The Pumpkin Patch

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I've never been a big fan of Halloween. Pumpkin patches, though — pumpkin patches I like a lot. Pumpkin patches out on the island, with dear friends and excited kiddos, with the morning fog settled into the hills and dales, with the trees turning red and the brown fields starting to sleep, with the birds swooping and singing in the cold morning air, with the flowers bright against the grayish-greens, with the pumpkins bright against the murky mud, with rumbling hay rides out to the farther fields, with caramel apples and sausages and apple cider for lunch, with cow trains and corn mazes and a big bag of apples to bring back home. With a little girl who's seeing it all for the very first time. I am, too.


Deb Jurgensen says: October 22, 2013 at 11:01 AM

Is there any way you can tell me where to find the instructions for making the cute little hair barrettes that Amelia wears? I want to make some for my niece and yours are the cutest around :) Thanks....

Gorgeous pictures of your fall there. Your lovely girl just makes me smile. You have a way with words. Writing is a passion of mine as well. Being beautifully descriptive is a gift of yours... one of the many.

Deb Jurgensen

tara escudero says: October 22, 2013 at 11:25 AM

these pictures are beautiful! breath taking actually!

Your photographs are beautiful! I love all of them! I have been reading your blog for several years. I was so happy whey you and Andy adopted Amelia and it has been so wonderful to see how you both love and appreciate her. Your words are so heart "moving" is the best way for me to say what I feel. In one of your blog posts you used the phrase "so wonderful and wonder full ..." Now in this post you say "With a little girl who's seeing it all for the very first time. I am, too." And, thourgh your sharing I am too.

I have been married for 32 years and I do not have any children. I do, however, hold a dear spot in my heart toward children. I love their little excited minds and how they are so ready to learn and love and be so happy. If that is nutured in them they become wonderful beautiful people. It is sad that anyone ever has to learn to hate or feel unloved. It is great that there are people like you and Andy in this world to help keep that from happening.

There are no words to describe the picture of you and Amelia! Beautiful Mother and Daughter!

What beautiful pictures - I love the fog! May I ask what kind of camera you use? I take the worst photos and (since it can't be operator error...hahaha), it must be the camera!! It's on my list for "Santa" this year!

The best thing about having a child is to see everything again for the first time with them. Enjoy everything!

Lovely pictures in the mist!

Gorgeous photos, I love the fog and the feeling it evokes! It takes me back to the roadside pumpkin stands we would visit on our Sunday drives when I was a child. Bittersweet and hay bales for sale, great memories. Your daughter is so sweet, I love reading your blog and can feel your love for her in your warm words.

I'm with you...not much on Halloween, but the orange'y, fall'y, happiness that pumpkins bring is suh-weet. And that field of brown, dots of orange, and fog...yum.

I cannot get over how much Amelia looks like she is your biological child. The resemblance between her and Andy is uncanny!

what a perfect day at the patch! your photos are fantastic! i love the way you capture the little details. i am not a huge fan of halloween either but my kids get sooo excited about it! and i remember that when i was a kid i really liked it too. we focus more on the season and sweet traditions like carving pumpkins and they dress up for a little main street (daytime) trick or treat fun :) i wrote about some of our traditions on my blog just the other day...

Gorgeous photos. Beautiful memories you are making with Amelia.

I adore pumpkin anything. Love autumn with overwhelming passion. Love harvest festivals and all things chilly and sweatery and anticipating snow. But don't really like Halloween - so I know how you feel!

Stunning photo of your little beauty with her Daddy!!

I heartily agree! I see everything for the first time with my children...

How wonderful to see you in a picture with Amelia. Pumpkin patches are the greatest for creating traditions and memories. Thanks again for sharing Alicia

Where did you get Mimi's great white furry coat?

Halloween isn't my scene either - but pumpkin patches... I've not seen anything like your photos before - but I am right there with you. They are stunning. Even more so with a cute little baby or two! :)

My goodness, lady, is that a photo of YOU I spy?! Finally coming out from behind the camera. We don't have pumpkin patches here in the UK more's the pity. I want to visit one!

Halloween~definitely not~all things FALL~definitely!

I take joy in the beautiful Creator.

Amelia, Alicia, Andy~beautiful.

Pumpkin patch in the fog with happy families~beautiful!

So happy for you! I love seeing pictures of you and Amelia! I have a 9yr old Amelia-Beth and a 21 month Josephine (and an 18yr old daughter and twin 15 yr old boys)! I've followed your blog for a long time and I visit now to get inspiration for crafting and warm fuzzies from all the Amelia pictures! Wish we had some fall weather down here in South Florida! Just wanted to drop by and say how it warms my heart to know your story and see how God has preserved you through so many difficulties and filled your life with also many sweet blessings! It makes me happy to see you so happy! Enjoy your precious family! It goes so fast!

Love that coat on Amelia. I have one similar, so warm and cozy. I agree, not a big fan of Halloween.

That photo of Mimi by herself in the left foreground with the pumpkins behind her reminds me of a Jean Paul Lemieux painting. Lovely light.

Oh boy
Seriously in love with Amelia's cute

And that picture with all of the fog and the small blips of orange like neon on the ground....
What a great photo

Amazing photos. Those pumpkins almost glow in the mist. We don't have that tradition of choosing a pumpkin here in the UK - we just buy one in the supermarket. I like your tradition. x

Such a little girl now! I love watching her grow. And that jacket is so precious!!

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