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Hello, dear friends. How are you? It's a lovely fall morning here in Portland, Oregon. I'm drinking an apple cider. We've already been up to the store for more flour and more sugar, more apples, and some teensy little pumpkins. The packages for the day have already been picked up. My trusty helper girls are taking a very well-deserved day away from here. And Mimi and I are going to go to the party store later to pick out some balloons. It's a good October Tuesday.

* T H A N K   Y O U * to everyone who purchased an ornament kit, or supplies, or a pattern, or anything at all from us over the last week and weekend. I am truly astonished, and my heart's in my throat with gratitude at the response. Thank you. Almost every single one of order is already out the door (except for a few that had size #12 needles or fabric markers in them; we are waiting for another shipment of those that was supposed to be here yesterday, but it apparently got mistakenly sent to San Francisco instead — go figure — so it's on its way back [it originated in Portland, by the way]). But we expect that everything will be on its way out of here tomorrow or Thursday, depending on when that package arrives. It's been seriously intense here! In addition to Greta, I had Shila and Lauren (and of course Andy, and my mom) helping out, and if we could've bottled the energy flying around this place it would've probably blown the lid off the bottle. Lots of people, lots of work, lots of stress, lots of laughs, lots of everything. I love these girls. They are so special to me, and I could not do any of this without them. I owe every single person who helped me this week an enormous thank you. Being a working mama is no joke, man. Neither is being a working papa. I am exhausted! Thank goodness for take-out dinner, helpers, grandmas, mechanics who drop your car off at your house after they fix it (that was awesome), neighbors who have cans of tomatoes when you need them, groceries within walking distance, and playgrounds around the corner. Yeah!

I'm so sorry that not everyone who wanted a kit got one. That is the worst part for me, and I truly apologize that there is only so many that we can make. More of the new kits sold out in one day this year than we sold during the entire season last year, so it's just so hard to know how it will go. The PDF patterns for each ornament collection are available for immediate download if you missed out on the kits. And all of the older kits are all still available. If we wind up with any Night Before Christmas kits left over after everything has shipped I will definitely let you know.

The weather here has been classic fall, with probably one of the most beautiful weekends this past weekend that I have ever seen. It was sunny and crunchy and cool. At the end of each day, we took long walks up to get coffee, or go to the park, or get burritos, or spaghetti. I got to read some of my new Kinfolk cookbook, which came in the mail and is so, so, so pretty and makes me want to get my pantry in order (I haven't had time yet — bah!). Amelia wore a lot of things made out of yarn, I noticed. It's kind of awesome that she is now fitting into a lot of things I made so long ago, like her Springtime in Hollis sweater (which I honestly think is pretty much the perfect pattern) and her blue Mina dress (I didn't get a good picture of the skirt, but I was pretty psyched because that thing fit perfectly). Her adorable scarf and boots (not that I can keep ANYTHING on her feet, seriously) I got on sale last winter from Misha * Puff. Her Sunshine Day blanket is everpresent in our stroller three-quarters of the year. I finished that border on the Latte Baby Coat and one sleeve. My hands hurt so bad after I finished the border. I love the way it looks but agh, that was tricky to pull off for me. I used size 11 needles, too. But it is super cute and I am anxious to finish the other sleeve over the next few nights and get it lined with flannel. I've never lined a knitted thing before, I don't think. Any advice?

Yesterday afternoon I got to take the most delicious nap with Amelia on the sofa bed in the living room after we got home from the park. The window was open to the cool air and the sunlight was golden. The girls were working in the back of the house and Andy was out, so it was just us two, snuggled under the quilt together, Clover at our feet. It had been several days since we'd gotten to do that and oh, oh. Pure bliss for me. Pure bliss. When she wakes and her hair is all crazy and she is still warm and shy and sleepy and confused and [I'm right here, baby] buries her face in my neck, oh. Girl. Thank you.


Oh, do you think that you could do up a tutorial of the lining if you get to it? I think my little will be ok in some unlined mittens and hats this year, but later on as she wants to stay out longer in our frigid midwestern winters I've had a notion of lining in the back of my mind. I haven't had the time to research it yet...so this could be like pre-research!

Auntie Allyn says: October 08, 2013 at 12:58 PM

The Springtime in Hollis sweater is so beautiful . . . little Amelia is so lucky to get to wear these amazing garments! Please let us know how you like the Kinfolk Cookbook . . . it looks tempting, but I'm reluctant to add yet another volume to my cookbook library.

Additionally, I wanted to say what a lovely job you and your helpers do on packaging the ornament kits. Very professional, and the instructions are so well written. Can't wait to start stitching!

Thankyou Shila, Lauren and Alicia's Mama, of course along with Andy, Greta, Alicia, Amelia Clover and Miss Kitters for being such WONDERFUL ornament elves. You all are just magic!

Precious times :) Thanks for sharing them, Alicia. I am cozy inside as the rain showers down on the East side of Portland and am going to light a pumpkin scented candle to keep me company while I type and stitch and listen to a worship and praise station on Pandora. Continued blessings to you and yours,
Gracie xx

Wow, you've been busy. The kits are beautiful and your success is well deserved Alicia. Hope you can all have a bit of a break soon, and take some time to enjoy autumn.

I am not surprised the kits raced out the door, they are so awesome! It sounds like you have Team Fantastic there, it's wonderful. I must say when you first mentioned lining your knitting, I was very impressed --- I have lined a crochet bag before but that's heaps easier than what you've got there. I bet it will turn out wonderfully though, you're so talented! :-)

What is the rose motif on the wall behind your sweet daughter?

How is it possible that a baby who is not genetically related to you looks so very much like you?? Something in the sweep of her hair, and the expression on her face. It's amazing. So glad you are such a happy little family. And I'm so excited to start working on my kits! Thank you!

my goodness it sounds like kit central there...and how lucky to be in such apple country in fall. little boy snuggles were always fabulous (when you could get them) but little girl snuggles must be golden....lucky you, lucky her!

I shared those fabulously adorable kits on pinterest, and now I wish I'd bought one myself - boohoo!! Ah well. I know you'll keep making gorgeous stuff, and I'll get one someday. Congrats on the massive success! I'm not at all surprised, b/c you are both creative and meticulous.

I love my new kits..and bought my supplies..cannot wait to start!

Amelia..is just too precious for words..

I am having a sleepover here for my 4 little grandsons Saturday..Can she make it?:)

They would spoil her to bits..
By the screen door w/ her leg in the air:)♥
The other w/ the dimples in her beautiful fingers..

Looking up from her book! That's an old soul in a sweet little body..:)Wise..inquisitive..
The smiles:)

The first..has a bit of mischief..
Love all her looks..
and clothes of course:)
Thanks for the kits..the PDF's.. Amelia..oh yes and that sour cream apple pie..
A hit here:)

I love her leg up by the screen door. Such a cutie girl! That sweater is so beautiful. Lucky girlie to have a mommy that makes her beautiful things to wear. :)

So glad you all made it through the busy week! The Hollis sweater looks beautiful with Amelia's hair, love all of her handmade clothes. Take a picture of everything you make her for her birthday,those are always the best presents! And speaking of books, I've been meaning to ask if you have ever heard of Maryjane Butters? I think she's right up your alley. Her books: Maryjane's Ideabook,cookbook,lifebook(I think you should write one of your own, it would be GREAT!)Maryjane's Stitching Room, and Maryjane's Outpost. I think she has a magazine also, she writes about lovin' the farmgirl life. The pantry will happen after all the excitement dies down, it will be something to look forward to!

Love the red sweater on baby!! Can't believe it's already sweater weather for you all!! We have another month at least!!

Oh, I don't think I've ever seen her in Red!!! She looks adorable in that color -- like a little fairytale. So sweet. You always make me happy!

She looks so precious peeping out that screen door, I almost can't stand it! her little tootsies on the door frame are a very adorable sight. I got my notification that my order shipped and am SUPER excited to receive it! So many fun things to make and I can't wait! Now I have to go check out that cookbook. I'm a bookaholic and must check out anything that anyone recommends to me. LOL

:) Thanks for sharing this today! That was beautiful.

It's hard to imagine a time when Amelia wasn't present here, and I'm sure you and Andy feel that way about her in your lives. My boy lives on his own now, and how I wish he were near so I could comfort him right away.

If I get my act together, I'll order the pdfs, but right now, I'm trying to wrap my head around another holiday season coming up. Congrats on selling out the kits, though. Enjoy the coziness.

Have you been to Gramma's Farm Store in Sherwood? It's out on Scholls-Sherwood Road. There's miniature horses that come right up to the fence for you to pet. The farm store has lots of produce. When I was there in September, if we spent $25, we got to cut 25 flowers from the cutting garden. They're normally only 25 cents to cut each flower anyway. Seeing these pictures made me think your little one would get a kick out of seeing the horses and flowers. I haven't gotten around to blogging it yet, but figured I should tell you before the cold sets in and the flowers are all gone.

Cheryl Doran-Girard says: October 08, 2013 at 04:36 PM

I read you writing almost obsessively because your gratitude about life in general is so infectious that it brightens one's day--on top of the glorious Amelia, that is.

It is an absolute delight reading how much you love being a mum. I love the photo of Amelia in her red jacket, holding the orange book. She looks so serious.


Congratulations on selling out ! The morning I got the email that the kits were ready I had to work for a friend at her school that day.(I was chaperoning a class trip)
As soon as I got on the bus I pulled my smartphone out(what would we do without them!) and went to order.Pathetic ? I say no!!!I like to call it passionate! Anyhow, I was too late!! Never was I so happy to miss out because that means you had a great success! I did however buy 3 other kits and will gladly get the pdf.

I bet Amelia was happy to have mommy back under the quilt!

Be well

How is it possible that your girl gets cuter and cuter every day. She is so very sweet. What a joy.

I remember 2-3 years ago,when you were making those oh so cute little girl dresses and sweaters and reading about your hopes for a little girl. Now it makes me so happy (even though we have never met) to see Amelia wearing things you made for her when she was just a gleam in your eye!

I have already received my kit !!!
Thank You SO much ....
Cannot wait to get started :0)

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