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* * * T H A N K      Y O U     E V E R Y B O D Y ! * * *

so very much, for all of the orders!!! I am so thrilled that you like the new kits. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I am beyond pleased. We are shipping at lightning speed because

s o m e o n e  is having a little birthday party tomorrow. Someone is turning two! My dearest darling, already two. Preparations — and present making and finishing — are seriously underway. Details to come. But later! Right now it's bake, wrap, sew, fuss, fiddle, blow up balloons. My very favorite things to do. Oh, girl. I just love you more than I can say.


Happy Birthday dear Amelia! Have a wonderful, beautiful day!

I remember very clearly the posting your Mom did of your birth and the wonder of it all. I believe there may have been a moon in the photo or sunrise perhaps?! Something any ways that was ethereal and special. Happy Birthday. I am so happy you all have each other!

Happy birthday Amelia! My little birthday buddy. You will be 2, and I will be 30-something-ish! lol. Every year I intend to make you something to share our special day - and every year I get thwarted!!! I'm sure Mommy will make your day wonderfully special, and I am so pleased she will share it with us all so we can kind of celebrate your birthday with you. Happy birthday sweet Meems. :)
I'll be thinking of you tomorrow when I blow out my candles!
Sheree x0x

Oh I hope she had a beautiful party! Its funny I just saw you and your family last week out to eat at a restaurant and I feel like through the blog I know you but then when I see you out I realize I really don't. Blogging is funny that way huh?

Greetings from a very wet Cambridge, England! A very, very Happy Birthday for Amelia - turning TWO already!! I find the date so easy to remember because I have two adorable little people born in August and September 2012. Have a wonderful day - you and Andy have a very delightful daughter. One day she will learn how many people around the world wish all the best for her.

Happy second birthday to your dear girl! I hope the day was magical. Such sweet handmade gifts for Amelia -- clearly made with love.

Such a lucky child to have you both as parents.All the loving details to help in celebrating her 2nd birthday. Happy Birthday dear child!

Love the dresses and love Andy's craft kit! Happy birthday to Amelia!

Happy Birthday to your little person <3 and your whole family! Party looks like it's going to be so amazing.

Happy birthday to the two year old. It's hard to believe she's two already. I love that little doll and its gorgeous wardrobe of clothes.

NO! She was just 1!!!! Although I have been saying lately, "My, she's just so advanced for a 1 year old!"

I can look at these photos forever. The teeny tiny little animals and the flowers and Andy working.

Oh, oh, oh, oh! Your posts make me so happy!

oh, happy happy day, Miss A!!
and I miss you terribly Ms. P, we need to hook up as soon as the dust settles over there. the new kits and patterns are amazing!!

Laura from Sacto says: October 14, 2014 at 09:19 AM

I cannot believe she is already two! That means I have been reading your blog for 2.5 years. Seems like yesterday when she was just a tiny little thing and when you showed her to the world, I gasped! I was just thrilled for you both and I don't even know you! Happiness is contagious, yes?

Oh man, he's got the briefcase out! I can't wait to see what came of that.
Happy day to all of you!

Happy Birthday to Mimi! I do so enjoy watching her grow. Have a wonderful time on her big day!

Happy birthday, sweet girl. I know this will be a precious celebration for you all. We are celebrating with you in spirit.

Alicia, your hand-work is so special, and Andy's too! I love the thought that goes into what you bring into your little girl's life.

Oh dear! I wish it were MY birthday! What lovely gifts!

the anticipation for the next post is killing me...

We still have 5 months to go before our babe's second birthday but I think I better start planning now if it's to be anywhere near as special as Ms. Mimi's big day looks!

I just adore these photos! It looks like it's going to be the most beautiful party. Happy Birthday to your little girl!

I love those pretty paper plates. And those gorgeous doll clothes. And your daughter's pretty dress. And... well, I suppose I love it all! xxx

I officially want to be a child in your home!!! Happiest of happy birthdays to Amelia, and what a celebration for your family -- 2 years down, and so many more to come! xoxo

Perri Williamson says: October 15, 2014 at 07:14 AM

The only thing that could make me happier than seeing all of the festivities prep is pancakes. They never fail to make my spirits soar---much like your posts.

Oh such goodies!! Everything is so pretty! Happy Happy 2nd Birthday to Amelia! And Blessings to you all.

Joy Abbott says: October 15, 2014 at 10:22 PM

Happy birthday to your wonderful girl. I am really impressed by the cake and theme, Very orginal indeed x

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