Tree Day

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"Hi, sheep." Like your coat. ;)

Saturday, November 30, 2013, at Kirchem Farm and Becks' Farms, Oregon City, Oregon.


my family owns a christmas tree farm here in georgia. i love seeing other tree farms around the country. so so so different, yet the same. merry christmas!

OH girl. Sigh. As always, the love is palpable. I love it. And, your sweet wee tree (I think?) (same as ours -- tabletop all the way this year!), the sheep looking totally like people, and your dear, dear Amelia taking it all in. Love. xo

Oh, and what Heather and Kate said above. Such happiness for you with every post. Yes.

Love this post!!! Thank you


Such a sweet and serious looking little girl! Lovely :)

I love this! We are going to our local tree farm this weekend. My kids are 3 and 4 now - nearly 4 and 5, so they are so into it! I have this happy little dream of them running about the trees in their knit-by-mama deer hats. Which means I need to finish knitting them! I'll probably bust my butt and then it will be a weird warm day.
Rambling! (I should be in bed) :) Amelia is beyond precious in that furry coat!

Alicia, Beautiful post(s)! :) Love how your sweet Amelia matches the sheep. Darling!! Your images are such a pleasure to view, thanks for sharing with us. Enjoy the Season with your lovely family! xoxo...Gloria

What a joy it is watch your precious girl's progress!

As others have said each of your posts are blessing!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful life!

Kathy, FRANCE says: December 06, 2013 at 03:38 AM

Lovely to see you and Mimi together Alicia!! you can see the love between you - your had the cake - now it's iced!!

Lovely photo's - all ourdoorsy and anticipation!!
Thanks for the post - I know it's difficult to find the time now but it's very much appreciated!!

What an adorable post. Hugs to you,

Love it all. We have the same wood stove to keep our farm store warm. People love it, so it was fun to see that you took a picture of their stove too :) Something about the simplicity and the smell of the wood burning makes people happy. Enjoy your little's so magical.

Your blog is the happiest, sweetest, most joyous, love filled place on the web. I adore getting to come along on Ms. Amelia's adventures. Thanks for making my day!! everyday!!

OMG Alicia - Love the photos with the sheep and Amelia in her coat! Merry, merry!

Kristi Shreenan says: December 06, 2013 at 09:37 AM

Your little lamb in her fuzzy wuzzy coat is even more adorable next to the cuddly sheep. I love the sheeps' wraps as well! I will look forward to seeing your cozy home decorated for the holidays and your tree bedecked.

What sweet pictures!

could those sheep be any sweeter?! so cute!

My four year old son said he loves her coat too, lol!

You must come for a visit to my "Welcome to Christmas at Rose Water Cottage" for I have featured the sweet "child sleeping" ornament I made for our granddaughter, Sophia, who lives with us. She will be 3 on Sunday, and adores "Her" ornament!
Your blog is peaceful and beautiful in its simplicity...
Blessings, and thank you for creating such beautiful patterns and kits...

Oh, lovely pictures!


That just made my whole night.

Beautiful. We are having an artificial tree for the LAST time this year!! We always had real trees growing up and you just can't beat the look and the smell! Those are beautiful specimens you had to choose from. Your little lamb fit right in with those woolly sheep in her pretty coat :-D

Amazing, heart warming pictures, she'll treasure these in years to come! Such a magical time of year!

Colleen Stockman says: December 07, 2013 at 08:18 AM

"Hi sheep, like your coat." That was priceless. Wishing you and your sweet little family a Merry Christmas. I've followed your blog for many years and have been allowed to see glimpses in to your life through lovely photos and text. I've been drawn in completely by the ups and downs...and boy have I cried through your downs. But now it's all the good stuff and I'm happy it's good. Less time for writing and more time for living...more time for your precious Mimi. Thank you for being so open...for all the wonderful photos and for all the lovely living you record for us to see. Blessings.

Beautiful photos every one. Such a fun day with your precious, beautiful girl.

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