Surf, Sand, and Sky

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And everything in between.

Cannon Beach, Oregon
August 10, 2014.

(The picture of Andy towering over the little people is just a weird optical illusion — the people are varying distances behind and around him, and I caught him mid-jump [and you can see Amelia starting to "jump"]. I did a double-take at this one myself!)


OOOOOH! Such a beautiful beach you all have on the West Coast!! We're heading to the beach this weekend but don't have any of that gorgeous, rocky scenery here in NC. How fun to see your daughter frolicking in the water and on the sand! She has grown and changed so much. <3

Love those Oregon beaches!

What a gorgeous beach..and girls:) Mommy and A look so sweet as well as daddy and A..
What precious photos!
Love the half headstand? pic too..oh to be that young:)
I am loving watching your little girl grow..
Very happy I found your blog through the Christmas ornaments and got to meet Miss A.

Just beautiful! The beach and Amelia. I can practically hear the waves. Thank you for sharing.

Wow. i want to move there. Heaven.

Lovely pictures, lovely Mimi. Happy Andy. And of course it's always to see a surprise picture of you!

Erin Miller Tosspon says: August 15, 2014 at 10:02 AM

I was visiting Portland this past weekend and was on Cannon Beach on August 10! Even if I had seen and recognized you, I would have felt way too stalkery to say hello :)
It was very very lovely. However, as a So. Cal. girl, I don't think I've ever experienced water that cold. BRRRR.

Oops, I meant to say "always great to see a surprise picture of you!"

Fun! That picture of Amelia pointing with her hair blowing is totally frameable!

sweet sweet pictures of your little angel… how cute she is! and how handy with a straw ;) happy summer Alicia. xo amy

Oh Alecia, I think you could sell most of those photos to the Cannon Beach Chamber of Commerce. You captured the beauty and whimsy of a day at the beach so beautifully!

And did you notice Andy is hovering in one of those pictures? Or at least looks like it.

You guys are making good use of our gorgeous weather! I should be taking a page from your book.

Lovely as always! And, I hope you're in more photos than you show us.

Oh how I miss Oregon.

Beautiful, beautiful photos. What a treat. xxx

What a wonderful day! Beautiful pictures - I love the one of your sweet girl sort of pursing her lips and holding the straw! The love is evident!

Oh my this brings back memories for me. I live on the east coast now but I spent every summer in Oregon where we took a trip to this area every summer that I visited. I still remember climbing up that rock mountain as a teenager...something I had wanted to do since I was very young. So beautiful! I now live in Rhode Island which also has a very pretty coastline. :-)

Sooo, that one with Andy....i can't decide if he's levitating...doing a little sand clogging...or if he just looks 20 feet taller than the other wee little people in the photo.

Your little girl...she's beautiful. Can I get her swimsuit in my size?!?

So hard to pick a favorite picture, but the pointing and the ones with the straw are great. I also wondered about "levitating Andy"--is he clicking his heels together?

I haven't said so before, but I've been loving the striped bathing suit all summer!

Oh what a stunning beach - it looks like you all had a blast; wouldn't it be wonderful to have one of the houses on the beach, although it's probably a bit bleak when the winter comes! Oh and I just love the perspective that gives you Giant Andy - brilliant!

Her little swimsuit is the cutest thing. I would like an adult-sized one of those, please. :)

Lovely happy pics, Alicia - and she is growing SO fast! Enjoy! x

Kristy l. says: August 15, 2014 at 01:53 PM

What beautiful photos, Alicia! Amelia is adorable, but am I out of line if I notice how handsome your husband looks at the beach in the last two posts?!;). I hope you all enjoy the rest of the summer and get a lot more use out of that cute swimsuit Amelia has.

Fantastic summer adventures. I love the handstand photo, and the one of her flying through the air. This is what summer is all about. glad you've had such a lovely time. CJ xx

No fair!!!!! Little Amelia is so close to my face and I can't kiss her cheeks!!!!

How did you get Giant Andy? I keep looking at it and can't quite figure it're not the Photoshop type and it looks like he's levitating, too!

What a beautiful beach trip! Isn't it funny how you can tell by the light that it's the end of summer? Is it just that we know or is it really different?

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