Rain Day

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And all of us home together on a Sunday. With nothing to do and nowhere to go and no car (which suddenly and completely lost all power on Friday afternoon while I was going 35 mph from Barbur Blvd. to Naito Parkway with baby sleeping in the back seat — seriously scary, with nowhere to pull over, and now I'll be trading in my nineteen-year-old Volvo and getting a new car — wah). The imposed immobility was a boon; rarely do we spend a whole weekend at home together without going somewhere in the car. We walked as much as we could stand to in the rain. We talked and cooked and worked on the yard and took a bath and read and slept and I slept some more. I fell asleep on the couch while watching Globe Trekker. I almost fell asleep in the bathtub reading Diary of a Nobody (which Andy loves, he being a big Jerome K. Jerome fan, too). I told him I felt sure my connective tissues were dissolving, I was that tired. My arms and legs felt like noodles, my brain blank and woolly. Amelia, who has not been keen on bathing without screaming this winter, later came in with me and played contentedly, drawing with the bath crayons while I poured water from a little cup over and over again down her back. We did this for ages and only screamed once. The water eventually turned chilly and she got out and I stayed in and drained the tub and turned on the shower, as hot as I could stand. Daytime stretched into dinnertime, then bedtime. The sky turned gray then light then gray then rained then lightened then rained then poured. I ate tapioca pudding for dessert. I'd like to do the whole day over again, and keep it exactly the same.


Carolyn A. says: May 05, 2014 at 11:03 AM

Sigh ... Sounds heavenly. xxoo

you know how to do sundays...xoxo the snow is finally gone here!

Those days are the best! There's only so much exploring we can do... every now and then, home is where we want to be.

Sorry about the car problems. I know how scary that can be. Mine stopped dead and immediately burst into flames. Thankfully, none of my 4 children were in the car at the time - it was many years ago. Sad you have to say goodbye to your old friend - but happy for you to make a new one!! Other than that, sounds like a lovely way to spend a Sunday or any day!!

Sounds great. Your garden looks super cute. Love pictures from your house and garden.

Except for the car quitting [ how scary], your weekend seems just lovely. I hope you are feeling rested now and have more energy. Just wondering, have you had your thyroid levels checked? If they are off it's the pits. I have had Graves Disease since my early 20's and if my meds are off I am exhausted and wooly headed too.

A fine weekend for re-charging. I was leading a bus trip to Timberline Lodge on Saturday.. they put on an amazing buffet for 42 of us. I just love that place and remember your neat shots of when you were there a year or so ago. I want to go back and spend the night. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Look at her boots and her bum..:)

Cute book alert for kiddies..
Roots Shoots Buckets and Boots..Sharon Lovejoy..I have it and enjoy it..I think you would too.
It's been raining for 100 yrs here it seems..
My gardens need me.. and some warmth and sun..or we will be frozen in time with nothing blooming!
I have to tell you..that me..who needs another pie plate like..well you know..ordered the cast iron one..my daughters friends are going to the US and will bring it home for me..
Thank you for the tip:)

Never fun to need a new car.I usually hold onto mine forever too..3 yrs ago..I had to..
Glad I did now.
Oh my gosh..Marsha..lucky you out of the car!
Love her built ins and window seat..

Rainy days plus motherhood have the same effect on me! It's taken me til now to realise this and try to just go with it rather than fight it, but I think I'm getting there. Knitting has helped, that slow warm rhythm and the picking up and putting down of it. I watched a great programme here on the BBC about how different animals around the world respond to the sun: so many just cannot operate at all until they've soaked enough in and warmed up. I thought: that's me! ~Hannah

I could fall in love with some rain.

heaven, or the afterlife, alternate universe or whatever....i want it to look just like Mimi's room!!!!!

Things planted by sweet baby girls grow the best.

So completely enchanting. You are my hero. I have crocheted the sweet Mina dress for my Sophia (who loves your Mimi:) because she wanted a dress just like i knitted for Maggie Rabbit (your sweet blue knitted dress was my first ever knitted garment!) She loves her Maggie and her new dress...with a matching cloche hat and drawstring bag (crocheted from a sweet pattern I found on Ravelry...which I finally felt confident enough to join) Huge progress here in my world of starting over with a little one...she's 3...at 52 1/2 years old. I feel your tired all the way here in Tennessee...its the only kind of tired that only a mommy knows.
Your posts make my world. You are inspiration to me as a woman, as a momma, as a writer...gardener...knitter...crochet addict.
Thank you.

Colleen says: May 05, 2014 at 01:00 PM

That photo of her in her pink knitted scarf really took me aback! She looked so much like my baby girl (now 23 years old) that it shocked me. I think it was the stare but the nose and the pigtails.


Sounds like a pretty perfect day and so beautifully shared!

The dresser drawers are so pretty and I adore how you style your home. I think I see Audrey's portrait on the wall? Sweet, dog that she was.

It's all lovely. It always is. And I love your outlook.

Such a lovely post. Thank you for sharing. <3

Your day sounds just perfect! And your photos are so lovely.

Bliss, utter bliss. Such beautiful words and photos as always. The muted colours of your rug are dreamy. The magic you sprinkle over your lovely blog is strong today. CJ xx

I'm old enough to be your MOM! And yet, I LOVE reading your well written words, watching your adorable child, and being reminded to stop and "just be". What a darling family you are. Speaking as a senior gal, I wish there were more out there like you. I had to laugh. . .I have a 19 year old Volvo as well(205,000 miles). Mine has not given up,but, buying a new car is in my future.Thank you for your blog. I enjoy it.

Your pictures is always so beautiful!

Oh sweet perfection. I always wish for weekends like that but it always ends up much more frenzied. So glad it was so slow and relaxing.

Oh my goodness! That pigtail picture of her in the pink scarf!!!!! So very precious.

Oh no, don't tell me the yellow boots are no more.

I LOVE coming here. Your beautiful pictures are AMAZING!!! You have such a talent! You are blessed!

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