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A walk in the woods. Just a little one, just off the beaten trail. She's an adventurer. A most gorgeous afternoon: cool, crisp, crunchy — the way it almost never, ever is. October, living up to my wildest expectations. This is my new favorite month. Very good.

***Thank you ever so much for all of the sweet wishes for Mimi's birthday. You are all just so incredibly kind. Thank you. Xo


That's exactly what I thought when I saw the first picture! "The little adventurer"! I really expected talking animals to come out of the woods and follow her on her adventure! LOL! The maple leaf was almost as big as her. Glad you are enjoying your's beautiful....everywhere!

These are so great! What wonderful moments... She is growing up way too fast though... Such a beautiful little one. Thank you for sharing these snippets of your life.

You're making me miss Portland and it's slightly milder climate. We've been having stormy-ish weather lately, but today the clouds parted for a while and the sun came out in all her glory. We took a walk on the beach and it was just the best and the most fun one could have on fall day.

Isn't she growing up - so pretty. Belated Happy Birthdya Mimi.X.

So pretty! Is that Tryon Creek park?

Great birthday party and I think you have two keepers. That clever handsome husband and your beautiful daughter. In the one photo I can see she is losing her baby face and starting to have a big girl look about her. She is going to be beautiful!! You two are such wonderful parents.
Hey - if you ever want to get rid of that cute husband then I'd like to be his mom (waaay too old to be anything else)!!! LOL Sorry but age allows me to be outrageous!! I enjoy your blog and all of your talents.

It took me forever to figure out what I was seeing in the picture with the slug!! On my phone I thought maybe it was some weird toy that was dropped - it wasn't until I looked at it properly on the computer that I "saw" it!

what a perfect walk! she is soooo beautiful. and that outfit... swoon! my favorite photo is the one where she sinks into his shoulder... heart melting moment :)

Everytime you post, I just think: Blessed. Blessed. Blessed.
Thank you for sharing your blessings with us here.

You can tell she loves it. Thanks for sharing the magic.

She just keeps getting cuter! This is her setting, so natural, a child of the woods, just lovely. I love ALL her clothes!

Laura Barnes says: October 19, 2014 at 05:50 PM

She is a beautiful child and much loved.

She is such a sweetie! and I know how much she is cherished.

Oh, I almost forgot that our little girls are almost the same age!! Seems that you had a nice party as well!! The cake your prepared for her is wonderfull - I pinned it some weeks ago on pinterest, while searching for ideas for a birthday cake for my little lady ;-)

lyn lindsay says: October 20, 2014 at 01:36 AM

Mimi does look an adventurer, she is gorgeous and so is the setting Mimi is walking through, we are moving into heat here in Brisbane Australia but the weather is gorgeous, keep enjoying your October...thanks for your blog, always, always a delight.

Lovely to get out and relax - even so late on in the year to have such a good day.

Michaelanne says: October 20, 2014 at 06:28 AM

You have captured so many BEAUTIFUL expressions on Mimi's tiny face!!! Watching her grow is just so exciting! She is an exceptionally pretty little girl...and a very blessed one too:)

Ohh, I love your posts with your wonderful photographs! congratulations on her 2nd birthday. I immediately adored her pictures with the hat, the one on her dad's shoulders (that's a special oneee!!) and so many others. How cute the one she gives tea to the little deer, oh well, all of them! The mermaid left me "wowwwww"!!!! and so did the doll and I laugh at the image of the two of you trying to see which one she loves the best. What a lovely family, enjoying life's pleasures. All the best

Amelia is just beautiful! Love those photos of her.

Mimi reminds me of an Eloise Wilkin illustration!

That slug looks almost alien; it's so different from the ones we have in New England. Yikes! What a tail.

The photo of the shadows with the leaves falling is really terrific.

And like gold, those green patches will become rare and more precious as fall unfurls and winter approaches. Wishing you many more such walks and discoveries for little Mimi.

Looks like someone may have new boots!?! The weather looks lovely, I hope it holds... Cannon beach will be our stomping grounds for a week starting on Saturday.

Aunt Janet says: October 20, 2014 at 09:58 PM

How much does your heart melt when you see her lay her head on Daddy's shoulder? <3 So sweet.

I adore your posts... they are balm to the soul. Watching your little pixie grow up through these small glimpses is such a gift you give your readers. It is beautiful... childhood, the wonder and magic of little people and how they see the world. Thank you for what you bring to the world with your story. It is magic.

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