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The Christmas bustle! It's on. Cards to be written, gifts to be wrapped and mailed (and some to be, firstly, gotten at all), neighbor and friend presents to be made (this chai mix with these labels and these recipe cards), events to be scheduled and prepared for. It really is busy, as slow as you try to make it. Whoosh. Another December week, here and went.

I made a little cardboard bed for a little bunny. I also made a ticking-striped mattress, pillow, fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillowcase, wool blanket, calico comforter, and pink knitted wool throw. And a polka-dot nightgown. The bed was SO MUCH fun to make. Except for the legs (which are little wooden doll pins, turned upside down), it's entirely made out of cardboard, masking tape, paint, and varnish. Mint green. This darling bed was my inspiration for the shape. The design that I painted on it is the same as the one that I embroidered on Amelia's baby bunad. I varnished it all with triple-gloss varnish, which made it super glossy. I enjoyed making this so much. I wish I were making it right now.

Our girl is walking everywhere she wants to go, and pushing her little cart everywhere. She's so amazing. I adore her. Christmas with one-year-old is beautiful.


I'm looking forward to Christmas with 18 month old. It's shaping up to be just wonderful. I enjoyed the pictures of your home; it's always nice to see how others live.

I simply love your blog. And your photos (so warm and tactile!). And your house (so cozy and inviting!). And your child (so adorable and happy!).
Thank you for sharing with all of us.

What a beautiful blog you have! And what a beautiful home you have. Your photos are amazing.

I just came over, from Heather's "Beauty That Moves" blog. 77 comments here, before me. :-) You are getting the blog-love, you deserve. Good for you.

Happy Christmas,

Aww, the little bed is so cute & love how you made it out of regular old cardboard.
The house looks so warm & glowy...very Christmas-y...unlike our heat wave now :(
Amelia's on the run now..they learn to walk and right away they are running! :)

Dear Alicia.
I just showed my daughter your blog post as that bed was just darn cute. What a great idea. And the fact that you have made wooly blankets, throws and bed sheets fr it... Ha ha ha! I so love it. No matter how old you get, playing with dolls is pure happiness. I totally understand you want to make it again and again and again... And about Christmas pace... I am chasing my tail just like so many others even if I don't give handmade gifts or send Christmas cards this year. But I do take time for some crochet in between... I wonder why December always ending up big a rat case...??? Happy Christmas.

Your home is lovely and cozy! Love everything you made. The little cardboard bed for the bunny is so cute.

The picture of your Christmas tree reminds me of a much loved book here at our house. It's called "Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree" by Robert Barry. I've read it to all 3 of my kids, ages 13, 8 and 19 months. The older two like making funny voices for my youngest when they read it to him. Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

My sons, ages 14 and 17:

Samuel, age 14: Yum, I love spicy chai.
Caleb, age 17: Let's make friends with her!

Love Mimi's wee Christmas tree.

Oh my, that bed is so precious! For my daughter's 2nd birthday we got her a baby doll, and I refinished my old baby doll cradle from when I was a little girl for her. I also made a mattress, fitted sheet, pillow, pillow case, quilt and receiving blankets and had such a ridiculously fun time doing it. But now I'm thinking a wee wool blanket is also in order! :)

I'm excited for additinal softie patterns. I check your site almost daily!! Merry Christmas.

Your house looks so cozy. And the chai tea is a brilliant gift. AND that little bed is adorable. :D

I feel like a little girl and Santa has come to my home seeing those delightful animals and the bed!!! Your tree is lovely. Thanks so much for sharing.

i'm looking for a pattern for your wee dolls, but i can't seem to find it on your blog. reader fail! any chance you could let me know where it is? thanks!

Your simple and homespun Christmas decorations inspire me.

I love your blog! My family made a bunny and ornaments! you always have very good ideas! thanks! love your ideas and the bunny bed we are going to make it also love your dog, baby and cat!!!! thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am 11 years old!!!!

Hello Alicia. My sister is a huge fan of your blog so she was pretty excited when she saw that you used my labels and recipe cards. I am here in Portland too and hope to meet you in person some day. Have a wonderful holiday with your beautiful family. Cheers! Lia

These photos are all full of love and cozyness. Seeing your mantle with your cross-stitch sampler hung up above it reminds me I need to GET TO WORK on my kit I bought, so I can have one too! :)

Your bunny bed is very cute!! I bet it is bringing many smiles to your little Amelia and her bunny.

Your last photo with the tree, candles, and bird art work on the wall is my favorite cozy pic! LOVE love love it!! Did you make the bird art? wood burned?? LOve them both! xoxo

Catching up on your blog today. I don't believe I have ever commented. Just browsed and enjoyed the beautiful photos and and your clever writing style. Your blog always feels like a breath of fresh air and gives me such a cozy, happy feeling. It truly is one of the most beautiful blogs I have ever encountered.

I do have a question. There is a photo of a crochet blanket in between the photo of the in-progress bunny bed & a photo of your decorated mantel. What pattern is that crochet block/blanket? It's so beautiful. It has a very puffy unique look to it.

Happy New Year!

You take such beautiful pictures! I love the chai tea idea and am checking out the recipe (and the labels) immediately!! Happy 2014 to you & your sweet family!

Im working a night shift and its very quiet. I would so love to lie down on that little cardboard bed and snooze.

Anna Shebani says: March 04, 2014 at 10:16 AM

I'm obsessed with the lighting in this picture!! I've actually been looking on for new lights for my living room, and this has inspired me to go for a warm and intimate feel!

jeannette says: April 07, 2018 at 07:27 PM

alicia, i'm a devoted long time reader. i'm admiring the doll bed. what did you use to fill the edges, the white material? with thanks.

Arletta French says: April 22, 2020 at 06:19 AM

this morning .. since everything in life is a bit different ..I settled in to really LOOK at your blog and totally enjoyed everything..also..Thank you for having the list of other blog to look at .....Some were old friends I hadn't visited in a very long time and others were new ...

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