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A walk in the woods. Just a little one, just off the beaten trail. She's an adventurer. A most gorgeous afternoon: cool, crisp, crunchy — the way it almost never, ever is. October, living up to my wildest expectations. This is my new favorite month. Very good.

***Thank you ever so much for all of the sweet wishes for Mimi's birthday. You are all just so incredibly kind. Thank you. Xo


oh she's so darling, Alicia. I'm so glad you have her to enjoy and that you let us take a peek! xo amy

Precious times, Alicia. Thanks for sharing them. PS I was so beguiled by the lovely photos of your loving family that when you sneaked in the photo of the sluggy creature, you almost convinced me that a sluggy creature can be beautiful...almost :-) xx

Isn't it nice that Oregon has these wild places accessible to those willing to adventure? Mimi's hair is wonderful, I'm so glad you haven't cut it. I really enjoyed your party images. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

From pretty party girl to intrepid explorer. She always looks so confident and in her element when she is out and about. What a nice place to go for a lovely walk. Nothing beats an autumn day in the woods. Perfect.

My goodness what a little adventurer, your Mimi is changing everyday, so wonderful to see y'all enjoying the outdoors so much. What a wonderful life you have, enjoying the simple things. That is what it is all about. I wouldn't trade my simple life in Hurricane Mills Tn for anything. Thanks for sharing.....

I just LOVE walking in the woods with my family! So relaxing for us and so refreshing! We took exactly the same photo (the shadow one) one week ago, it's funny! Amelia is so sweet!Have a very great day Alicia


It's always so heart-warming to see a little child in nature, learning about this beautiful world we live within. I think such things are vital for the growth of their soul.

Gorgeous photography, you make me feel inspired!


Again you make me appreciate life.

So many great photos in your last two posts! Well, there are always great photos. Photos that inspire. Photos that make you want to be the best you can be! Thanks for always sharing such positive inspirations.

Gorgeous photos. The shadow one made me smile a wiiiide smile, too cute!

The woods are perfect when the weather is good at this time of year. Such lovely photos.

She's just so adorable. I wonder if I'm too old to wear gray striped tights, a Liberty shirt and gray hand knitted sweater. :-) Just precious.

Into the woods... such a lovely family, such a lovely fall.
{I used to think I was taking "enough" pictures... and I've taken a lot! Seeing your gorgeous collection, the ones you share... I feel a bittersweet longing to go back, and record more moments. There cannot be too many pictures, too many recordings of common instances, or special occasions. They are all fleeting, all good.}

I was hearing Norwegian Wood while looking at the loveliness…

It is always such a treat seeing your life through your eyes. Thank you for sharing! P.S. When you can, we would oh so love to see some of Mimi's handmade gifts. Mahalo!

She is adorable. It's such a treat getting a look into another world through your pictures. My just-tiny-a-moment-ago daughter is fourteen now, and I am so, so glad that I took photographs all the time of the everyday, splashing-in-puddles, going-for-a-wander-in-the-woods things. My own childhood photographs are all just birthday parties and Christmases...

jademichele says: October 18, 2014 at 05:51 AM

she's so precious! you have such a sweet family :)
and it's nice to see pictures of the PNW, i used to live in Tacoma -
haven't seen a giant slug in years lol

Ok, it's oficial...I want an outfit JUST like Amelia's!!!

I've been following your blog forr years and love watching Mimi grow. I love the cooking posts a lot, too (especially the birthday cakes!). Mimi's recent cake was adorable!! I am in Portland for a wedding and would love to know where the restauraunt is where you always post from . It looks like such a cool place for breakfast and we would love to go there. We've visited Silver falls and saw 8 out of the 10 waterfalls. What else should I make sure to see while we are here? What is the best yarn shop to visit? I look forward to many more lovely posts!

the cowlicks are scrumptious, especially with the rose barrettes.

What a beautiful little girl. It must be wonderful to be two years old.

The pictures you take of her reveal such confidence. Awesome to be two in your family!

anniequilts says: October 18, 2014 at 02:41 PM

Amelia is the most photogenic child I've ever seen. Oh, but the good photographer behind that camera makes a difference too. : ) Beautiful work!

Gorgeous photos as usual! I don't know how the PNW weather has been, but here in the northeast we are enjoying one of the best autumns we've had in quite a few years. Absolutely perfect!

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