Tree Day

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"Hi, sheep." Like your coat. ;)

Saturday, November 30, 2013, at Kirchem Farm and Becks' Farms, Oregon City, Oregon.


Oh, I just love everything about these photos! I feel like I was there. Happy Tree Day :-)

Great pictures! Love that stove, makes me thirsty for some hot apple cider. Nice woodpile! Can't wait to see your decorated house, never get enough of your cozy decor. Have fun decorating, we've had beautiful weather here in Pitts. last few days 60 today 39 tomorrow everyone got their decorating done over night it seems.

I love how Mimi looks like a cute, fuzzy, sweet little sheep. :) Precious!

This may be the most adorable post of my life. Christmas trees, beautiful toddler and sheep wearing jackets. Oh. My. Goodness.

Hmm, we are all busy knitting our little woolie sweaters and the sheep are running around in their own? What a hoot! Even they like to bundle up when the fall arrives.

Would it be to much to ask you to please post even more often?! Each of these posts is so charming and uplifting, so good for my soul, I cannot help but ask for more! Mimi and her sheep, and you and Mimi, and all of that charming PNW scenery? You fill me up, Alicia!

Sweet memories! Happy, happy holidays to you!

Wonderful scenes, as always. You must be so looking forward to Amelia's first real awareness of Christmas and the merriment of the season. My daughter was born last December, so once her birthday has passed, we will too of course! For now, we are only *winter* decorating, out of respect .

I love how Mimi has these looks of concentration. I wish I knew what was going through her little head.

Such wonderful photos! I agree with Natalie… I would love to see more posts from you!! Each and every time you post it's like a breath of fresh air. You are truly a very special person, and thanks for sharing your beautiful life with all of us. Happy Holidays to you and your family!


Oh you guys are the luckiest!
What an amazing memory for her to have.
The countryside was meant for the holidays, it just looks like a Hallmark movie set ;)

lovely x

So delighted to see a photo of lovely you with sweet Mimi!

Every single time I see a picture of Amelia it makes me happy because I know how long you waited for her and how much joy she brings to you both. Such precious pictures!

I agree with Heather L. above. I literally squeal every time you put up a new post, because we get to see your precious baby, and it makes me irrationally happy that YOU are so happy after waiting so long for her. Thanks for sharing your journey and life with us.

Those sheep in their coats are killing me.

She's so sweet. You're really going to have fun with her this Christmas.

Now that is the way a tree day should be!

What a fantastic day! The matching coat is a hoot!

I think sheep faces are my very favorite animal face. So cute under all that fluff!

Also, so nice to see your loving mama face in the photo with your babe ;)

Looks like Mimi certainly had a wonderfully happy tree day! Your blog is the coziest blog in the land. You surely are making many treasurable moments for Mimi to cherish. I always feel very happy and more relaxed after visiting. Thank you.

Susan from Tsawwassen, BC, Canada says: December 05, 2013 at 12:13 PM

Oh my gosh, I take pictures of wood piles, too!! Love this post (well, I love them all). I'm on my lunch break at work listening to Christmas carols and looking at the pics of your trip to the tree farm. Sssooooo in the spirit right now! Never seen a sheep in a coat before. How adorable ... another craft project looming?? (pun intended). Thanks for being you!

Sweet pictures . . . Sweet little Amelia . . . I loved this . . . memories in the making!

Ha!! Love the pic of Amelia and the sheep together!! Looks like a truly beautiful day! Sheep are some of my favorite animals. We were in England recently and when we went to Stonehenge there were sheep in the field right next to it. I took more pictures of them than Stonehenge. LOL

Gorgeous trees! I wish we had a tree farm as lovely! This year I'm getting mine at Whole Foods :)

Amelia looks so cozy and cute in that coat! I'm sure it is going to be such a fun Christmas this year with her more aware of what is going on. Have fun decorating your tree!

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