Camassia Girl

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Camassia Natural Area, West Linn, Oregon; April 26, 2014.


These photos are oh-so-precious. Mimi is the most adorable baby. I love photos of her! Were mine ever so little?

Lovely, Alicia!

Everything about this is gorgeous.

Love the scenery. Gorgeous girl.

GORGEOUS. Love her boots.

Dang. I just wish I could kiss those little cheeks!

I want to comment on every post of yours, but I stop myself. However, I cannot hold it in this time. She is just so gorgeous, and you photograph her beautifully. There is something storybook about your photos--how she looks, and how she is dressed, and the fairytale backdrop of your every adventure. Thank you for sharing.

That's it! You have officially driven me nuts! I want spring so bad but we've gotten the cold shoulder here in Minnesota. If it weren't for the cute girl, I just wouldn't be able to come here again. ;)

Alicia, I love seeing your beautiful face on your blog! What a sweet and lovely family you are! I've been reading your blog for years now, and I am so, so happy to see you being a mama.

What beautiful photos. Such a great age when little ones can discover nature with their own hands (and mouths, and grass stained knees...still, just magical).

Love,love these pictures....your little one is adorable. Blessings

So sweet. And it's nice to see you on the other side of the camera for a change. A very happy family indeed.

She really is the cutest wee one. It's a joy to see all the photos of your beautiful girl, thank you so much for sharing with us.

Somehow made me feel like diving deep into an old fashion novel, probably british. Beautiful photos.

Oh I love it! Love that sweet facial she pulls once she's finally made that jump. And it's great to see you too :) what precious pics.

She is too cute!

What a confident girl making that big step on uneven ground. These are exceptionally nice pictures of the fam. Thank you for sharing.

Love Mimi's sweater, especially the her sweet smile. Love mommy's sweet smile. The most beautiful family!

Gorgeous! You should select some of those and frame them for a series. They are just so beautiful and precious. What an amazing day that must have been.

And she is rocking the pigtails!

Little darling..she suits ferns and blooms and woods.

Beautiful photos Alicia - and so good to see you in one! Mimi is so precious and you dress her so beautifully. Thank you for sharing.

Often I wonder if this is the most loved child in the entire world!

So many beautiful pictures. Your little one is adorable!
I agree with the storybook comment.
Looks like you had a lovely outing.

She's blooming, your little girl! I can't think of anything cuter than pigtails and rubber boots in the spring. Enjoy your blessings...

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