Tree Day

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"Hi, sheep." Like your coat. ;)

Saturday, November 30, 2013, at Kirchem Farm and Becks' Farms, Oregon City, Oregon.


love Mimi and the sheep,they look so cute! have a happy time with your tree!

Amelia is one thoughtful girl. I wonder if her contemplative nature will hold through her teenage years. Very sweet pictures. Thank you.

Now that looks like an awesome day!

Simply gorgeous:)

Awesome photos. I love everything about this post.

I know I don't know you all "in real life" but every time I see a picture of your adorable little baby, my heart gives an extra squeeze, knowing the journey you went through before she came to your door. Warmest wishes for your little family, at this holiday time and always.

such a happy tree day & wonderful memory making moments with Amelia ♥ getting our tree this weekend with our grandbaby.

I've been sick at home this week and now I just want Mimi's coat and a cuddly house to hibernate in.

Such beautiful photos. I really the one of you and her. Wonderful.

So. Darn. Cute! ;)

Troy Louise says: December 05, 2013 at 02:23 PM

Ahh, what fun! Such sweet pictures. Enjoy decorating with you sweet little one.

Susan Roberts says: December 05, 2013 at 02:28 PM

Love the cute pics! What a fun Christmas season you will have this year! Oh, and those sheep - very cute with the jackets and your cute little one with hers! Maybe there is a new sheep in the future to go with Miss Maggie!

Beautiful it all, christmas trees, sheep, Amelia, you, and hubby too. Amelia looks so grown up since just your last post..

I love seeing each tradition you celebrate with Amelia!

How I love that photo of you and your baby girl! Hang on to every moment Alicia, they go by at lightning speed. Wishing you three a truly blessed holiday, xoxoxo, Andrea

beautiful cold winter days -
beautiful family with his sweet little girl
Paola from Italia

Oh Alicia…your posts and pictures of little Amelia always take me to such a happy place! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Happy holidays to you and your family.

Just Beautiful!


Bah Humbug!!!!! I just put out a ceramic tree that I made years ago. (It does light up!) Back in the mid-80's, my ex-husband went to a tree farm and cut down a tree the weekend before Christmas. We did everything you are supposed to do to keep it fresh. I was giving it water in the afternoon when I came home from work, and he filled the container in the morning before he went to work. (I didn't know he was filling it, and he didn't know I was filling it.) We got rid of the tree the weekend after Christmas, and I was still vacuuming needles out of the carpet the following July. (!)

You take the most beautiful pictures! :)

I just love your Mimi. She is precious.

The photo of you kissing Mimi made my throat get tight and my eyes get misty. Love, love, love you.

Oh! I love these photos So Much! Of course, I always love your photos, but there's something really special about these!
Maybe it's the hope in the idea of the three (+Meadow & Kitty)spending a heartfelt Christmas together!
God Bless your little family!!!

the look on the face of 'tree farm 20' is priceless. "HEY! wha' choo lookin' at?". the tree farm looked delightful. our roping is compliments of costco and car wreath from trader joe's. not exactly the great outdoors like yours.

precious little muff in her coat! just the sweetest little lamb...

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