At the Beach

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For the very first time. What an awesome day, in every single solitary way.

Cannon Beach, Oregon
June 24, 2014


I just love reading your entries. Your pictures look great-looks like a super fun day was had by all:)

Your photos are beyond beautiful.....such joy. :)

oh my god, can I just say emphatically that I want to go there?? Goonies never say die. And that last pic? Perfection.

Gorgeous pictures of your wonderful day! Was it Amelia's first time at the beach? Oh what joy to experience all those firsts and see things new again through the eyes of your girl!

That stripy suit and those pigtails-- she's a teeny tiny Pippi!

very nice pictures! we have same weather now in my country....

Wow - what stunning scenery. Exploring the beach through a little one's eyes has to be one of the best things in the world and it looks like Miss Amelia was in her element!

What a beautiful day! Lovely all around

Esther Sunday says: June 26, 2014 at 12:58 PM

Although I have not missed a post in many years and don't often comment, today I felt compelled. Today's pictures just completely moved me. Thank you. Xxx Love, Esther Sunday

Beautiful images :) x

It looks like a really wonderful day, such a big adventure for a little girl. We had a bit of a beach day today as well, my littlest boy and me, I went on his school trip. Good memories made all round I think. CJ xx

Baby's first beach day is always so special. Taking my little one for his first dip in the sea next month--so excited!

Amelia's boots are FAN-TAS-TIC. I never thought a toddler would be my fashion inspiration, but wow. She rocks those things with any kind of outfit. What brand are they?

When my children were young, we lived near the beach at Amelia Island, FL. We all loved the wide open space where they could run for little people "miles" and I would never lose sight of them. They thought the place was magical. I loved the magic of how tired they got playing there, and how they would sleep contentedly the whole way home. Your little Amelia looks like she just discovered her heaven on earth too. PS - I love her outfit and pigtails! so adorable.

love love love. and your matchy stripes! xoxo

Let me gush again. Just total awe, wonder and joy in Amelia's so captured those moments. (Just an FYI when my kids were little we would also head south a bit to Hug Point. There is a spot where a waterfall comes out from above, removed from the ocean, but still on the beach. My kids would spend hours in the water. Building dams, splashing and playing. It is a great kid spot! From the parking lot you go down to the beach and then go north.)

when did she turn into SUCH a little girl!? I've been noticing it the last few weeks, but there's just no denying it now :)

Lacy Province says: June 26, 2014 at 01:34 PM


Ahhh, now that you have introduced her to the beach, she is NEVER going to want to go back inside again. Love the look of joy on her face as she relishes the view of the ocean!

Oh what a precious day and how happy she looks!!! Lovely!

I LOVE that you've been posting more often! Your posts are a nice respite in my busy days. :)

There is nothing like a little one at the beach... all that space to run and run, just for fun. Awesome.

Love these! Such unbridled joy! And the intentness with which she appears to listen to mama and papa as they explain all things new- squeal!!

So beautiful! So grey and Oregon-y, too!
When we were first married, we'd drive from southwest Washington down to the Oregon coast quite often. There's nothing like it! Your little beach bum LOVED it, obviously!

Karan Sheahan says: June 26, 2014 at 02:09 PM

Had to comment today... Your girl always makes me smile:) just knowing what Joy she brings to you and others is a wonderful thing. Xxxxx

Kristen from MA says: June 26, 2014 at 02:14 PM

Awww, sweet! :)

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