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Super duper completely wonderful. Two whole days of snowing, snowing, snowing, and possibly more on the way. Apparently snow is like a cat: Threaten it with your complete disinterest and the next thing you know it's all over you. Oh joy, joy. I love it so!!! All delight. Before it started, we were already back from the grocery store, making blueberry muffins and planning pork chops, creamed spinach, sweet potatoes, and, for lunch, my childhood snow-day favorite, Lipton chicken-noodle soup, the kind in the little package with the dessicated pieces of chicken and powdered broth. Add more noodles and a pat of butter and it's right there: the blizzard of '79.

All afternoon on the first day Mimi and I watched it blow in. Light at first, the snow fell harder and faster through the afternoon, blowing sideways for hours, whipping pots off the front porch and filling the sky. The birds crowded our feeder, and in the house we could hear them singing with nervous excitement. We snuggled under quilts and watched the local news, its reporters stationed at all of the highest points in the metro area, on the worst roads, at the scene of cars rolling into ditches and people "WALKING in FOREST PARK!!!" as one reporter incredulously exclaimed. I giggled with envy — those luckies! When I opened the back door to let the puppers out (worried, worried — what was this??? — she tried to dive back into the kitchen) I could feel that cold, clean, icy air, unlike any other air, and took a deep breath. Yes, that's it.

Yesterday the wind had stopped but the snow remained. It could not have been more beautiful, and didn't even feel that cold. Andy was at work, up on the hill, texting us bird's-eye photos of the city. People cross-country skied past the window, right down the middle of our street. Neighbors came out and started shoveling (most, including us, with garden shovels, hilariously — that's what we have here). Cabin-fevered, Amelia and I bundled and braved the blanketed streets (Yaktrax, you are the best!). It was glorious. Pristine and white. Quiet as I've ever heard it (almost everyone in the city who was able to [not nurses, alas] stayed home from work and school, and there was no one on the road). It was like walking in the forest, but with houses. Everyone in the neighborhood was gathered at the park, pulling little kids in sleds, throwing balls for bounding dogs, skiing across the baseball field. We clustered at the little sledding hill and watched for a while, then came home for lunch, cold and flushed. That afternoon it snowed again, as much as on the first day. I held my breath — keep going!

This morning — oh my stars, it snows again. Andy is home. I'm still in my nightgown. Amelia is playing with her yellow boots on the floor, wearing them on her hands. Snow fills the air, so white I almost can't see them: Andy in an Irish sweater, shoveling the neighbor's stairs; Clover's fur dusted so white she disappears. Here's another neighbor, come to help. And another. Bright hats against the white. The sound of metal scraping the sidewalk, laughter. It's falling faster than they can shovel. So beautiful. I'm going up to get dressed.


Lucky, lucky you! And wonderful bird/snow photos!

So happy you got some snow! I'm traveling to MI in a month and canNOT wait to be all in it.


Isn't snow wonderful?! Your writing really captured the essence of a snow day, i could hear the crunching and scraping of the snow! Please , please could you share your reference and tips on your blueberry muffin recipe.... perfect for all the snow days we have been having here in Indiana.

Lovely writing and photos! I thought of you the minute I heard it was snowing in Portland and wondered when we'd see photos on your blog. Up here in southern BC we've got bright sun and bracing cold temperatures but no snow. We might get a dash of it at some point but I'm quickly losing faith that we will. I'm making Maple Sprouted Spelt Muffins to ward off the cold. Enjoy your snow days!

Snow days are lovely, and it's good that I think so since we've gotten a lot of it up here (Southwestern Ontario). During a recent snow fall, my partner and I bundled up and took a walk at dusk. Between the dreamy light quality and the steadily falling snow it was magical. Enjoy!

I told you not to despair about the snow until after Valentine's Day!
Love your photos- next year I will have a birdfeeder.

We have about 4 to 5 inches up here in The 'Couv.

I'm in Portland as well and am kinda over the snow at this point. It was really nice yesterday but today it's starting to get a bit old and we are all getting a bit of cabin fever. Luckily we have tons of food and cookies to keep us happy. I just wish I could escape to the knitting store...


Happy for you and the snowy wonderfulness. Happy for me that I am in the southern hemisphere and escaping from the US winter this year. My memory of the blizzard of '79 is looking out from my bedroom window down upon the white scene and being sad that school was canceled on my birthday and so I wouldn't get to bring treats and have a party with my kindergarten classmates. I'm sure I had a regular great party at home, but my memory is missing out on the school party.

ohhhhhhhhhh!!! it is so wonderful to find another snow lover!!!!!!! I just adore it!! That little dumpling is just getting cuter and cuter!!
Enjoy every second!!!

I am envious about your snow. Time to read the Brambly Hedge Winter story.

PS Also I want to add that Amelia looks so lovely in grey. Not that she doesn't in other colors too!

Dreams do come true and if there is ever proof it is your life stories. Amazing. So thrilled for you. I will keep wishing upon a star for a miracle of snow in the desert ;)

that pretty pictures
the beautiful snowy garden
have a joyful weekend
Paola from Italy

Oh, what fun! Enjoy!!
We had an all-day snow on Wednesday, and the library closed so I was home. Snow = magic.

Lovely post......makes me wish I was there, too!

and yet .. midst the white fluff not stopping, joy emerges supreme. precious post.

Hooray for a snow day! We finally had a snowstorm here in Nebraska on Tuesday and I got a day off from school on Wednesday. I loved every minute. I took pictures of birds too!

Enjoy your snow!

Love, love, love! I am out on the East coast where we get our fair share of winter weather and, even so, I share your love for snow. It's so beautiful and has a special way of slowing us down enough to take it all in. Enjoy!

Oh my, Mimi is more beautiful every single day! Sweet lovely baby girl, she is. LOVE the shots of those reddish birds.. what are they? You can imagine how snowy it is out here in Corbett! I just put photos up of our snowiness.. enjoy it! I thought of your hope for snow when it started in earnest. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Great pics of the birds in your trees. Are they junco and sparrows? I'm not a bird expert, lol.

Amelia is such a beautiful girl.

I'm glad you got your snow. We've had snow and more is coming, but we've also had minus 40 temps so we stay inside. Your weather and activities in the park makes me think of a Norman Rockwell painting.

Lovely post Alicia. I've lived in Australia for over 20 years now and being a native Canadian your post has brought back memories from my childhood, playing in the snow, appreciating the beauty of it. I am now missing it xx And much nicer the snow is too as here it is going to be in the 90's today.

I love your snowbird photographs -- they have brightened my Sunday :)

I saw two fluffed up Robins with their red breasts as I was driving down my street after successfully finishing my safe drive home from work today. The dog who is old and arthritic pounces through the snow drifts with a puppyish smile on his face when I arrive. I love snow, The dog loves snow, we're all happy.

Congratulations on your snow! It makes the winter so pretty.

Your wish come true.
So happy you are all together to enjoy the day.
As for me… I don't know which I envy most: The snow? The lens on your camera capturing those birds? Enjoy, and I don't mind one bit if you feel compelled to share more, more, more!

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