Days of Sun

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At the end of a beautiful road lies the ocean. We wind through the fields and the forest while she sleeps. Ryan Adams, cinnamon buns, sunlight flashing through the trees. The road twists through the hills, dipping and bobbing. In the back of the car, quilts and pails, sand and sandals, a striped tent and four bottles of sunscreen. This summer it's been the days in between the days at the water. Our girl grows bigger and braver and more beautiful in each moment, in each summer afternoon, the world opening before her and before me and him through her. It's all new. It's never been seen before, not by me, each moment a marvel to me, this second childhood that is the first childhood I only dreamed of as a child. How blessed we are, how monumentally blessed. She hands me her barrettes, her bunny, her blueberry, her sticks, her stones, her seashell, a coffee stirrer she picks up out of the sand, her eyes as bright and deep blue as the ocean. Thank you, my lovey. Thank you and thank you and thank you, my dear, sweet lovey. For each and every one of these precious and bright and incredibly beautiful little-big things.


she does get more precious each day....

thank you, Alicia for letting us in for a snapshot or two of your life. I could live on the Oregon Coast - what a treasure to share with Mimi.

I love the pigtails. Thanks for reminding me what a blessing my kids are (it's been a rough morning ... :)


Enjoying the little things - that's what it's all about! Miss Amelia has grown up so fast. You guys are creating just beautiful memories and moments for her.

I must say my daughter, who is now 7, is just finally starting to keep hair clips and jewelry on ....sometimes :)


Yes... yes. Life is a mixed bag of goodness and waiting for goodness.
And when it's good, well, we simply cannot write too many love letters.
There cannot be too many declarations of gratitude, awestruck giddiness,
nor pictures of beautiful moments. I love the glimpses of all the goodness
you enjoy and share, Alicia. Happy Summering~

Your posts are always the first ones I read in my blog stream - thank you for the wonderful photos and thoughts. Your grateful descriptions of parenting moments remind me to savor the whole experience of mothering my son. As a Portland native (now Missoula transplant), I also love your pictures of my lovely home state.

You guys have earned it.........and you so deserve it...........enjoy every little minute !!!!!!!!

it's so nice to read your get it. the true joys in life. those moments with your baby girl that are moments to be treasured forever. thank you for sharing them with us.

Her hair got sunstreaked:)
My youngest daughter's hair did that too.
It was a sure sign of a summer well loved.
She's beautiful.
I love how many memories everything brings back to me.
Amazing selfie..the rings are so clear..and even the words in the mirror.

Hello. Long time listener, first time caller.
But this line::
"each moment a marvel to me, this second childhood that is the first childhood I only dreamed of as a child"

Yes, yes, and yes!
Thanks so much for sharing your heart.

such a sweet petunia that girl of yours.
me? boys. all these boys. 5.
my sons better grow up and get married and have baby girls. i need to sew dresses, and i need to buy hair clips and a polka dotted kitty tee. that ocean looks divine. those TREES.

hardly anyone else makes me smile like she through this blessed child's moments is such a gift. thank you doesn't even cut it anymore. i am so from muskoka xoxo

Your posts are always so thoughtfully and beautifully written. I read them over and over.

Amelia is precious...believe me, it just keeps getting better and better. xo

THANK YOU Alicia, for sharing your life with us for many years. I have enjoyed each and every post......they always make me smile.

your words are absolute perfection, they so touched my heart this morning.

Perfectly voiced. And look at how summery blond your beautiful little miss is looking!

A child is a gift. To many an unwanted one. It's good to see a child celebrated.

Again, you've brought a tear to my eye. Your words speak to the heart of me, when too often I'm in my head. What angels you and she are :)

That last picture of Amelia and your husband is just so beautiful. Pure joy. Love it.

...this second childhood that is the first childhood I only dreamed of as a child… what a wonderful, beautiful, touching, emotional line of verse!

She is so beautiful. Seeing your pics is always the highlight of my week

Oh that beautiful hair of hers! She is a magical little girl, living in a magical home you guys have created for her. Your blog is always a dreamy place to go when I take a break from my work. Thank you for always sharing the beauty in the simple everyday life :)

Tanya Pedroni says: August 12, 2014 at 04:45 PM

I love Alicia's tee shirt (the one with the kitty cat on it). Very cute.........looks like you al had a wonderful day!

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