What an absolute doll baby!

What wonderful memories made with your little one!
Love the decorations and your fall photos.


Just lovely! So beautiful.

:) that is all I can do. :)

so sweet! and so sweet of you to involve the birth family too

Deb Jurgensen says: October 18, 2013 at 01:26 PM

I don't know where or when I found your blog, but every day I wake up and can't wait to see what beautiful photo is going to hit me first from here. Your blog makes me so happy. It inspires me in my own crafts and cooking ( both of which I am obsessed with ). My husband is from WA, and our goal is to move back to the PNW hopefully in the next year. I am craving the weather there. We live in Utah and I'm so over the heat !! (I know, I must be crazy, but I am in such a good mood when it rains and is cloudy and I can light little candles all over the house. I think my middle name is "cozy". Looking at all your photos makes me so excited to move. (we are actually leaning towards somewhere in OR :) He works for the Forest Service :) ). You and your husband are such beautiful human beings. And I don't even have to know you to say that. It's just plain obvious. You home is so full of love. And that gorgeous, darling girl of yours is so lucky to have come into your home and heart. The love and pure joy you show towards her will stay with her always. Your quilts, your clothes for your daughter, your food, your décor, your ( what appears from reading) calming nature is so lovely. Thank you for making so many people happy. My mom, sister and I really want to order some of your darling Christmas ornaments this year :) I hope I don't sound like a stalker. I'm just a happy wife to my gorgeous husband and mother to my two beautiful boys who loves taking care of them and making our house a home. I have told my husband before "I wish I was friends with this girl. I think we would get along so well " :)

I love this celebration! What alot of lovely decorations, food (how did you get that all made) and darling people and of course, the star of the show! I just wish each child had as much love as your little one does. That is my birthday wish for her! xo Pam

What a fantastic celebration. You have found the perfect way to make your lives and hers complete.

Beautiful celebration as expected. Thanks for sharing such an important milestone event in your lives. Can I just say that Amelia in the ninth picture down and the one where Andy is holding her with her horsey shirt, that she resembles Andy so much! Both my daughter and I constantly get blown away with it!
What a super, duper cutie pie!!! Lucky little lady for sure :)

Oh! Thanks for sharing photos of the party, it indeed looked like the best time ever with everyone and all the goodies and prezzies..
*H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* again! Have a great year 2!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

I love these pictures so much. In a way more so than any others you've posted recently because it is *such* a life. The little thumbs up from Amelia in her car seat, the smiles, the shining eyes from everyone at the party, the beautiful house and the gorgeous buffet. It is all so very perfect. So very you and Andy. Full of love and joy and goodness. Blessings to you always and to the precious beautiful life you're helping grow in the world. xo

I always look forward to your entries ... your pictures, home, family and so on are all just so beautiful and inspiring!!!

Auntie Allyn says: October 18, 2013 at 02:18 PM

thank you thank you THANK YOU for sharing the photos of such a special day! It looks like such a beautiful party and I'm sure that a wonderful time was had by all! I must commend you on your photography . . . the first photo of the tree and the sky is especially gorgeous and really speaks to me.

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