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I had a day out last week with my dear friend Aimee. We had lunch and then we shopped and then we sat by the fountain downtown and had milkshakes. I came home with a dolly umbrella stroller for Mimi, since she'd been walking off with everyone else's when she sees them at the park. She prefers carrying it around, bringing it onto the sofa, pushing it around without a dolly in it, pushing it around with a rock in it, dragging it both up and down the deck stairs y herself, pushing it on the gravel. It's pretty dang cute to watch her pushing it. Everything she does is just so charming and fascinating to me. Watching her become a little girl, especially this past month, is just . . . I don't even know. I actually just don't even have words. Maybe a couple of little sobs, because it's just so startlingly beautiful to watch someone growing up. Every day has so many beautiful little things in it I hardly know where to start to say.

I made a Suzanne dress out of Liberty Emma and Georgina A (with another kind of Liberty for the insert, but I don't remember the name of that one). The Suzanne that I made a few years ago I couldn't get on her — as designed, the back has no opening, and the bodice is just too tight to get little arms up and under and through armholes. I wound up cutting the back and the insert into two separate pieces and adding an inch extra to each, then creating a 6 or 7 inch opening in the back (just hemmed each side with a 1/4" double-turned hem, and added a couple of snaps on the insert part, to close). It's a pretty invisible fix, really, but makes all the difference. I don't know if the larger sizes have this problem (I made a size 2) but man, it's just such a cute dress. I love the cut and the blossomy effect of the skirt. And so fast and easy and sweet and light. More of them to come.

I got some simply amazing, luscious, soft, light, creamy, wonderful, incredibly gorgeous bulky handspun undyed Alpaca yarn from my beautiful friend Rebekka the other day. I'm thinking there can be no other future for this yarn than cowl. Maybe even mama cowl. . . . Maybe there's even enough for both of us. . . . Oh my word. If it weren't NINETY-SEVEN DEGREES HERE TODAY I would consider knitting. You know how much I love my vent. I would have to leave it to wind up the yarn so I might have to wait. . . .

Before the earth started to scorch in places, I was out on one particularly lovely gray afternoon (those are the lovely ones, as far as I'm concerned) becoming infatuated with my little spray of front-yard flowers. The purples, pinks, and poppies. (The first photo [that's Besaw's restaurant garden], the community garden photo, and the next two after that [the lavender poppies] are not my flowers, but all the ones after it are from our yard.) If I can figure out a way to capture the effervescence of this little garden in embroidery, oh but I would like to try. It's such a sweet little spot! Those seeds worked. (Well, they worked in the sunny places. In the shady places, not so much.) But the sunny spots — they're spotted with blossoms, and they are bringing me great joy.

***Here's how we make our shrimp bowls.


The wildflowers are SO SWEET. I've always heard people say that it didn't work for them, but this is lovely.

I love your wildflower patch! My shirley poppies are just blooming, too. They're some of my favorite things in the garden. Fragile little crepe paper things on those wiry stems, impossible to keep in jars...


Your yard is so amazing. It just begs for folks to come sit and visit over a pitcher of sweet tea! Or lemonade. Or wine. :) Whatever your visiting flavor may be.

Even at 97 degrees, I could spend all day in your garden. Just heavenly.

Just lovely! Wonderful flowers, and your daughter looks so sweet:)

STUNNING photos. I am new to your blog and loving this!

Oh my, she's getting so big! Hi Mimi!

I love those wildflowers so much. I'm really glad they grew for you. I think it's just too sunny where I live. I spread seeds year after year and they don't work well for me...except for the black-eyed Susan daisies. Now those grow prolifically. I just clipped some for the kitchen table this morning.

By vent you mean ac vent? I knit all year long because I DO have ac....isn't that why it was invented? LOL!
Look at your little girl in her cute outfits that her mama made sweet.
The flowers are lovely no matter whose they are.
It's only 86 here but very humid...I don't care what they say a "dry" heat is easier to bear.
Remember that darling undersea diver and octopus that Andy made? I still can't believe that talented just like his wife! Anyway, I think it's on my list for this year as I have grands that are loving all things sea related.
I need to make pickles today as I bought a bunch at the farmer's market....I was in the mood, not so much. I hope it cools off for you!

Again your love of all things inspires me to be happy.

Wow, you have perfectly captured my feelings with my own daughters. It IS "startlingly beautiful" to watch someone grow up, isn't it? I tried to explain that to someone recently, how I always expected to love my children, I just never knew I would fall more deeply in love with them each day. Lovely. Your wildflowers are fantastic, and I surely hope that you do find a way to capture them in embroidery.....and selfishly speaking, perhaps share pattern/colors. Ooooooh, new Posie pattern. I'm giddy. Love your posts as always. Have a happy day and wonderful 4th!

Loving all those wildflowers too. A cold wet blustery day in New Zealand, so it is nice to see snippets of summer and warmth.

Your flowers are indeed lovely. We've grown some bee-friendly flowers this year, some similar things, and they're starting to bloom now. Bees soon I hope. How sweet little Mimi is, and how great her concentration. She gives everything her fullest attention I think. I love the picture of the community garden, it's always nice to see how it's all progressing. Lovely new yarn, lucky you, it's always inspiring when the yarn is really good. CJ xx

I have to ask what is Andy and Mimi building in that picture? At first I thought you got a spinning wheel but it must be something else? I know, I know, I'm nosey!

As usual, wonderful photos that capture such beautiful moments. I just love seeing your little one growing up, and her darling little clothes! That dress is too, too cute with those little Toms shoes!
I used to love to see what innovative way my son would find to play with toys when he was little, almost never the way that was intended ;-)

The wildflowers re-seed themselves too. I love that.

Amelia has such purpose when she is doing stuff. I love seeing that. It will serve her well she she is grown up.

Mmmmm! That is lovely yarn!

Michaelanne says: July 01, 2014 at 02:57 PM

Beautiful photos as always! Watching babies grow up to be people is the most fascinating thing ever! They just do new things every day! As a Maternity nurse, I always tell my first time parents...You just wait! Wait until they smile at you....wait until they laugh out the funniest things you have ever heard! Children are all little miracles! I am SO happy Mimi found her way to are such an amazing, unique person yourself...Your parents, I am SURE, are two proud people for raising such a lovely girl! and..I cant leave Andy out! What a gem of a guy you have:) I LOVE the side by side working together:)

I love your garden. I love your blog. I love what's hanging on the washing line.
Is it something you have crocheted. I would love to try them. Do you have a pattern?

I want to be little Amelia and wear pretty Liberty print dresses and cute boots. I want to play in your garden and sit in a high chair and eat your yummy food. I want to snuggle under your cozy quilts and afghans and play with your delightful handmade animal dolls. But-I am 58 years old!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful talents. You give much pleasure to many people! I am storing away your ideas for possible future grandkids!

What is that amazing shrimp dish?!?! It looks so delicious!

You simply exude LOVE . . . for your Little Flower and for all you embrace.
Inspiring . . .

Your daughter is so darling!
And flowers just outside your home. Gorgeous. I have to walk a mile to see any of that!

awww! she's going to be 2 soon...keep tabs on your journal as that is when the verbal explosion comes! it will come when every day she will be saying new words by the listful. it is too amazing to see (hear)!

When I read your comment "everything she does is just so dang cute" and I HAD to comment. I have a little one just a bit older than your sweet pea and recently as my sister was watching her explore and play she said, "Marianne, everything you do is art."
I think it sums up this sweet time of childhood perfectly!

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