Spring Scramble

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Since daylight savings time, we have not been sleeping through the night again. At the three a.m. wake-up call (and sometimes, that's the third wake-up call of the night) I do my Nancy Kerrigan, clutching at my knees and howling, "Why??? Why???" into the darkness. (I don't know why everyone made so much fun of N.K. for doing that; I do it quite regularly for far, far lesser catastrophes, and even then it feels like I could still stand to dial it up a notch or two.) Like clockwork (ha ha), our nighttime routine got garage-saled — parts and pieces everywhere, everywhere — on the night we turned the clocks forward, and has yet to be cleaned up. We are scrambling. As everyone says, this too shall pass, so I don't worry. But I am tired. I can't tell you one thing I've had for dinner (let alone made for dinner) in the past week (aside from the Irish soda bread, corned beef, and cabbage [and apple pie Andy made for Pi Day, 3/14]) though I know we ate. I can't remember where we went or what we did, though I think it was fun. The days sort of pass in bright, breezy, flower-sprinkled blurs. The yard is sunken and scuzzy, the sidewalks wet, the stroller wheels caked in mud and petals. In a fit of nostalgia, I buy Crabtree & Evelyn Spring Rain shower gel and some hyacinth oil. I pre-wash fabrics and plan spring dresses for me and for Mimi, having gotten rid of nearly everything in my closet recently, leaving only two new pairs of pajama-jeans, five old pairs of knit pants from Target that are supposed to be actual pajamas, eight variations of the same Dansko clog, and fourteen navy-striped long-sleeved t-shirts. Uuuuugh. Turns out I wasn't actually wearing anything else in my closet. In my head, I don't dress like my junior-high volleyball coach but like a Bloomsbury poet, all Liberty smock tops with bell sleeves and big pockets holding my garden pruners, ready to clip off frothy cones of lilac blossoms shining with raindrops. Or like Jane Birkin in a peasant dress and market bag. Or Tasha Tudor in a calico apron and Gunne Sax skirt. I need new clothes so bad.

I do know that we got some flowers (from one of my favorite nurseries, Cornell Farms) on the weekend and planted them in the front porch pots with help from our little flower girl. Clover's incredulous expression — she votes "no confidence" daily in our ability to successfully wrangle Amelia — is typical. I see that face several dozen times a day. She thinks we are quite incompetent. And Amelia did fall down on Friday afternoon and smash her lip on the floor. There was a big fat lip and a lot of tears (and baby crying always means dog howling at the same time — the cacophony of them plaintively wailing in stereo is seriously deafening). But Amelia gets over stuff so quickly (faster than Clover). It's inspiring. So the porch looks better, the lip looks better, and we'll probably uncover the back yard furniture today. That's my "confidence" vote for you, spring! Bringing out the pillows.

In the studio, the kits continue to come together, and concurrently, I'm having a new logo designed and new web site built. I know. It's a big project and we've been working on it for a few months now. We just finalized the logo this week. It's so pretty. I love doing stuff like this, but it's nervewracking, too. I care so much and drive everyone insane. I have a vision for things but can't do them myself. I'm planning on having the new web site finished at the same time that the new patterns/kits — for four new animals (kitters, doe, mousie, and fox) and their clothing, which is all interchangeable between animals — done sometime toward the end of May. That's the plan!

Grandma Paulson comes from Chicago for a visit this weekend. Andy and I talked this morning about going to a movie! I think it has to be The Grand Budapest Hotel. It's been a year and a half since we went to a movie. Hot popcorn! Giant sodas! Movie trailers! No cell phones! People do this!!! It's really quite thrilling. Ohmigosh. I can't wait.


The bread in the post looks absolutely delicious. Is this something you made or got at the bakery? If you made, please share the recipe or the site for the recipe. Love your photography. Thanks!

So Precious, the little one. and spring is the best!
we went to a movie just yesterday, for our anniversary. it's been at least 10 years since we've been to a theater! The popcorn was outrageously expensive ($6.25/sm, $9 or so for a lg.!!!!) and we just couldn't do it. ah well. we enjoyed our movie all the same, I'm sure you will, too!!!

Sweet little Clover Meadow! She looks so very concerned and flummoxed!

Troy Louise says: March 18, 2014 at 11:18 AM

Again, such beautiful photos & wonderful writing. How you make me smile. It's so fun to see Amelia delighting in the springtime air. And, that adorable Clover looking so perplexed! I'm having a bit of a time with that daylight savings change also. I think we should start a movement to put an end to time changes. Hope you get some rest the next few days. Can't wait to see the new kits. Hugs to all.

That look of non confidence from Clover is a hoot! You made me see something I otherwise would have missed.

The best has to be the little pink tongue sticking out in concentration while she tries to pick some itty bitty thing up from the ground.

Lovely girl!

I feel you on the website - and the lack of sleep :) and the clothes issue! Kisses to that sweet girl, and that sweet pup!

Goodness, I saw the photos of Amelia walking around and I thought, "What?! No! How can that baby be a fully mobile human already?" It's crazy how fast they grow...

Sweet Clover...she does have a look of "CAN'T YOU SEE WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE?!" look on her face.

The change from late winter in the Northwest (gray and 51F) to early spring in the Northwest (gray and 53F) is rather subtle. Good thing there are daffodils to keep us on track. And I have your posts to keep ME on track.

Reading this post just made me so happy. I'm sitting on the couch, week two of a hideous cold, and you just lifted my spirits, as you always do! Love seeing Mimi march through the nursery with such confidence! Enjoy your movie date!

I'm so happy for you. She is beautiful and what a little blessing.
Love the photos of Ms. Clover and Amelia. Too sweet! : )

Amelia's tongue sticking out--so funny. The tongue thrust of concentration.

Oh, you poor tired dear!

And oh, that sweet face! (that tongue!!)

Yes to movies! I missed twelve years' worth. Still catching up. Time for all that, later :)

You know what's so funny? I hadn't even noticed the dog in the photos until i read what you wrote. Then I went back and looked and she does have an hilarious expression on her face. Just one of deep concern. :)

Love the photo of little Mimikins walking around.... and then the photo with her little tongue out as she concentrates! Oh, such sweetness. Happy Spring to you!

Ahh, parenthood. Never a dull moment, and after 26 years of parenthood I would not trade one moment for it has made me a better person.
blessings, jill

I love this post!
The flowers are dear, and Amelia... and everything.
Yes, the horrible time change... nothing can justify the villainy of this!! "Why??" indeed.
And then the picture of Amelia strolling around, just as though she's walked all her life and when I saw Clover's expression I just had to say something... but you said exactly what my head was failing to put into words: "Clover's incredulous expression — she votes "no confidence" daily in our ability to successfully wrangle Amelia." Yes, she's cocked her ears and turned her dear, earnest face, and so dearly expresses unease, and alarm.
I'm gushing, and feeling happy, because you share such a fun and inspiring bit of spring and hope, and a bit of the mud and drama, too. It's such a gift you have. Thank you.

Hi Posie - First, I'm gobsmacked to see that your little one is WALKING! She is beautiful and I've loved watching her grow. And second, today I had to check to see where the heck you live because we're locked in with snow here (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) and I'm more than a lot jealous of your flowers and ability to wear sweaters (without the addition of a big down coat and wool hat and mittens and boots - yeesh). I love snow, but I'm done with it and want green things now. You give me hope that the snow will go.

Oh how adorable is that Sassy Miss from the back . . ."yeah, it's me, I'm here and I'm walkin'" . . .love it!

Send some spring our way here in New England!

Speaking of clothes Alicia, I saw this pinafore online and thought it would be adorable on you!! Of course you could probably sew one yourself but I'm not that crafty! Here is the link. Very cute!! http://roughlinen.com/pinafore.html

Crabtree & Evelyn spring rain is one of the best smells in the world, I love it, hope you do get to go to the cinema and have a great time


SIGO ESPERANDO UN COMENTARIO???????????????????????????????????

The flowers are gorgeous!!! You give us all who are waiting, waiting, waiting, hope that indeed spring is on the way.

Clover is taking her job very seriously!
And Amelia is owning her little world.

Lucky you, sleepy Mom!!

Poor baby - clock changes are tough when you're only little! I hope it passes soon and that you all get some more sleep! But then again there are worse ways to spend your days than in a blossom and baby scented blur.

Mimi is upright! No small wonder she wants to begin her daily adventure at the crack of dawn. But poor sleep-deprived you.

January was ten years since I've been to a movie, so enjoy it for me too. I love that you are making clothes for yourself. I have a couple of summer skirts planned for me. In my head, I do not have the body of an old man - a belly, no butt and skinny legs. In my head, I'm much better-proportioned.

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