The Pumpkin Patch

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I've never been a big fan of Halloween. Pumpkin patches, though — pumpkin patches I like a lot. Pumpkin patches out on the island, with dear friends and excited kiddos, with the morning fog settled into the hills and dales, with the trees turning red and the brown fields starting to sleep, with the birds swooping and singing in the cold morning air, with the flowers bright against the grayish-greens, with the pumpkins bright against the murky mud, with rumbling hay rides out to the farther fields, with caramel apples and sausages and apple cider for lunch, with cow trains and corn mazes and a big bag of apples to bring back home. With a little girl who's seeing it all for the very first time. I am, too.


I'm right there with you about Halloween, much to my kiddos' dismay. But I do love a good pumpkin patch! And babies and pumpkin patches are such a great combo :)

This is what dreams are made of!
I posted on how I miss this time of year back home in real pumpkin patches and hayride wagons to get to and fro.
Nope here we have bounce houses on black top with pumpkins lined up on hay all have seen better days for $20 each.
There is nothing like a fall day spent in a real pumpkin patch bundle up and sipping apple cider. Oh enjoy it all.
She is so cute in her furry coat and pink cheeks.

I do love Halloween but I miss pumpkin patches a lot since moving to the southwest. There are some here but not many. I love the way the pumpkins look in your photos with the mist and gray skies.

Awww, your baby became a girl.

Love your mother/daughter photo!

yay for a picture of you and Mimi!! beautiful!

we weren't much for Halloween at our house either; you can make this season whatever you want it to be about for your family. trips to the pumpkin patch and bags of apples sound great to me!

the closeup of Mimi with the pumpkins made me think of the picture of her with her Grandma in the purple shirt from your last post. for some reason, i see a resemblance. you're so gifted in your photography; Mimi is blessed to have so much of her young life documented and preserved. you're gonna be glad you did so too.

I love fall, but like you, I'm not a fan of Halloween! I love your photos of the pumpkin patch!

Love all the pics:-)
Every one..
That stand alone zinnia is a star:-)
But does not shine as brightly as you and yours:-)
Fog and babies and love and pumpkins are magic.
I cut out a few ornaments today..I loved Amelia's hair ..I kept seeing her little face all afternoon.May add a flower to her hair:-) Her little coat:-)
Hubby looks so great too Alicia.
You're a beautiful

Love seeing YOU in the picture with Amelia! So sweet. I think once Amelia will start trick or treating, you will get sucked into all things Halloween :) I made every one of both my daughters costumes, and it was pure joy each year to pick out all the fabric and construct a fun fantasy for your little one.

Pumpkins are magical aren't they? There are so many varieties now that my head spins every time I go to the market to choose one. I usually end up leaving with at least three.

I love pumpkin patches, too! And I am not a big fan of Halloween. I love the photo of you with your sweet girl!

I'm not keen on celebrating Halloween either, so I kind of celebrate Thanksgiving from September through November, and pumpkins are necessary for decorating and cooking! My friend Teresa Kasner and I went by a pumpkin patch near Sandy on Saturday and wrote posts about our adventure, but I still need to buy some pumpkins. It is fun seeing your family and friends claiming your pumpkins :) Thanks for posting, Alicia.
Gracie xx

Now that you're a mom, you will be a big "fan" of Halloween. I can just imagine the creative dressing up of Amelia in years to come!

Those are lovely photos of the pumpkin patch, especially with Amelia sitting on the pumpkin. We are getting heavy foggy days too here.

I agree with you, just not a Halloween fan (especially for all the candy, give me a homemade cookie anyday instead)! I could skip all the scary stuff in the stores, my girls still don't like those kind of Halloween decorations, ♥ but let's skip right over to the bright and beautiful pumpkins!
I adore Amelia's rosey cheeks.

I'm sure you do, but I hope you have lots of pictures with just you and Amelia. My mom was always behind the camera. There are about a billion pictures of me, but I can only think of 2 with just me and her. You take beautiful pictures, but be sure to hand the camera off every now and then! :)

That is the most gorgeous, haunting, glorious piece of pumpkin patch I have ever seen. Wow. Zinnia's in October?? Seriously???

And please tell me you're considering using that sweet little pea pod of a shot with a giggly Miss Amelia atop a pumpkin as your Christmas Card? Please? If I add "Pretty"?

It is all brand new again, isn't it? I love that about children. It never, ever gets old.

Oh, you are so poetic! Thank you for sharing your pumpkin patch adventure....

We use to go to that pumpkin patch when we lived in Portland! She is getting so big! Her sweater is to die for! I bet you made it didn't you! Happy Fall!

mlle patty says: October 21, 2013 at 07:31 PM

Halloween is my favorite - pumpkins, crows, skeletons, cute kids in costumes and mini candy to pass out, the smell of fall in the air. I love all your foggy lit photos!

Autumn! I like what halloween should be - All Hallow's Eve. Welcoming in the 'dark winter' and laying old souls to rest. In Singapore, they celebrate with Ghost Festival which has a similar feel.

Pumpkins however can only be bought at ASTRONOMICAL prices over here.

I miss fields.

Goodness, she's adorable! I miss those early years with my boys in the pumpkin patch...picture perfect.

Your happiness pours off the page and my eyes well up in gratitude to the universe for giving someone so deserving so much joy. Sappy? Yes. But very true.

Aaaah that's so beautiful ... and delightful to see a rare photo of you and your precious girly! (I know what that's like, I'm also usually behind the camera :-) )

Fog! So very cute in the furry jacket!

Absolutely, positively dreamy. :)

what a little pumpkin! so cute. brings back memories of taking our boys to the pumpkin patch, need to go now and dig up old photos. take care.

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