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Even I, the woman with the highest tolerance in the world for listening to herself complain, got sick of hearing myself complain. I (finally) decided that if I couldn't beat 'em, I'd join 'em. At the river. It was a perfect day. (And, I swear, it was also ten degrees cooler there.)

Oxbow Park
July 29, 2014

(For those who have asked, her "swimming costume," as I like to call it, is from J. Crew.)


It looks blissful - and at least if there's water you know you're always going to be able to cool off somehow even if it means sitting in a puddle for the whole afternoon! I love the picture of Miss Amelia flaked out on her Daddy; definitely a sign of a good time!

Your state is so magnificently pretty! We only passed thru each summer as a family on our way to Canada, but oh, a wave of nostalgia swept over me when I saw all the trees! Beautiful snapshots of childhood happiness!

Andy and Mimi together are so dear....

Ten degrees cooler is still cooler! Your girl is getting so big.

Looks pretty wonderful! :-)

A day at the river sounds so nice! Your daughter's beautiful and getting big.

Yip - know all about that here. Sick of hearing myself complain about the heat too. Having said that, it has cooled down, thank heaven!

Ohhhhh....that picture of Amelia cuddling her Daddy.....enough said!!!! xo

Oh darlin on her daddy:)
And little bum in the water:)

ya but even when you complain you're adorable...you're all adorable. i adore you! :) xo love from muskoka.

Glad you got some relief from the heat! Looks like a perfect day. :)

Wonderful. Being near water automatically makes me feel cooler. CJ xx

Oh, how I want to feel those rocks underfoot and that clear water running over my ankles!

Hear, hear! With kids, I find that becomes my philosophy more and more.

We have your Portland temps back in the Chicago suburbs this summer! Cannot remember the last time I turned the air on. It is weird, and absolutely lovely.

do that every chance you get....anytime you are near water it's gotta be good. she is so precious! I want that stripey suit!

Oh my! I love that photo of Miss Priss in the chair!
xo jan

Oh, I know exactly what you mean, because I hate hot weather just as much s you do. Your solution looks much more fun though. I just sit in my sewing room and stitch while complaining...a LOT!!

Reneelynn says: July 30, 2014 at 05:30 PM

Oh yes, it's always cooler by the water!

I need to get a grip! In my usual gobbling enthusiasm to see the latest Paulson treasured moments I was going a little too quickly when I got to the picture of Amelia sitting alone in the big striped beach chair, looking at her hands. The pose, the look of concentration - what can I say? for a moment I thought she was at the beach *knitting*!!!! Can you dig it? Thanks for the treats, Alicia! Such creativity. I sure enjoy you and yours.

Oh this takes me back to my children in summer, their little tired sticky hot sweaty bodies falling asleep on the closest parent! Perfect!

This is the first time I've ever commented. Hi! Usually I get your posts in my email but I went right to your site today. I love this new design. I've been shy before now, silly me. You inspired me years ago to take up knitting again and I just wanted to say thank you.

My 39 year old son is visiting from NJ and we went to Dodge Park today. My son really appreciated the sandy beach along the Sandy River, and enjoyed swimming in the river as well. We watched the car thermometer temp drop about 5 degrees as we drove down through the valley to the river. Ahhhh... It was beautiful there. Courage Alicia! Cooler days are coming...eventually :) [Such a precious photo of Andy and Amelia snoozing down by the river. Thanks for letting us admire it]

Hello, what a calm restful happy place to visit. The beach sand looked warm and the kids playing in the water were having lots of fun.....Jan from Sew and Sow says "Hi"

Ha--I was driving through Westmoreland earlier this month--4th of July, maybe?--and I caught just the briefest glimpse of that striped top and a little flash of golden hair being lifted into the air by some daddy arms as I drove by. Partially obscured by a parked car, even. It was amazing how it only took a second for my brain to silently shout, "Mimi!" :) (Don't tell me if it wasn't). :)

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