Pumpkin Morning

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At the pumpkin patch with the Montgomeries. Dearest friends on a misty morning. Watching the kiddos navigate a field of pumpkins. I could stay forever, listening to them talk pumpkin to each other and seeing them slog through the mud without reserve. Everything smells like it's been stomped and then rained on. I love it out in the country in the morning. It's hard to get out there in the very early morning if you don't already live there, but it's the feeling I long for — languorous autumn morning, stubbled fields stretching out and away, no sound but birds coming and going, the rain heavy in the air but it's not raining. The gray mist washes out so much color, rendering everything tentative and faint, and I like that. I like being cold and snuggling my nose into the crook of a toddler neck to warm up. I like eating bratwursts and caramel apples with our friends and their babies. I like the mud and the smell of mud. I love the bath at the end of the day. Mimi comes in with me at the end, crying a little as she draws.  Scribbles on the tub with the soap crayons. Warm water pouring back and forth between little cups. No hair washing, and quiet conversation. Candles in the late afternoon. Soup for Sunday dinner, and I'm done working for a while. It's the season of resting for me, and I am relieved. Everything slows, and feels heavy and warm. I needed this.


You have such a beautiful life...your words always sound so happy and grateful.

I think kids must just be fascinated to be in a huge muddy field of pumpkins. They must be so amazed.....

Fall days are the best, enjoy them! xo

Isn't it lovely to see/hear the world through little eyes. What a perfect way to spend an October day. Beautiful post as ever. Thanks for sharing again and again.

The pumpkins are so bright on gray misty days. Pumpkin fields are the best! Those are all such well-dressed kids! I really wonder if they will think the same when they get older. I'm saying this thinking about the ways my mother dressed me when I was younger, a little embarrassing to see now. Still, I love this time of year and especially the pumpkin fields!

The joy all of the children shared is wonderful, the colors and moods of fall are calming - so glad you get to relax and enjoy.

As always, love your beautiful descriptions! I too notice that as the sky darkens and the cold comes rolling in, my life seems to become filled with so much more bliss, joy, and color. Time to cozy in as the best time of year approaches :)

Of all the *pumpkins* in the field, I loved the toddling ones best!
Who would ever want to leave such a place? Not I.
How comfortingly familiar your reflections on this time of year... 'slow, heavy, warm, quiet, resting.'
Yes, this is a very good time of year.

You are lucky to have pumpkins farms in your country!i dream visiting one, one day!fall is my favorite season..I understand what you said when you talk about slowing down..in this season it is like my body is preparing for hibernation!Have a good rest!!

I love the way fall colors pop against gray skies! Little ones with their rosie cheeks, chilly enough for sweaters, and big tall boots. Fall season is the time of year that I just can't get enough of outside.
You would love it here ...New England falls are hands down the best.

I love your photos. Makes me love fall even more, as if that's possible.

All of this is glorious! Fall is more magical with kiddoes, isn't it? Now I want to relax in a bubble bath with a good book -- too bad I'm stuck at work.

There's nothing quite like a peaceful, misty autumn morning. So beautiful.

Lisa in Seattle says: October 21, 2014 at 12:25 PM

...Did that little fellow give Amelia a flower? I die.

Beautiful words. Beautiful images. This time of year is my favorite...especially those misty mornings.

Oh what's not to love?
Beautiful children..fall..pumpkins..daddy and his daughter..mist..mud ..candles..a bath ♥

Reading your blog always makes me feel so warm & fuzzy!

Beautiful photos--makes me long for the country

oh my yes, isn't fall the best of all seasons? who wouldn't love such a delightfully misty pumpkin patch? everyone seems to be having fun with their bright orange. what a lovely day you had!

What a wonderful place, I do wish we had pumpkin farms here. I love the picture of Mimi with her daddy, it's perfect. One to treasure for sure. I'm glad you're able to take it a bit easier at the moment. Enjoy! CJ xx

Beautiful, Alicia. Your skies there always seem to be the perfect shade of gray. I love them :)

You have a such a way of making the ordinary seem extraordinary. But little life moments are extraordinary, aren't they?! And Pics #3 and #4...oh, my heart! :)

Love all the little punkins in the pumpkin patch, so darling!

You big luckies, so envious. Oh to leave the constraints of the city behind and find oneself in the quiet of the country!

Oh Alicia, I love your writing and your photos and everything you make-you are so talented! I've been reading your blog for years but have never left a comment. God bless you and your beautiful family.

I hope you know how much we all out here love reading your thoughtful words and viewing the photo's of everyday life in your world.

It's a connection that is comforting and welcoming all in one.

Hope you found the perfect pumpkin.

We have had a spectacularly long drawn out glorious fall here in the northwoods of Wisconsin.

Lots of raking to do and beautiful fall days in which to do it.

Then we will hunker down and pick up needle and thread.

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