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At some point I do just sort of give up on snow.  The "fine, be that way" moment. The FBTW moment happened sometime yesterday afternoon. On our walk to the bakery, there were bulbs already pushing up through the soil outside. I brought home yellow daffodils from the market. The pale sun filtered through the dirt-spattered windows. I tossed the rest of the stray Christmas decorations (mostly those related to snowflakes) in a box. And I could see spring, which in our yard really does start to happen in February, just beyond the blurry margins of dead leaves, winter mud, and the brown and sort of weird, soupy green that the days have been, here in Oregon, in the winter. In seventeen years here, it's been the driest, sunniest winter I can remember. And, I will admit, I have found things to love about that. Because at least there are Alaska shows. I loved Esther's comment: "I think I can explain the Alaska obsession. You have Starved-for-Snow-itis. It's kind of like cabin fever, only in reverse." Oh yes, yes. Cabin fever in reverse! HA!

So, we have a Roomba. I asked for it for my birthday. I guess I'm old now. It's pretty awesome. It's like a reverse-shedding pet that doesn't really respond when you cheer it on. "Come on, Roomba! You can do it!" as it tries dumbly to find its way out from under the small side table. He whirrs and spins back and forth, banging into stuff around the room. He sends up a little victory song when he finds his way back to his dock, and so do we: "Good boy, Roomba!" Clapping. When emptied, he is filled, and I mean FILLED, with dirt (dog hair). And he has been filled pretty much every single subsequent time he's finished a room. And our carpets and floors are regularly vacuumed with the big vacuum. And dry-mopped with the pants of a toddler. The first time he was emptied I was astonished and horrified. Now he runs, almost all the time, around the house all day. He's very loud. He doesn't do stairs. No one is afraid of him anymore (both puppers and the nipper cried the first time he was let loose). His industrious motor is white noise in the background of our day.

I wish I had counted how many clementines were eaten here this winter. I save the peels and run them through the garbage disposal, which I read helps keep it clean. I think the clementine season is almost over. Amelia, if she knew that, would be very sad. I've never seen anyone eat tiny oranges so quickly. I cut them into small pieces and she literally picks them up as fast as I can cut them. I've eaten my share, as well. Have we gone through five or six crates, just the two of us? No scurvy here. That's nice. She's showing me, above, how she puts food "in her mouth" instead of throwing it on the floor, for the dog. Ahem.

Winter Olympics coming. Excited. I have my project picked out this time — the crewel embroidery that always reminds me of the view from Crown Point that I got several years ago that I've not started. I got something new for over the myrtlewood. It's a Grandma Moses reproduction (obviously) of a painting called "A Beautiful World." The quality isn't that great, because it's enlarged so much, I assume, but from afar I like it. I started getting into these primitive landscapes last year. I have another one over my dresser by Edward Hicks called "David Leedom Farm." I think I might get a book about them. I've always loved those aerial view landscapes of villages and farms and little buildings and bridges and rivers and trees. 

Go Polina Edmunds!!! I watched her at Nationals on TV last weekend and she was just completely enchanting.

My word. The sun is shining again. This is very confusing. !!!

Are you reading The Goldfinch? I can't put it down. Don't tell me what happens. I have an idea but I don't even want to talk about it.


Snow wishing has been nearly impossible to even start this winter... hard even to imagine thinking "let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!" when it's 81 degrees. "Cabin fever in reverse!" Yes. If we get one cold wet day, I will be fervently wishing for snow... a silly habit where we live. Hard to believe we have a cookout on the calendar. Sun, warmth... it is confusing. Let's enjoy it while we may!

Heartsdesire says: January 17, 2014 at 02:10 PM

Haven't started The Goldfinch yet, but will as soon as I finish something I'm reading called The Light Years by Elizabeth Jane Howard. I love Donna Tartt and have read a few other books by her and enjoyed them immensely. Lovely to see all the bulbs growing inside your home. Really makes it feel like spring. I'm off now to the grocery store to buy bunches of tulips. The sun is shining here on Vancouver Island as well.

Yes, just finished The Goldfinch! I devoured it, but slowly, because the layers of details are just astonishing. It got me through hours of waiting in a jury room, and was my eagerly awaited bedtime reading for many nights. Now it's over, and I feel that desperation setting in when an excellent book is over and there's nothing else remotely like it in the on-deck circle.

Snap! As I wrote in my post today here in the Loire Valley winter equates rising water levels and damp cold but very little snow. I am most definitely a snow child but I haven't given up on the hope of it yet despite, like you, being receptive to the charms of green shoots and hyacinths. We've had the sunniest January I can recall. Goodness; I even saw some cherry blossom in our central city Library car park last Saturday. Fancy that.

So much delight here as ever. Wonderful weekend to you.

We haven't had any snow here this year sadly & winter always seems a little empty without it. I am, though, loving the cheerfulness of bunches of daffodils and pots of forced bulbs in the shops just now especially after a long, wet & dark few months!

I love the dolly ;) x

The goldfinch is incredible. At one point something happens that is like being punched in the stomach! Mind blowing. You are in for such a ride with this book, Alicia, enjoy it all.

Oooh, cabin fever in reverse. Yes, that explains it. I could totally be out and about but all I want to do is nest and drink tea. I've been knitting dishcloths like crazy which is sorta weird until you factor in the nesting equation.

If only I could channel that nesting into the drive to finish painting my family room.

Oh I so have the starved for snow-itis
I gave up on snow 11 years ago when we moved to the dry desert, but 5 days after my boy was born it brought 10 inches. It was like an apology for my pregnancy being the worst ever ;)
Yes, I love the grandma moses scenes, I have a winter one oh whats it called?...ugh brain, anyhoo, it is a scrap of material I found at a yardsale for 25 cents and made into pillow.
I am seriously in love with the bonnet for the new animals.
I cannot wait!!!

I LOVED The Goldfinch!!! I've re-read the last chapter about 5 times. Ahhh…..I'm so happy to hear you are loving it too. I adore books that open up a wellspring of emotion in the reader, really leave you feeling something profound and lovely. That was how I felt reading The Goldfinch. Happy reading!

I love that knitted bonnet...that's all I know about that. I wish I could wear hats...I look like a fool in a know how some can wear them and some can't? I'm in that sad as I have a good one that was my grandmothers....but I digress. that bonnet is fetching. I don't know the goldfinch book and must check on that. I need snow too. we live in one of those horrid areas that used to get snow every year but now just year we could get 25", the next, none. so I'm always hopeful, which can be difficult...I'd almost rather be able to just give up.

I don't tell you enough, but your posts are like warm honey. xx

I'm still hoping for some snow here in the south of England. Just a bit - you know - everything can grind to a halt for the morning, then the sun can shine through and melt it before teatime! Just love Grandma Moses and Jane Wooster Scott - always try to buy a calendar but they're getting much harder to get hold of over here. I haven't read a good book for ages - must get hold of The Goldfinch. Enjoy your weekend.

I love our roomba too, but I prefer him to do his work when we aren't at home. We have these terribly high transitions into our kitchen, and while he can usually make it, he makes horrible noise doing it.

Your craft room....I've just pinned it. :)

The Goldfinch is splendid, savor every page!

Well I decided this week that I'm officially ready for spring, and there's a little clump of snowdrops under the eve that agrees with me. You've go to leave the West Coast, especially when those rare sunny days hit. I try not to gloat to all those people who just survived the polar vortex.

*hmm* ... you've go to 'love' the West Coast ...

Snow..3 more inches tomorrow, on top of the foot we already have. Good cuddling, tea or hot cocoa sipping, soup making weather. Loving the doll, she's adorable,,,as is Amelia. Thank you for sharing.

Those little bows on the feet of that doll! Ah, so lovely. Always so lovely to visit with you.

We haven't had winter in Southern California. In fact, I have the a/c on AGAIN today (temps around 90F in Anaheim). It's been terrible for my summer S.A.D. Can't wait for a chance to move up your way. :)
On a happier note, love seeing photos of your studio and recognizing someone as meticulous about organization as I am. :)

Now I know why I watch those Alaska shows and the weather channel when they have snowstorm coverage! We so rarely get snow here. It has been a very cold winter, but no snow. :-(
I'm still holding out hope, even though the daffodils get taller every day.

My 7 year old is begging to know where the enchanting dolly is from. Thanks!

Hi. No snow here in Oxfordshire. Lots of rain and flooding, but no snow. I have a snowdrop in flower already. Is the witch-hazel in your garden? I don't have any in my new garden and have been thinking about where I might plant some. Very much looking forward to the winter olympics too. Love to you and yours. Bx xxx

She's just edible~
Have The Goldfinch on my
Snowing here as I type..
Your rice cooker is even pretty:)
Still working on The Night Before Christmas and Notevena:)

I make 3 of it takes a while..Fisished the snowflakes and Notevenas..on my last 2 Miss Amelias:)

Is that a rice cooker? I haven't begun The Goldfinch but I can't wait!

I'll trade you, Mama. I have full on cabin fever. I am burning up with the stuff! Come to WV and you can have all the snow you want. Sunshine for snowflakes, even swap, Girl Scout's honor.

This is my first comment, by the way. Is it a weird thing to say that I enjoy reading about your life? The baby and the projects and your home. You make everything sound so special. I always leave happier than when I arrived.

Here's to buckets of snow your way! ~Casey~

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