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To the north, the sky was pewter gray, that deep, thick color that means snow somewhere. Instead, we had wind and we had rain. All last night the wind wouldn't stop; it whipped the trees high above the house, and rain peppered the windows unevenly. Restless sounds. This morning the wind settled and the sky cleared for a bit and Amelia and I ventured out into the green and the wet. There were branches and debris everywhere, ancient, craggy limbs and sticks littering the road and the sidewalks. Spring signs pushed forth everywhere we looked. Spring in Oregon is blustery, wild, and wooly. It's slow to start and long to linger.

Thank you for your feedback on The Goldfinch! I truly appreciate everyone who took the time to give their opinions (especially ones that were different than mine)! That book was a major reading adventure, seriously. It was good to debrief — I needed it!!! It was so much fun to read a book that a lot of other people are reading at the same time, too. Thank you also for the book recommendations. We went to Powell's on Saturday. It was my intention to take my phone, pull up the blog comments, and look through the suggestions and leisurely browse for some of the titles you suggested. Nothing could've been further from what actually happened. It was sooooo crowded (doi — Saturday) and the store is being remodeled (doi — forgot); huge chunks of it are off-limits and the books have been moved to other sections of the store. Things are really tight now. The temporary shelves were great but the aisles were skinny. Andy was across the store and I had Amelia in the umbrella stroller dropping shoes, bottle, and barrette every few yards. We'd already had lunch and been lamp shopping and gone to Anthropology so the window of opportunity was closing, and I was on the run. Turns out, this may be a great way for me to pick out books! I pulled an Amelia, speed-reading my way through the flaps and blurbs, hurling used paperbacks under the stroller, and picking up tossed baby accessories as fast as I could. I got four books and I can't even remember what they all are (but I know one, the one I'm now reading, is The Little Stranger). There must have been thirty or forty people in line by the time we got to the checkout and I'll tell you what, they were doing an Amelia themselves, because we went through that line so fast it was actually funny. We were out before the nipper got cranky and even had time to go get a hot cocoa across the street on the way back to the car. Boom, done, and done [brushes off hands]!

But I am going to spend time looking through the suggestions and making a list for next time I get to go to the store. Thank you again!

Slowly but surely working on my crochet and embroidery at night while watching the Olympics. Very excited to be done with the lampshade and see how it looks. The pattern doesn't tell you which Minut lamp to get from Ikea, and there are two sizes with the same name. I got the smaller one and it seems to be fitting okay. We'll see.

Valentine lasagnas! And just look at how utterly scrumptious that adorable, wonderful, loveable, squeezeable, precious pudge of a baby girl was at this time last year:


Oh my stars. Time flies. What an amazing year.


Amazing, indeed. You're one blessed family.

Those purple flowers look like Cyclamen. Are they growing outdoors? I have some in a pot and didn't know they could winter over outside.

Oh your embroidery is fantastic and that last shot snuggled up in a quilt is just too precious!

Have you ever read the Beach Street Knitting Society books by Gil McNeil? "The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club", "Needles and Purls", and "Knit One, Pearl One" are very cozy British reads. Nothing spectacular happens, they are just very relaxing.

Love Amelia's "page boy" hair style!

Oh she has grown, what a precious little dolly, how blessed you are. I do love seeing the snowdrops too.

Your blog is just the loveliest! Amelia looks like a little doll... her ponytail is darling. I love your pink tulips, and the photos of Portland are beautiful.

I look at your pictures and it makes my ovaries ache for a baby girl. Mine has just turned 6 and she's started reaching for the leggings and skinny jeans over her mama made dresses. Sob.

rachel xo

Does your local library loan ebooks? I live in Iowa (Bettendorf), and this winter has been beastly. It is wonderful to sit on your couch in your flannel jammies and borrow books for your Kindle over the internet. Also--I know she is adopted, but I think A. looks allot like Andy in some of those first pictures. Do other people notice that?

She's looking so fair! She must have always been fair but with her hair longer, I can really see it.

She's adorable and so fun to see. I never get tired of pictures of her.

LOVE that perfect red colour of your lamp. And, excellent pick with your new book. The Little Stranger is amazing, full of thrilling moments and sharp imagery that takes your breath away. And the author treats the house like it's (rightfully) the most important character in the story, which is something I am ALL about, personally. So it sounds like a very successful trip after all.

You take beautiful pictures. Jan from Sew and Sow Farm sent me over to say Hi.

The Cheerios scattered across the high chair tray with cruising dog below brought back memories from across my life. My mother always doled out Cheerios to my brothers and sisters to keep them quiet in church. You could tell where our family sat by the little O's on the floor. My sons liked them too...I have a photo of my youngest cruising under his own high chair for the ones he had dropped. He was in college at the time...No, no that's a joke, he was about Amelia's age.

I loved The Little Stranger, it's a great choice to follow The Goldfinch. Your Powell's story had me laughing; you've given a whole new definition to speed reading! Enjoy.

Okay, Amelia's hair down, that great little bob, is glorious. Really. Is it wrong for me to wish that I could be your child? Yes, I think it is.

Ha I could just picture your bookstore adventure. If you ever travel to my neck of the woods in Connecticut, you must go to the book barn. It's literally just as it sounds. Several large barns and out buildings bursting at the seams filled with books.

Also miss A is such a cutie, especially with that bob hair style!!

The Little Stranger is fabulous! Sarah Water's is a great writer - so evocative. It's that English thing again :-) If you enjoy this one, and you haven't already done so, you must read The Night Watch - her novel set during WWII - it's told in the voices of several different characters and works its way backwards - from the end of the war to the beginning - which sounds odd but works remarkably well. And just as you long to know whats GOING to happen in the usual time line of a book, in The Night Watch, you long to know HOW they got to where they did. It's great. Enjoy The Little Stranger! Sounds like it's the perfect weather for snuggling up by the window with a book.

I LOVE The Little Stranger! You'll see, as you are a great reader, how it pays homage to other works in a very subtle manner.

Are those Cyclamen blooming outside? And the snowdrops blooming already? It makes me hopeful for spring. I love these blustery days, and your beautiful photos documenting a simple life. It reminds me of a quote from Thomas Moore-"The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest. " Thank you for allowing us a glimpse inside.

I cannot begin to tell you the joy I get reading your posts...your..".pho...toes" as my best friends son says...could be a fine book...and then .....all you make ......and then!!!!! The little dumpling and the animals!!!
Just delightful.....
You are an amazingly talented artist....with the coolest family!!

That ponytail absolutely SLAYS me. Oh my stars, indeed.

And, books. No reading time, I know. And not even sure what you'd think of this one. But we just finished Allie Brosh's Hyperbole and a Half, and we cannot. stop. laughing. hysterically. There is (due disclosure) a wee bit of strong language, but oh, the dog passages, and the kid flashbacks, and, well, everything, are painfully funny. Also, it's a graphic novel, so it reads fastfastfast. Also, she lives in Bend.

Now, I need to go read my copy of The Sparrow. And then finish your last post. Because I *so* didn't look!!!

Except my girl said, sweetly, today, "Mom, I think Miss Maggie needs a jacket. With a hood. That you knit. SOON." Seems she saw a certain printed pattern...

Maybe The Sparrow's thick enough to hold itself down while the #5's fly? We shall see!


Gahhh that girl. What a wonderful year indeed! So happy for you all. xo

There is nothing I love more than browsing new books to read and following up on others suggestions, like I read last week on your blog. It is so easy to do it online! And to create a wish list on Amazon. And to use a kindle when you can get books instantly anytime, day or night! Just a suggestion now that you are a busy mom, really its so easy. After I got my kindle, I never looked back. I only buy arts and craft books now.

I really enjoy your exquisite photos and writing. you are a lovely family! thank you for sharing

just LOVE your precious doodle girl, and your crochet and stitching and photos, and the description of shopping with little ones, so funny and true. LOVE powells!

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