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The Christmas bustle! It's on. Cards to be written, gifts to be wrapped and mailed (and some to be, firstly, gotten at all), neighbor and friend presents to be made (this chai mix with these labels and these recipe cards), events to be scheduled and prepared for. It really is busy, as slow as you try to make it. Whoosh. Another December week, here and went.

I made a little cardboard bed for a little bunny. I also made a ticking-striped mattress, pillow, fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillowcase, wool blanket, calico comforter, and pink knitted wool throw. And a polka-dot nightgown. The bed was SO MUCH fun to make. Except for the legs (which are little wooden doll pins, turned upside down), it's entirely made out of cardboard, masking tape, paint, and varnish. Mint green. This darling bed was my inspiration for the shape. The design that I painted on it is the same as the one that I embroidered on Amelia's baby bunad. I varnished it all with triple-gloss varnish, which made it super glossy. I enjoyed making this so much. I wish I were making it right now.

Our girl is walking everywhere she wants to go, and pushing her little cart everywhere. She's so amazing. I adore her. Christmas with one-year-old is beautiful.


From the other side of the world (where Christmas looks quite different) these pictures just totally filled my heart. Merry Christmas and keep up all the loveliness!

Your home looks so lovely… love all the Christmas lights! You are going to have such a special Christmas with little Mimi this year. Enjoy every minute!

Ginene Nagel says: December 14, 2013 at 10:44 AM

I think you home is wonderful and I like everything about your blog. The photography is the best. I just made linens for a vintage doll bed if you feel like looking. I made the mattress with vintage ticking, too. Anyway, I wanted to show you what I did because you would come up with something that is your own and make it so "Posy Gets Cozy." I always enjoy and save your blogs.

Look at your little labels! And your little mouse beds! You're so awesome! :)

Yummy - yummy home! So perfect for a little girl to enjoy too!
Happy holidays to you all!

Everything looks so beautiful as always. You put so much thought and yourself into all you do, your handmade gifts are such a treat, your family, friends, and neighbors are very fortunate to have you. I have to admit, I teared up when I saw Kitty watching over Amelia, so sweet! And is that seriously a Cath Kitson Puffer, the cuteness is overflowing!!! P.S. I'm also getting in that line for Craft Camp

Dear girl,
I point my finger in your direction, when anyone asks "where did you find those adorable ornament kits...where did you find the pattern for that darling afghan...did you make that little clothespin doll..." Sweetheart, I am thankful that there is an Alicia Paulson in our world. Your kits have woken the stitcher/crocheter/crafter who had dozed off to sleep 25 years or so ago... I have never ever ever followed a pattern to crochet! I have learned how to with your Sunshine Day Afghan. And now I just might conquer the world. It could happen.
The bunny bed and bunny and yummy little bedding and gown are beyond words, adorable.
Amelia is a treasure and oozes "I'm at peace because I live in this loving home with an adoring mommy and daddy, in the most beautiful place in the world..."
Your photos move me.
You've heard all of this 3 million 100 times, but indulge me.
Had to thank you...

Lovely! I'm not sure I'd ever leave that rocking chair in front of the fire. Enjoy! :)

Ack! Alicia, the magic you're creating is making me jump out of my seat! Oh it is ALL so good, and whenever you have kits for any/all of this, I'm there. The cuteness of that bed... oh it makes me so glad to also be a mom of a baby girl :) Though I'm certain my son would love one too :) This is all such a joy. Your home looks so happy. Enjoy xo

Your house is a Christmas house!
The little bed a dream.
The most beautiful is your little girl.
Merry Christmas!
And thank you for the joy your blog is giving me.

I want to be that sweet bunny. I want to wear those jammies and sleep in that bed under that quilt. What a darling life your sweet girl will have.

What a winter wonderland you've created! Lovely! Please tell us where the beutifulbluecoat comes from... so festive!

All your blog posts leave me with such a warm and fuzzy feeling inside :)

After reading the thoughts you have about your beautiful daughter, and seeing the adorable and lovingly- made things for her, I'm just left with the feeling that you really have to be the one of the best mothers out there! The love just radiates out of the computer--seriously! What a wonderful family for a child to grow up in! Merry Christmas.

That bed is all sweetness! Love it. I just packaged up some jam with those free labels and I am obsessed with them now. I really appreciate your sense of style and, most of all, the loving, creative and handmade upbringing you are giving your girl. I enjoy so many of the same traditions with my two girls. After a tough year of recovery from a serious car accident, now that i am back enjoying farm and family, I can honestly say *this* is what life is all about.

What a beautiful time for you :)

I too have been reading along here for several years now and your photos always transport me to a place where only truth, beauty and goodness exist. They are magical. Love that little bed and that little girl so much.

I just love looking at your photos. You have created such a magical home. Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Oh, I love the chai tea mix! It brings back such happy memories. My girls are adopted from India, and I made chai tea mix for Christmas presents the year my first child came home. They are 11 and 13 now, and Christmas is still wonderful with them. Maybe not as magical, but still wonderful!

Merry, merry Christmas!

Yes, oh my goodness, yes, the RUSH! Gingerbread, pfeffernusse, madelines, turnovers, lebkuchen, and all kinds of things still to print, sew, wrap. So glad to hear we're not the only ones still getting cards out the door!

I do adore Christmas through your eyes. It's so pretty and charming and cozy and warm (and oh, that fox with its striped sweater!! SO CUTE!) Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all that you share and have shared, over the years. This little corner of the web, with its comfort and sweetness, totally got me through my PhD, Alicia; words can't express how grateful I am for this place!

The expressions on your little Mimi's face are priceless (remember them when she hits the teens).

The coziness of your home makes me feel like I am sitting in your den/living room, having a cup of tea, working with you on your projects, and watching your small "miracle" play.

Thank you for sharing your world, family, and memories.

Merry Christmas!

Is that the Radio Flyer wagon? My Jacob (one week younger than Amelia) pushes his all over the house but hasn't gotten the courage to let go yet!
The chai mix looks amazing. You gotta try this fudge but with your spice mix:

Amazing. I adore everything that you post. I wish I lived in Portland. You are so creative and clever. Amelia is too cute for words. I hope you have a blessed Christmas and holiday season.

Alicia and Lia ideas in one post - mind blowing! Portland rocks!

That bed is SICK!!! (In a rad, Cali surfer kind of way). You rule!

Where's her little blue coat from? It's so pretty.

Happy Christmas!

Hi Alicia,

Can you please tell me which tv cabinet unit you have for your living room? I assume it's from Ikea, it's just beautiful. Thank you!

I just love the little bed, it's so charming.


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