Wild and Wooly

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To the north, the sky was pewter gray, that deep, thick color that means snow somewhere. Instead, we had wind and we had rain. All last night the wind wouldn't stop; it whipped the trees high above the house, and rain peppered the windows unevenly. Restless sounds. This morning the wind settled and the sky cleared for a bit and Amelia and I ventured out into the green and the wet. There were branches and debris everywhere, ancient, craggy limbs and sticks littering the road and the sidewalks. Spring signs pushed forth everywhere we looked. Spring in Oregon is blustery, wild, and wooly. It's slow to start and long to linger.

Thank you for your feedback on The Goldfinch! I truly appreciate everyone who took the time to give their opinions (especially ones that were different than mine)! That book was a major reading adventure, seriously. It was good to debrief — I needed it!!! It was so much fun to read a book that a lot of other people are reading at the same time, too. Thank you also for the book recommendations. We went to Powell's on Saturday. It was my intention to take my phone, pull up the blog comments, and look through the suggestions and leisurely browse for some of the titles you suggested. Nothing could've been further from what actually happened. It was sooooo crowded (doi — Saturday) and the store is being remodeled (doi — forgot); huge chunks of it are off-limits and the books have been moved to other sections of the store. Things are really tight now. The temporary shelves were great but the aisles were skinny. Andy was across the store and I had Amelia in the umbrella stroller dropping shoes, bottle, and barrette every few yards. We'd already had lunch and been lamp shopping and gone to Anthropology so the window of opportunity was closing, and I was on the run. Turns out, this may be a great way for me to pick out books! I pulled an Amelia, speed-reading my way through the flaps and blurbs, hurling used paperbacks under the stroller, and picking up tossed baby accessories as fast as I could. I got four books and I can't even remember what they all are (but I know one, the one I'm now reading, is The Little Stranger). There must have been thirty or forty people in line by the time we got to the checkout and I'll tell you what, they were doing an Amelia themselves, because we went through that line so fast it was actually funny. We were out before the nipper got cranky and even had time to go get a hot cocoa across the street on the way back to the car. Boom, done, and done [brushes off hands]!

But I am going to spend time looking through the suggestions and making a list for next time I get to go to the store. Thank you again!

Slowly but surely working on my crochet and embroidery at night while watching the Olympics. Very excited to be done with the lampshade and see how it looks. The pattern doesn't tell you which Minut lamp to get from Ikea, and there are two sizes with the same name. I got the smaller one and it seems to be fitting okay. We'll see.

Valentine lasagnas! And just look at how utterly scrumptious that adorable, wonderful, loveable, squeezeable, precious pudge of a baby girl was at this time last year:


Oh my stars. Time flies. What an amazing year.


Fargere Kathy says: February 19, 2014 at 01:06 AM

bonjour, je prend plaisir a lire votre blog et admirer vos magnifiques photos régulièrement. Même si la distance jusqu'en France et énormes les petits plaisirs de la vie semble similaires !Merci de me faire voyager par votre intermédiaire..

So excited that you are enjoying spring already; here in MO we likely have quite a few more weeks left. It makes me want to visit Portland desperately.

Miss A is a doll and getting so big! Love the colors in her floral top.

Enjoy your crocheting!

Amelia - Bless her dear, sweet, adorable, little heart. And those hands, oh my.

You always inspire me to light a candle in the morning when I read your posts to cozy things up. You've created such a feeling of warmth and comfort in your home. Thanks for continuing to share with us!

I can't believe how long her hair is now! So adorable!

Your little angel is growing cuter every day. I can see that she is surrounded by love. Such joy!

What precious days with Mimi! I'm a new mom myself, and I'd love to hear if you have more recommendations for children's books (Peekaboo has been a big hit with our little Erik) and music.

Pretty lamp! Amelia is soooooo adorable, I am loving her lillte pageboy haircut!

It's amazing how fast children grow. Your Amelia is such a sweet little one. I just completed reading the Misremembered Man. It was really a good read and I got it cheap on Amazon kindle books.

Your girl is adorable. She makes me smile every time she appears in my blog feed.

She is just a doll-getting cuter by the day :)

i was thinking how your A has become a toddler and than wham the pic from a year ago - what a lot of sweet changes

Oh my stars ! An Oregon Junco ! To a birder here in Pa , that is the real deal .
We sometimes have a Junco with some brown on it , but I am never sure to call it an
Oregon !
I love your blog , your little one is so precious . And your photos are awesome .
Thank You for sharing .

Cuteness!! I am reading Jane Austen's Persuasion. I love Jane! It looks like Amelia's hair is getting lighter? What a surprise! I can only read so much new fiction before I have to go back to the classics. I did just read Cleveland Amory's trilogy (non-fiction) which begins with The Cat Who Came for Christmas (about his rescued cat, Polar Bear, and a lot of other things!). I wonder if you have read his books. Highly witty and entertaining. He founded the Fund for Animals and Black Beauty Ranch, an animal sanctuary.

Amelia is mega cute!
On the book front, I have read the Little Stranger, and really enjoyed it. I second the Larksleve trilogy by Patricia Wendorf, actually, I think there is another book called Double Wedding Ring (after the quilt pattern.)
Also the Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes. I felt moved to write to Jojo and say how fabulous it was, something I have never done before in my long reading career.
For something completely different, simple, warm, funny and wise stories set in Botswana, try The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency stories.
Happy reading!

Her hair looks to be lightening for Spring/Summer ahead - so delicious!

Amelia is beautiful...and growing all too quickly! Thank you for the booklist your blog generated for many of us! I love to read...but not necessarily from the best seller list. Some of my favorites that I think you may enjoy are: Women of the Silk, The Samurai's Garden, The Street of a Thousand Blossoms, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, Shanghai Girls, Loving Frank, I Know This Much Is True,
The Kitchen Help, the Prince of Tides, The Red Tent. I could go on and on, but I'll spare you and stop here. Happy reading, happy creating - life is good!

your use of "doi" completely tickled me and immediately took me back nearly 40 years - - I grew up in illinois, and my sisters and I ALWAYS said "DOI!" as opposed to "duh," but I've lived far from there for many years now and can't recall hearing a "doi" since those childhood days - - is it a midwestern thing, you suppose?

I'm always in love with your photos! Happy almost spring to all of you. I love Powell's bookstore - I mistakenly took my husband and two 6 year olds there this summer while we were visiting. I tried to rationalize that visit - there were four of us - but our bill was almost $200! My son would have bought the entire lego section of books given the chance (even ones he already owns!)

I rarely comment on blogs, but I just have to say…Amelia is by far one of the CUTEST babies I have ever seen!!! She's soooooo cute!

Love the snowdrop picture. My East Texas granny always had their beautiful cousin, snowflakes, blooming at this time of the year. Your sweet little girl is growing so. Happy days.

Can someone tell me where those adorable pajamas are from? I love the Spring-ness of this post! What an artist you are, in all things!

A book as big as life itself : Wild; by Cheryl Strayed? True story and lots of hiking the Pacific Trail, by a Portland native.

oh goodness! third time around i just noticed the first shirt. are those teeny hearts circling the shirt? soooo cute.

I think in the second photo of Amelia she looks so much like Andy. My how she has grown! So sweet. I love the little farm embroidery. Id there a pattern? We live on a farm with cows and chickens, dogs cats and I used to have sheep and started learning to spin. You should show Amelia the photo of the calf on my blog today.
Beautiful photos!
xo jan

I read The Little Stranger...I knew it sounded familiar. It was a gift from my cousin. I liked it a lot and have considered reading it again. I don't know that I'd heavily recommend it unless I knew someone was into that kind of thing. Can't wait to hear what you think.

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