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Thank you for all of your sweet birthday wishes for Amelia. Oh, but it has been a brilliant sort of blur around here the past few weeks! A lovely blur, sort of like watching a merry-go-round whiz by. Our party was so, so nice. Everyone came, all of our friends, and neighbors, and Andy's parents came from Chicago, and Amelia's birthparents and birthgrandparents were here, and my family, and lots of kids of all ages. We had gorgeous weather, and there were crabcakes (and cupcakes), and hot cider, and wall-to-wall partiers all through the afternoon, and Amelia had a blast. We did, too. I hardly took any pictures because there was just so much going on, and there wasn't room, somehow. Balloons, flowers, children, presents, people: To watch her eyes light up the way they do at all of it, for everything and everyone, is just pure magic. Oh, dear, dear girl. You love, and are so very loved.

Right now the child is crawl-herding the corgi, and that's pretty much how it goes. Around and around in circles, always the corgi fleeing, always the baby giggling. She's just beginning to walk around the furniture on her own, and many, many (many) times a day we practice marching, with me holding her hands, and her giggling, both of us marching back and forth, back and forth across the house. It's pretty awesome, this whole learning-to-walk thing. I watch her standing with her hands balanced on the sofa cushions, then letting go with one hand, then both hands, wobbling and sitting down hard. Looking over at me to see if she should cry. Aw, naw. You're doing great. Try again!

The day after Amelia's birthday felt much more like New Year's Day than January 1st ever has, to me. I was surprised at how it felt. I'm so looking forward to this next year!!! Less working. More cooking. More sewing. More playing. More outings. One is pretty cool so far!


What a lucky, lucky girl to be so loved and cherished. Thanks for sharing these special times with us.

Kathy McDonald says: October 18, 2013 at 02:32 PM

Oh, what a joy-filled day! One of my favorite parts is the fashion show. This little darling is certainly the best dressed one-year-old around! The love you all share shines through every single photograph. Happy Birthday, Amelia!

PLEASE oh PLEASE tell me that that floral fabric in the dress she's wearing is available. I wonder if you purchased the dress and not the fabric to make the dress. At any rate, it feels like one year flew by just like looking at those photos of the party. WHOOSH! All too quickly.

One is fabulous, and she is gorgeous! So glad you had a wonderful, magical time.

such pretty, pretty colors for her sweet little (well, not so little) party. lovely pom-poms and balloons, flowers and decorations ... just so pretty!! warm and glowing and cozy and comfy ... sigh

I am just smiling, is all. Happiness is leaping off the screen. It's nice to see all the celebration!

What a beautiful party! The colors of the trees in your neighborhood are fantastic. I'm in Southern California, so we're still waiting for fall to arrive. Thank you for the constant inspiration. Every time I read your blog it makes we want to go home and craft or cook something. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with all of us, it's a pleasure.

Stop the cuteness!! Seriously? She lets you keep that little baby scarf on her? My little guy won't even keep a bib on nowadays:( She's adorable and I love how she's always dressed so perfectly. Such a little lady:)

Belated happy birthday, Amelia! My Zoe will be one in February, this is making me soooo look forwards to a birthday party. I especially love the picture of the birthday girl with the cake. Here's to your second year!

glenda penner says: October 18, 2013 at 03:22 PM

Birthdays offer such a wonderful vantage point don't they. A place to pause and glance back over the year, the path traveled, and ahead with anticipation as well; Truly a New Year kind of moment.
Happy happy new year little one.

It looks like a perfectly perfect day for all. You really know how to throw a party Alicia. Happy First Birthday Amelia. You're one blessed little girl.

I'm with Deb Jurgensen. She said it perfectly. Thank you for sharing your lives with us!

Happy belated birthday to your sweet little girl.

Happy belated Birthday Amelia. My baby(Sami) turned 13 on October 12th. Where does time go? You are one lucky lady to be so loved and have such an artistic Mommy. Sami and I wish you another wonderful year, and tell you Mum I so enjoy her blog, even though I don't leave comments very often. xx's

Had to fight back the tears as I saw all the beautiful, wonderful pictures....I'm so happy for you guys.

Awe...:) Happy belated Birthday to your darling daughter!! I am so glad your little Miss Amelia had a wonderful 1st Birthday! :) The photos turned out very beautiful. I love the way you decorated everything for the party. Incredibly sweet!! Many more JOYS to come! Enjoy, and God bless your family!!

bless her precious and sweet little one year old heart! oh my goodness i can hardly take it all in...the party decor is over the top, just beautiful and perfect. and the little clothes she was wearing....and the garland...and...and...and...happy happy day to you all!

so lovely...

You must be exhausted!! What a month! What a party!! Everything looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing the day with us all. I know I say this over and over but these are most precious years with children.

What a tremendously lovely party!!!!! Happy day to that sweet sweet girl! Oh this is just all kinds of glorious.

What a lovely, beautiful life. I'm so happy to have been with you (at least connected via internet tube) this past year. Can't wait to see what one brings!

Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. Amelia is a treasure. Boy, that year really flew by, but I probably didn't need to tell you that;) Cheers to another wonderful year!

mlle patty says: October 18, 2013 at 07:30 PM

Gorgeous photos - I love the one with Mimi looking at the cake and lit candle, enraptured it seems. What a beautiful party and a lucky family! Thanks for the peek into it.

Such a gem that girl of yours! I agree that the day after their birth feels more like new years than the new year...I kind of feel like that about my own birthday too, but not in such a big way as I did with our girl (she just turned one as well). Here's hoping this next journey around the sun is even better than the last.

Even as she grows and changes, I am amazed at how Amelia truly does look just like the two of you! You are all three a match made in heaven. Thank you for the glimpse into such a special day. Your photos are _incredible_ as always.

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