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Rainy-day ways: Walking, walking (in any kind of weather). Every morning, we are out, rain or shine. It's quiet, and the birds are singing. The robins hop around in the squelching grass, looking for breakfast. The wind blows the rain from the dripping tree branches, and everything's soaked. It's cold and quiet. You can hear the wind. It won't really be warm for a while, though compared to the rest of the pitiable, winter-locked country, we're balmy and flourescent here. We talk as we walk or sometimes she sleeps, only to wake at the bakery where we frequently have our breakfast (chai, toast, blueberries). She sits in the high chair, watching all the people, occasionally stopping to munch while she quietly watches. She comments: "Uh oh!" if a dish falls. "Hi!" to every and all. "Da!" and pointing at every pendant lamp (there are many — now I notice them everywhere we go, because she does). Signing for "more" (put your fingertips together) breakfast. I drink tea and read my book (my gosh, I had to put down The Little Stranger! Right after the party scene [i.e.: not very far in!]. I was so scared I couldn't continue. You warned me!) while she people-watches, turning her head to follow anyone moving, sometimes just sitting and looking like she's listening to and considering other peoples' conversations, chewing. She loves everything. I love everything with her. Sixteen months. I love this age. Just starting to talk. "Hi baa!" at the store, waving to a bin full of colorful rubber balls. Hi pendant lamp!!! Hi new glasses!!! Hi flower that smells like spring!!! I clip a sprig of daphne to put in a buttonhole on my shirt every morning. She brings me her scarf, her boots. I put them on her and she wears them around the house after we get home.

I'm procrastinating. Taxes, pattern writing I need to do, a yarn order that was received without everything on the packing slip, and a funky, almost-felted cone of sport-weight wool needs to be returned, along with the pajama jeans that are too big and the raincoat that I ordered for myself without realizing it was a kid's coat (what in the world). Also, the Minut lamp for the crocheted lampshade needs to be the large size, not the small — the pattern doesn't specify. Naturally, I bought the small. Instead of doing chores, I sew, and find Simplicity pattern 6713 from the year 1966 to be just about the most perfect shape ever conceived — the circular yoke, the right amount of fullness, such nice angles at the sleeve. I've made it for her before. This time, I used the gray with yellow flowers (from JoAnn's) which was so lightweight it almost felt like lawn. You hand-sew in the bodice lining and the hem at night while watching Psych (and yes, we are crying on the inside during these last six episodes — Andy was seriously disappointed in Wednesday's episode; I was, too, but I think it was just a set up. They have a lot of loose ends to tie up, if they do wind up tying them up. And if James Roday I mean Shawn does not ask Maggie Lawson I mean Juliet to marry him I'm going to start shreiking with pineappled frustration, FYI. Yes, James Roday I want to see TWO WEDDINGS [yours, and yours] come out of these six episodes, dangit!!! Or at least two engagements. C'MON SON!!!)

Now: Bobby and Bibby. The deep-sea diver and the squid. Crocheted by DADDY. Who is also writing an album called The Bobby and Bibby Show, a variety show featuring original songs by every one of the most-loved stuffed animals in the house. Bobby, Bibby, Nighty Knight McNye-t'aghin, Mr. C, Heather, Margot, and Billie. So far. The man is amazing.


Aww Miss Amelia is getting so big - I love her winter coat and yellow wellies - yellow wellies are enough to make anyone smile no matter how cold and damp the weather! And yes, 16 months is a wonderful age (but - spoilers - so is 17 and 18 and ....!!)

Always a joy to read your posts! I love how your little girl is always dressed so very girly, can't wait to have one of my own someday. I too will make her all kinds of traditional girly dresses and clothes. I must learn to knit.

I just cannot get enough of pictures of your little lovie pie. And all her sweet little girl dresses....I was born in 1962 in Normandy to USAF Airman and wife. They were young and poor and Mum made most of my clothes. She was heavily influenced by her French surroundings, and dressed me accordingly. She would make herself a dress, then make me one from the scraps, and then make one for my ragdoll from those scraps. She had made a ragdoll to look like me, and stuffed her with old nylon stockings. They lived in a rented farmhouse with no telephone or refrigerator. She learned to market everyday, didn't speak much French, but somehow learned to shop with the help of the local ladies, who loved Americans, and cooed over her pretty little children. What a time it must have been. I think of her stories when I see little Amelia in her cotton dresses.

Have you read the book Slammed, by Colleen Hoover? Every chapter begins with The Avett Brothers lyrics, and the characters talk about The Avett Brothers a lot....

Andy's crocheted squid and deep-sea diver are hilariously adorable!! Right up there with his knitted fried egg! And here I had been thinking since October that the crochet lesson must have failed. How wrong I was! Also looking forward to the album. And Alicia, that is a lovely little green dress on a lovely little girl.

Kelly Nordwall says: March 12, 2014 at 01:16 PM

Oh my...we're big Psych fans here, too...

Thank you as always for sharing such wonderful pictures and stories.


Really looking forward to seeing Amelia in her ballet shoes. It would make my day as I used to teach ballet.

You know, looking at your dear little ones face... she is growing... her face is getting a bit longer, less toddlerish (is that a word... probably not!lol). What a sweetie...
Thank you for sharing... you didn't/don't have too. But it's so sweet that you do.

I, in general, love everything you have to say...but your thoughts on Psych?? Couldn't have said it better myself. C'mon Son!!

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